Happy New Year. Fireworks.

Best wishes to the ever-increasing number of blog readers as the fireworks display and 2017 approaches. Certainly this year has been eventful, both locally with the devastating fires, and on a global stage. The future of Europe will no doubt remain firmly in the headlights over the coming year.

bay of Funchal, liner and fireworks

The schedule for the remainder of the festive season is on the previous post, and it has been confirmed that nine cruise ships will attend the firework display on New Year’s Eve, including the Queen Victoria and the Oceana. Interesting details on the comings and going on the MarineTraffic website :

Marine traffic website link

New Year’s weather forecast poor

clip art umbrellaThe Portuguese “Met Office” has forecast that between December 31 and January 2 “there will be persistent precipitation, which can sometimes be strong” throughout Madeira. The wind, associated with a cold front, will be moderate to strong predominantly from the southeast, with gusts up to 80 km/h, especially in the highlands. Waves of up to 3 metres will be from a southerly direction. They predict that the maximum temperature at sea level in Funchal will vary between 18 and 21ºC, and the minimum between 14 and 16ºC. Apparently a strong anticyclone located over central Europe is responsible for this rather dismal outlook – and the weather had appeared to be improving recently.

Pyrotechnic plans in place

Various sources report on the preparations for the firework display. The company staging the display, Macedos Pirotecnia Lda, has already prepared major firing points at ​​the Tecnopolo and Lazareto, with another taking shape at the “RG3” army base in Sao Martinho. These provide some of the major “backdrop” displays to the main event on the seafront.

Fireworks staging point

Macedos Pirotecnia say 132,000 pieces will be fired over an eight-minute period from 36 different positions (3 at sea), which sounds a little more concentrated than previous years. They believe that it will be the biggest firework display in Europe – the same company set the island’s world record display ten years ago.

Weather update 31.12.16

Visually the bay of Funchal is overcast this morning (8.00am) as the pilot boat heads out to meet the Oceana cruise ship. The waves also appear to be stronger than usual,and the sea generally agitated in a fairly strong wind. The Portuguese “Met Office” has revised its forecast to: “Mainly cloudy. Possibility of showers, especially during the afternoon. Low to moderate wind (10 to 30 km/h) south”.
Meanwhile the Journal reports that the nine ships that will be in the port and the Bay of Funchal have made alterations to their arrival times, due to the poor sea conditions forecast. According to data from the Administration of Ports of Madeira (APRAM) a total of more than 20,000 people, including passengers and crew, will be here tonight. Due to the changing condition of the sea, the ships have had to make readjustments in their arrival times, resulting in some tourists being unable to visit Funchal using the small ferries, as normally happens.

21.00 The weather appears to be clearing a little, and the waves subsiding. One cruise liner has made it into the bay and is at anchor – a risky exercise for such a huge vessel when the waves are at 3 metres. If the conditions continue to calm then hopefully more will arrive. Pity for the businesses in Funchal that the earlier arrivals were not all able to disembark.

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  1. The Portos da Madeira website shows the following 9 movements over New Year’s Eve & Day:-

    AIDACARA Arrival30-Dezembro 17:00 Departure01-Janeiro 01:00
    BOUDICCA Arrival31-Dezembro 06:30 Departure31-Dezembro 22:30
    MARCO POLO Arrival31-Dezembro 07:00 Departure31-Janeiro 22:00
    OCEANA Arrival31-Dezembro 08:00 Departure01-Janeiro 03:00
    SAGA PEARL II Arrival31-Dezembro 18:00 Departure01-Janeiro 17:00
    MAGELLAN Arrival31-Dezembro 20:00 Departure01-Janeiro 01:00
    AIDABLU Arrival31-Dezembro 20:00 Departure01-Janeiro 18:00
    QUEEN VICTORIA Arrival31-Dezembro 22:00 Departure01-Janeiro 01:00
    MSC MAGNIFICA Arrival31-Dezembro 23:00 Departure01-Janeiro 18:00

  2. Just reading today´s Diário at the moment, and on page 2 it has a piece entitled “Rain stops to see the fireworks to welcome 2017”.

    It goes on to say that the changing of the year will be accompanied by pleasant temperatures, and without wind and rain. The report says that there may be a little rain until mid Saturday afternoon, and then again on Monday afternoon.

    That is the forecast for Funchal from the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere, and reported by Victor Prior the weather forecaster based here. Not quite sure what it is the “Met Office” source quoted above, but it seems to be a completely different forecast.

    Take your pick folks, but I won’t be taking my umbrella with me on Saturday night.

  3. Jorge – the weather forecast was from the same source (IPMA) but a day earlier, when the blog was originally drafted. It has become easier to refer to IPMA as the “Portuguese Met Office” in order to not to have to spend a couple of paragraphs explaining the acronym every time it is quoted. Hopefully with the revised forecast the outlook is a little better and everybody will remain dry!
    Will update the forecast again tomorrow.

  4. Hi,
    Happy new year all,

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  5. Happy New Year to everyone involved with the site as readers, contributors or admin. You give me an insight into what is happening in my favourite holiday location and I am grateful.

  6. I live in Madeira but sadly can’t be there tonight
    Best wishes to all in Madeira including of course our international visitors
    To all of you God Bless and Happy New Year to all

  7. Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Novo! ?? Great firework display last night ??… although the ships all hooting at the end didn’t happen this year for some reason. All liners scheduled were there, in port or in the bay, and several sailed out to watch the display for midnight. Pretty sight! Weather clear and calm. Lovely morning today, with Aida Blu and Magnifica in a sunny harbour.

    • Ann, I heard the hooting after the main display but unfortunately there were 2 individual last displays, which followed on the hill nearby, soon after the hooting which drowned it.

  8. If you didn’t get to see the fireworks you can see them on youtube. Go to youtube and search for “artificio do fogo 2017” There are several videos, some are low-resolution but there are some full HD professional ones worth watching.

    Having said that, London’s display was bloody brilliant £1,000,000 worth of pyrotechnics went up in the air in 12 minutes.

  9. Thanks Debs
    – We shall probably go to Santa Cruz on the Wednesday. I did find the Camara website with a programme earlier but my Norton Security said the site was doubtful and not knowing if it had been hacked I did not look closer so thanks again

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