Submarine visit. “Race for Water”.

Arpao submarine

Submarine visits Funchal

The Arpão submarine arrived in the port of Funchal yesterday and will stay until the 29th of the month, by coincidence marking the centenary of the attacks on Funchal by German submarines in 1916 and 1917 during the Great War. The Arpão, which translates as “Harpoon” , is ............ more

Golden Gate. New Savoy. Motocross.

Golden Gate nears completion

The Journal da Madeira (which has been sold to new owners for a knock-down sum, by the way, and now simply “JM”) reported this week that the refurbishment of the Golden Gate Café is approaching its final stages. A “Golden Gate” sign has now appeared (the previous ............ more

Classic Car Parade. Enduro. CR7

Madeira Classic Car Revival logo

Classic Car Parade

A necessarily quite long video of the Classic Car Parade held in Funchal last weekend as part of the Flower Festival

Another interesting video from the perspective of one of the driver taking part in the Classic Car Parade can be found here ............ more

Expat Brexit fears. Enduro World Series.

Screen shot of Guardian headline

British Expats will be disadvantaged after Brexit

Alarming article (or perhaps just an alarming headline?), which featured heavily in the Guardian yesterday, claiming that British expats will be unfairly disadvantaged after Brexit. Upon reading it for a second time I am not so sure, but it is a valid point that an expat living ............ more

Flower Festival videos. Levada accidents.

Festa da Flor videos

Couple of good videos – the first by “TurTV” being a general overview of what is on offer in Funchal as part of the Flower Festival

Whilst the second focuses on the main “allegorical” parade yesterday

Levada accidents

As another reminder to take care when visiting the island, particularly ............ more

Flower Festival. Cristiano Ronaldo – again.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The full program for the Flower Festival is, as usual, attached to the bottom of this post.

‘Cristiano is the master’: Spain hails remarkable Ronaldo

Tuesday night saw another outstanding individual performance from Madeira’s most famous son in the first leg of a Champion’s League semi-final against Real Madrid’s neighbours, ............ more

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