Weather warning. Casa das Queimadas.

Weather – Orange warning for Saturday

Cloud and rain clipartAccording to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) the island is currently on a yellow warning which will reach orange tomorrow due to the “sea bustle” as it is described in this morning’s Diario. There is also wind and rain in Porto Santo, the North Coast, the mountainous regions and the South Coast. On the North Coast and Porto Santo the waves from the Northwest will be of 4 to 5 metres and tomorrow 5 to 7 metres, with a possible maximum height of 10 to 12 metres as the warning to rises to orange between 6.00am and 9.00pm on Saturday. The wind and rain forecast  also contributes to the yellow warning for today until 9 pm, with the wind from midday gusting up to 80 km/h and some heavy downpours after 3.00pm .
19.00 Friday: This is the latest forecast from IPMA from tonight until Wednesday:IPMA weather forecast graphics


The poor weather over the weekend seems to been confined to the North Coast, largely as forecast – certainly Funchal saw little. IPMA have today issued another “Yellow” warning, pretty much in line with Friday’s forecast above, for rainfall throughout the archipelago – “Adverse weather conditions extending  from 6 am on Tuesday, February 14, to 9 am on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. This forecast covers the entire island of Madeira as well as Porto Santo”.

Casa das Queimadas

Casa das Queimadas

The Diario reports that the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation of Madeira will proceed to the improvement and recreation of the home environment of Casa das Queimadas in Santana, in order to allow the representation of the way of life of the nineteenth century, when the dwelling was constructed, as well as the economic and social environment of Santana, The project  to transpose visitors to the everyday life at that time in Santana is being labelled “Casa das Queimadas – Collection Visitable Madeiran Traditions” – a bit of a mouthful.

390 flights per week from 60 different cities

Solar do Bom Jesus Hotel in Santa CruzThe President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, attending the inauguration of the Solar do Bom Jesus Hotel in Santa Cruz earlier this week, took the opportunity of releasing the latest tourist figures. Remarkably Madeira Airport now registers 390 weekly flights connecting 60 cities from 17 different countries.

New Hospital Commitment

Artists impression of new Funchal hospitalThe Diario reports that representatives of the island’s Financial Policy Monitoring Council said today in Funchal that the Regional Government maintains the “unshakable intention” to build a new hospital. Apparently the project in progressing through the various stages required to become a reality, and “the Regional Government maintains its unwavering intention to build the new hospital and to continue to negotiate co-financing with the Government of the Republic,” said a representative of the policy body, stressing that the proposal involves a total cost of 344 million euros co-financed by the Region (17 million), the Portuguese State (50 million) and the European Union (277 million).


webcam clipartJust added a few webcams from around the island to the website – see new tab at the top of the page. Never ceases to amaze me how different the weather can be in different parts of the island at the same time.

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  1. My wife and I had an apartment in Piornais for many years. We are now returning on a cruise later this month which will bring back some special memories.
    Can anyone tell us if the coastal walkway between Camara de Lobos and Praia Formosa is open? Also, is the gated tunnel that runs under the cliff open too?
    Many thanks

  2. The walk is open as is the tunnel at the moment but if the seas are too strong, the tunnel is subject to closure, which means going round by the main road, to meet up with the walk from Praia Formosa back to the Lido area. So the part from the Lido to the tunnel is fine at the moment, the second part from Praia Formosa is open but the tunnel is subject to the seas.It can change on a daily basis, it just means if the tunnel is closed, walk up to the main road and walk along to meet up with the second part of the walk.

  3. The property of Casa das Quiemadas seem to have an English look to them. Were they built by an Englishman? I often check those NetMadeira cams and their daily photo. And it’s true that Ponta do Sol does get a lot of sun.

  4. Snow in the mountains for the last couple of days – footage on RTP. Weather good in Funchal until earlier tonight when there were heavy but brief showers. Chilly too – even though the thermometer reads 22 degrees as always.


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