Pay for EU citizenship post Brexit? Il Gallo d’Oro. Golden Gate.

EU citizenship proposal could guarantee rights in Europe after Brexit

Brexit negotiator Verhofstadt As Brexit takes shape, The Times reports this morning that Britons could pay to retain the benefits of European Union citizenship under plans being considered by MEPs. The European parliament’s lead Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said he supported the principle of the idea, which would see UK citizens sending an annual fee to Brussels. The former Belgian prime minister said Britons who voted remain did not want to sever their links to the EU. “Many say ‘we don’t want to cut our links’,” he told the Times. “I like the idea that people who are European citizens and saying they want to keep it have the possibility of doing so. As a principle I like it.”
The Times website is only accessible in full by subscription (I think you can get two articles free per week?), but there is more in the Guardian here and The Telegraph here.

Il Gallo d’Oro adds second Michelin Star

Staff at Il Gallo d'Oro

The Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal was published last week and Il Gallo d’Oro found that it has been awarded a second Michelin Star – one of only five such awards in Portugal. The restaurant, situated at the Cliff Bay Hotel on the Estrada Monumental in Funchal, received the award for the first time in 2009 and was the first restaurant on the island of Madeira to receive this distinction.

Golden Gate sold for €4.75 million

As reported in a previous post the Golden Gate Cafe was auctioned last week by the Regional Government, in consultation with the bank owning the property. The indicative minimum value of the property was €2 million, but four proposals were submitted in sealed envelopes, with losing bids between €2.5 million and €3,560 million. The highest bid was submitted by the “Sociedade Gold Medal”, which eventually acquired the property for €4.748,000. The proceeds will be shared between the Regional Government and Millennium BCP.

Golden Gate Cafe

“This auction is important, especially for the unique understanding protocol between the Government and a private entity,” said the regional director of Heritage, Hélder Fernandes, underlining that in this way, the Golden Gate Cofe will be returned to Funchal.

The nineteenth century property, also known as “Corner of the World”, closed its doors on August 3rd, 2014 due to the insolvency of the previous owners. Fernandes stressed that “the space must always use the same name” – although I recall from somewhere that the name “Grande Cafe” was also used in association with the building?

British tourist dies in Levada fall

Saturday morning saw a British tourist, a 43 year-old woman, fall 100 metres to her death whilst walking the Levada do Norte at Eira do Mourao above Ribeira Brava. Sky News coverage here amid calls for more safety along the more dangerous levada walks. The Mail has a big story here, whilst RTP Madeira’s Facebook page shows video footage of part of the 4-hour recovery operation. Our thoughts go out to her family.

14 thoughts on “Pay for EU citizenship post Brexit? Il Gallo d’Oro. Golden Gate.”

  1. Hope everyone is well 🙂

    This is more stealth taxation by unelected officials in Europe.

    We all have existing rights under the various treaties put in place over the years. Europeans can live and work anywhere in Europe without cause for concern or having to pay any kind of taxation to do so.

    I would also like to bring everyone’s attention to:

    The EU is a dead man walking as I have mention before on several occasions. The unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels have overstepped the mark with their plan to implement a federalist system upon the various countries of Europe which has resulted in hardship and suffering at a massive scale for the benefit of a few.

    Why is Greece in such massive debt and not allowed by the EU to go bankrupt? Maybe it is because of all the military hardware sold to it by Germany perhaps?

    Now is the time to stand firm and not be manipulated by the mainstream media.

    Regards to all

  2. Following the links above to all of the different news reports there seems to be a call for safety measures of some description to be installed – but surely there are too many long levadas involved. Perhaps some of the more dangerous sections should be closed completely.

  3. Wikipedia says there are 1350 miles of levadas. These cannot all be secured – impossible logistically – so maybe the only solution is that more dangerous stretches should be closed.

  4. I remember before the UK joined the then ‘common market’ – not an EU. It has developed in to this by stealth over the years. To suggest that we have to buy an EU passport is just another example of how those running the outfit want to deter others from following the UK. They are unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who are worried that their ‘gravy train’ is about to hit the buffers.

  5. The whole EU thing will go t*ts up soon anyway as Italy is bankrupt, Greece can never pay back the loans it has had, Portugal is almost bankrupt, France & Germany have over-spent bailing out others etc etc. Why do you think that various leaders in Europe are saying Brexit is gonna be hard? If we do it others will too. They need us in the UK as trading partners and so once the process starts there will be no going back and the whinging remainers will finally be forced to shut up.

    Roll on Brexit and a ‘new Europe’

    Ps I am not a racist/facist/neo-nazi or whatever, I am a loyal Brit who loves Europe but NOT the EU in its current guise.

  6. Sad news about the lady who fell to her death. Not sure what the best answer is but, walking the Levadas can be dangerous, they were never intended to be public footpaths! They are irrigation channels first and foremost. I can only suggest thd Tourist industry in Madeira makes an effort to emphasise the risks involved in walking some of the Levadas and maybe signs in several languages are erected at acces points on the riskiest ones warning of the dangers of passing said signs. I would imagine it would be nigh on impossible to close them off completely as workers need access to monitor and maintain them.

  7. I have spent years advising people not to go it alone on walks in Madeira, to turn back if it looks slippery, know where you are, take cell phone etc , go with guides but all you get is we are used to walking and want to do it alone. There have been several deaths recently, and injuries, often people go off the pathway and get lost, several have been rescued from the sea at Pt Sao Lorenzo, there is this attitude that they know better than the local experts and go it alone or in bad weather.

  8. With thanks in advance:
    I shall be grateful if anyone can advise the details of the Santa Cruz ‘Amaro’ festival this January as it is an occasion we have been lucky enough to be on for our annual visits in the past but can’t find much about so far this year

  9. I posted this earlier on the wrong page. Hope no one minds me re-posting.
    With thanks in advance:

    ‘ I shall be grateful if anyone can advise the details of the Santa Cruz ‘ St Amaro’ festival this January as it is an occasion we have been lucky enough to be on for our annual visits in the past but can’t find much about so far this year’


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