Porto Santo Ferry. Cabo Girão body. Novo Banco.

Porto Santo ferry annual maintenance

Porto Santo Ferry and Queen Mary 2

The Porto Santo ferry has its last sailing this morning prior to it’s annual maintenance. The work to the Lobo Marinho will take place in Canical and is expected to last four or five weeks. The photo by João Conceição shows the ferry dwarfed by the Queen Mary 2.

Body found at Cabo Girao

Cab Girao viewpointThe Diario reports that a corpse was discovered yesterday afternoon at Cabo Girão by the Public Security Police (PSP) of Câmara de Lobos after an abandoned car was found nearby. The Câmara de Lobos Volunteer fire-fighters initially attempted to recover the body, but the operation was later suspended after access proved difficult, and will be resumed this morning. Until then, the facility will be restricted to visitors, who will be able to access the stores, but not the viewpoint. A drone was used to identify the corpse.
Update Thursday: Yesterday afternoon, after a five hour operation, the body was recovered to the viewpoint at Cabo Girão from a point 100 – 150 metres below. The operation was carried out by a mountain rescue team, with a total of 11 firefighters supported by three vehicles. A man has been reported missing, linked to the abandoned car, so it looks very much like a suicide.

Novo Banco sale descends into chaos

Novo Banco branchThe new year has seen the proposed sale of Novo Banco, the “good” part of the rescued BES bank, become a shambles. China’s Minsheng is out of the race, according to Jornal de Negócios yesterday, as it has not been able to show that it has sufficient funds to make the purchase. Minsheng was selected as the preferred bidder by the Bank of Portugal before Christmas but it is now apparent that the national bank blundered in its initial choice and now will have to choose between two other consortiums, one of which looks like being joined by the family with the the largest shareholding in BPI, another Portuguese bank. The winning bid was scheduled to be announced on today but the Jornal de Negócios believes that now anything is possible – including starting the bidding process all over again, for the third time.

President vetoes taxman access to bank accounts over €50,000

Piggy bankApologies – only just picked up this story, which is a change to a post in September this year. Portugal’s President has recently vetoed the government decree that would force banks to inform the tax authorities about bank accounts in Portugal with more than €50,000 in them. The now overturned law, approved by Congress, implemented an agreement with the United States concerning automatic exchange of financial information about non-residents, but the government decided to expand these rules to all people resident in Portugal, Portuguese or foreign.
In August, the national data protection commission, when it read the draft law, said there was “unnecessary and excessive restriction of fundamental rights to protect personal data and private life, in a clear violation of the Portuguese Constitution”.

“Fat Cat Wednesday”

Fta cat clipartStill on the subject of money, the Metro online edition today reports that bosses at top companies can put their feet up this lunchtime – after earning as much as most of their employees will make all year. Chief executives of FTSE-100 firms are now typically paid £4 million, so need 3½ days to rake in the average salary for their staff of £30,800. Last year it took until late afternoon on January 4 for the top dogs to bank the equivalent of an annual wage.

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  1. Hello,
    Happy New Year!!
    I have been trying to advertise my Funchal apartment on the Madeira Island Direct website without success. Can the moderator please put me in contact with the appropriate person. I emailed the contact listed on the website but did not receive a response.

  2. Just looked at the Caniçal web cam and you just see the Lobo Marinho tiedup in the harbour.

    Any more on the body at Cabo Girao? I am guessing it was a suicide?

  3. On checking the Horarios do Funchal website prior to our visit next week I found a fabulous aide under tourist information entitled Around Madeira by bus which even for a regular annual visitor like me is brilliant. I shall ask for a copy from the Anadia office as soon as I can.

    The Horarios site has always been a great example of a user friendly website and the their IT people must be top notch

  4. Thanks Maurice – I have done that but just so old fashioned in some ways that the actual leaflet will be nice to pick up. Only a couple of days before we visit paradise again so getting quite excited


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