Fire suspect to be sentenced. Golden Gate. São Pedro.

Fires suspect to be sentenced today

imagFire in Funchale

The Journal reports that judgement will be delivered today in Instância Central da Comarca da Madeira in the trial of the 24 year-old man suspected of setting the forest fire that killed three people in Funchal in August of 2016. The trial began on May 24, with the accused, who remained in custody, charged with “aggravated forest fire crime” and three counts of negligent homicide. When first interrogated he confessed to having set the fire in the parish of São Roque on August 8th under the influence of alcohol . The next day, fire spread to central Funchal where three women died in their homes.
The accused has a criminal record and has already been charged but acquitted in 2010 of causing a fire elsewhere in Funchal. The Deputy Attorney has asked for a prison sentence of over 12 years, whilst the Defence lawyer has argued that the defendant should be acquitted of murder, and that the penalty should be only for starting the forest fire due to negligence.

Update: The ruling was delayed until July 6th due to a prisoners guard strike that meant that the suspect could not be transported to the hearing.

Golden Gate to reopen July 1st

RTP Madeira reported yesterday that the Golden Gate will open on July 1st, According to Antena 1, the opening ceremony is scheduled for 19:30 in the presence of official entities and it will be open to the public during the following days (it is not clear whether it will be open to the public on the 1st, which is also “Madeira Day”). As previously reported here, the Golden Gate building was acquired through public auction for €4.7 million by businessman Dionisio de Sousa, a Madeiran emigrant in Venezuela.
Old photo of Golden GateThe Golden Gate was founded in 1841, but closed its doors on August 3, 2014 due to the insolvency of the company Santolido, part of the Camacho group, which had debts in the order of €5.3 million. At the time of the public auction, one of the conditions was that the new owner did not alter the structure of the building other than through restoration and that he kept the name, although this appears to be in dispute after a relative of the previous owners claimed the rights to the name. The “Grand Cafe” part of the name seems to figure again quite prominently in the refurbishment.

Festas de São Pedro

Festas de São PedroThis weekend sees the Festas de São Pedro, the last of the saints festivals this month. Ribeira Brava has it festivities, but the most accessible for those in Funchal will be the events held in Câmara de Lobos – presumably the fishing village feels a strong association with a fisherman, and there will lots of celebrations as well as religious services over the next few days. There is a March at 9.30 tonight (28th) followed by fireworks to start things off.


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  1. Do you punish for the crime or the consequences of that crime, often unforseen? A hefty sentence would set a good example to other arsonists here, and we have a good few as yet not caught red-handed, but we know who they are.

  2. Hi As regular visitors several times a year to Madeira we came for the Atlantic festival this year for the first time. We often come for Christmas and New Year so wanted to see the firework competition in June and will be back at Christmas to see the winners work!. How do we find out who won this year’s competition. you know?


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