8% of island destroyed. Arsonist arrested. São Vicente.

Image of burned forestry

Fire damage figures

The Diario reports this morning that last week’s fires consumed an estimated total of 6,266 hectares (63 square kilometers) in three municipalities of Madeira – Calheta was the most affected “county”, followed by Funchal and Ponta do Sol. The Institute for Forestry ............  ...read more

Animal Rescue after fires. Information update. easyJet.

Livestock being rescued

Animal Rescue

The Diario reports that the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries has said that it “has been on the ground collecting animals affected by fires in several municipalities in the region”, including the central highland area. He said that at this point, the ............  ...read more

Fires update. Facilities re-open. Ponto do Sol.

Graphic of world's leading island resort award

The official “Visit Madeira” website picked up the same theme “returning to normality” from yesterday’s blog, confirming that there were, as of last night, no active fires on the island, although the Calheta/Prazeres area is being monitored closely. The Regional Secretariat ............  ...read more

Funchal fires update – Thursday.


Woken at 5.00 this morning by sirens – a lot of them – so unlikely that there will be any good news today. The wind has not returned, but what there is seems to have changed directions slightly. A pall of smoke still hangs over the bay of Funchal and the smell of burning pervades. ............  ...read more

Funchal fires update.

7.00: Fires in Funchal centre

A thick pall of smoke lies over central Funchal this morning after last night’s fires, with still the heavy scent of burning that we have quickly become used to over what is little more than 36 hours. The “good news”, if there is any, is that the strong warm “sirocco” ............  ...read more

Funchal fires update. Airport problems.

Very strong warm winds have continued overnight leading to problems extinguishing the fires at São Roque and Santo Antonio and bringing problems at the airport. Funchal Council have activated their emergency plan after a meeting with fire authorities and are working with senior regional ............  ...read more

Fires above Funchal.

Fires above Funchal

As I write this on Monday afternoon, the worst dangers predicted in the last blog seem to have been realised, at the moment to an unknown extent. The record temperatures, combined with a healthy breeze today, seem to be fuelling a significant fire in the São Roque suburb high above Funchal.

............  ...read more

Record temperatures. New lido. Espada Festival.

Graphic showing high temperatures

High temperatures cause fireworks ban

The holiday period must have truly arrived as there is little news recently. The weather here in Madeira seems to be the “hot” topic at the moment, with temperatures in Funchal reaching 37.8 at 16.00 yesterday – the highest recorded for 40 years in August (in 1976 temperatures ............  ...read more

Machico Gastronomic Week. Rali Vinho da Madeira. BCP bank losses.

Machico Food Festival

Machico Gastronomic Week

The popular Semana Gastronómica starts this weekend in Machico – the 31st occasion on which it has been held (photo from the Diario)

The “week” actually lasts ten days from its opening last night, and is one of the most successful events on the island, drawing large ............  ...read more

Banif. Sardines. Ronaldo. Banana and lapas festivals.

Albuquerque addressing regional parliament

President offers help to help Banif victims

The Journal da Madeira reports online that the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque said today that it will continue to influence the governance and financial authorities, “as far as possible” in order to help the victims of the collapse ............  ...read more

Strike cancelled. Pestana CR7 hotel. VAT reduced. Blue Marlin.

New Pestana CR7 hotel in Madeira

Airport strike cancelled

The baggage handlers strike planned to start yesterday at Madeira airport has been cancelled. The strike had been planned by TAP’s handling agents (Groundforce and Portway) for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July.

First Pestana CR7 project kicks off in Madeira

Whilst a sometimes petulant Ronaldo was otherwise involved in the Euros ............  ...read more

The future for expats living in Portugal

Repercussions of Brexit for expats living in Europe

A lot of readers will be concerned about the implications for expats living in Europe of the dramatic vote on Thursday for the UK to leave Europe. The are 1.3 million Britons living in the EU compared to 3 million non-British UK residents.


The Telegraph ............  ...read more

Population decline. Mariza. Glamping. Brexit.

Airport departures sign as population declines

Island population continues to decline

Today’s online Diario, mostly focussed on Portugal’s stuttering start at Euro 2016 typified by Ronaldo’s penalty miss last night, also reports that the population of the region continues to fall. Over the last five years the Autonomous Region of Madeira saw 8,677 people ............  ...read more

Botanical Gardens. New airport facilities. Dourada.

Botanical Gardens and views over the bay of Funchal

Today’s Diario reports that changes are afoot for the Botanical Gardens in order to make them even more attractive. Some of the changes will be introduced quickly, whilst others will take longer and involve considerable investment. Because of this the price charged for entry ............  ...read more

Quinta Vigia. Ronaldo. Expat Brexit vote.

Quinta Vigia gardens and the view over Funchal

Quinta Vigia gardens admission charge

Today’s Diario reports that entrance to the gardens of Quinta Vigia, the official residence of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira,, will cost one euro from Monday,

The admission charge to the gardens, located at the top of Santa Catarina Park, has been introduced ............  ...read more

Levadas nomination. Atlantic Festival.


Levadas shortlisted for World Heritage recognition

The levadas of Madeira have been included in the final list of 22 submissions by Portugal for inclusion on the list of UESCO World Heritage sites. If the application is successful, the levadas will join the laurisila as being internationally recognised as of “special cultural ............  ...read more

easyJet emergency landing. Farmers’ Market.

easyJet emergency landing on Porto Santo

Various newspapers report this morning that a plane full of British holidaymakers had to make a “terrifying emergency landing” after the captain reportedly smelt burning in the cockpit. Flight EZY8704 took off from Tenerife at 12.41pm yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon destined for ............  ...read more

Farmers’ Market policed. Zika virus.

Farmers' Market - police watch traders

Police monitor Farmers’ Market traders

Todays Diario reports that  two different divisions of the local police, together with representatives of other regional authorities, will today begin monitoring traders activities at the Farmer’s Market. This is in response to “complaints against the service provided by ............  ...read more

Alberto Jardim. Coral. Mobile roaming.

Alberto João Jardim €1.1 billion debt concealment investigated

Thanks to Ellen for drawing my attention to the Portugal News: The online newspaper reports that Alberto João Jardim, the former head of Madeira’s regional government, and his former number two, João Cunha e Silva, have been called to testify in court as suspects in a newly reopened ............  ...read more

Bomb scare. Praia Formosa. Angie Gray.

Ajuda, Funchal

Bomb scare in Ajuda

The Diario reports that a bomb scare caused an area to be sealed off yesterday in the vicinity of the Golden Residence Hotel – below the Estrada Monumental, just along from the Forum Madeira. Apparently a suspicious bag was found on Rua do Cabrestante, where the hotel is accommodating ............  ...read more

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