Airport strike? Ronaldo wins 4th Ballon d’Or. Monarch blog.

Ronaldo world’s best footballer again

Tonight Cristiano Ronaldo claimed his 4th Ballon d’Or as expected to confirm his position as one of the two best footballers of the last decade – starting with his years at Manchester United prior to the Madeiran joining Real Madrid. The blog had the pleasure of retracing in some detail his upbringing on the island with the New York Times prior to the last World Cup, when Portugal was paired with the USA in the group stages. Americans were apparently convinced that the Portuguese captain came from Lisbon. The resulting article created some controversy with Santo Antonio, the Funchal suburb where CR7 grew up, being compared to the favelas of Rio.

Ronaldo wins the Ballon d@or
Ronaldo helped Real Madrid win last season’s Champions League and scored three goals as Portugal won Euro 2016. He has now won the Ballon d’Or in 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2016, with Messi the only other recipient of the award since winning it for the first time in 2009.He has scored 19 goals in 20 games for club and country this term, to add to the 54 he totalled last season.

Not all airlines that troubled

imageThis blog seem to be perpetually prefixing some European airlines with the description “troubled” or “struggling”, but it would appear that some regularly over-exaggerate their woes in order to a appease their staff – and by implication their customers – by implying that they are not making that much money. That may not be entirely accurate, however, as across the pond,  the four biggest domestic carriers — American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines — have released combined figures showing that they earned a combined $22 billion in profits last year, a stunning turnaround after a decade of losses, bankruptcies and cutbacks. A big reason for this is the plunging price of jet fuel, which now costs only a third of what it did just two years ago – and of course they will have hedged future supplies for the coming year, so oil price increases seen over the last few days will not catch up with them for a while.

Monarch’s Madeira Blog

imageQuite a well written article in Monarch’s “blog” featuring seven days in Madeira. The Monarch blog probably doesn’t have the problem of being “trolled”, as this one has recently – but more of that in a later post.

Airport strike

Some reports beginning to appear on the possibility of airport security workers striking between December 27th and 29th – will update when more details emerge.

12 thoughts on “Airport strike? Ronaldo wins 4th Ballon d’Or. Monarch blog.”

  1. Ronaldo: Not to forget that without his three goals in a qualifying tie against Sweden (Zlatan two goals), Portugal wouldn’t even have qualified for Euro 2016.

  2. So saddened to see that Madeira’s most famous son is entangled in the ‘Football Leaks’ stories that Der Spiegel has been breaking since last week…

    Here’s a link to the story about Ronaldo,’Ronaldo, Mourinho, and the Paper Trail to the Caribbean’:

    And here’s a link to Der Spiegel’s editorial, which bemoans ‘a professional sport that’s grown rotten to the core, putting money first and players and fans second’:

    While tax avoidance is pretty much considered a national sport by folks like Donald Trump (i.e. separate rules for the ‘big people’), I don’t know much yet how it’s regarded by European Portuguese, and I’m curious to see how both Ronaldo and Portuguese journalists react.

    Super curious, too, to hear thoughts of the folks who follow this blog.

  3. During the summer there was a piece about the Bara Azul in Priaia Formosa having difficulties with the landlord and possibly having to close. I should be grateful if anyone can update me on this and also any information about this season Santo Amaro festival arrangements in Santa Cruz

  4. Bara Azul is still open, thankfully. The owners of the land blocked off the carpark though so it has not been possible to use it, cars go to the other side car park by the old Oil terminal.

  5. Thank you Joanne – It has been a favourite of ours for many years in fact since before the oil terminal closed. We look forward very much to having our Sunday Lunch there for 3 weeks in January and usually have decent weather to go with it.

  6. Has there been anything in the local press about why Christiano Ronaldo left Madeira forcing the cancellation of the name change of the airport?

    (Also I apologise for my inaccurate first post in this comment section. Those three goals led to qualification to the 2014 World Cup not Euros 2016)


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