Fire prevention. Fonte do Bispo. São Martinho.

Fire prevention plan announced

Fires burn in FunchalThe Journal reports that the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of Madeira, Susana Prada announced yesterday in Regional Parliament that the Government will proceed with a fire prevention plan that involves the expropriation of forest land. “From September [2016] until now, government has prepared a project to be implemented from January 2017”, she said, stressing that is expected to expropriate forest land, remove eucalyptus and other invasive plants, introduce endemic and more fire resistant species, create new access and build several water reservoirs.
The Secretary explained that the Government will intervene in private land that was affected by the fires with measures of “recovery and reforestation” and, on the other hand, will carry out the conversion of plant cover of which suffered no damage. “(What) we are doing in terms of spatial planning will only be visible in a few tens of years”, she warned, noting that a 40 year-old tree is still a young tree.

Cyclists assist reforestation

Fonte do Bispo

On a not dissimilar theme, the Diario reports on an innovative partnership, with the Institute for Forestry and Nature Conservation joining forces with the Cycling Association of Madeira to promote a reforestation project in Fonte do Bispo, Calheta. The Forest Park at Fonte do Bispo, in Paul de Serra, which is home to number of mountain-bike routes, looked a little different before the fires in August this year.

Festas de São Martinho

bacalhau de São MartinhoWith the local festival taking place this weekend in São Martinho, it seems appropriate to mention the style of Bacalhau named after the parish. I only thought of this as I happened to see a particularly fine example of bacalhau de São Martinho yesterday in a restaurant not far from the striking Church that is visible throughout the area. The generously spiced fish is normally served with chestnuts and potatoes, and is quite different to the more commonly seen Bacalhau à Bras and Bacalhau com Natas popular with tourists. A quick Google turns up a number of recipes.


Pound Euro exchange rateAfter a bad few months since Brexit the pound strengthened considerably in recent days following the surprise Trump victory in the States. One has to wonder what will happen in the next year or so in Europe if the anti-establishment swing continues, with key votes coming up in Italy, France and then Germany.

Cabo Girão landslide

cabo-giraoThere was a large landslide at Cabo Girão on Saturday afternoon – large enough to be seen from Funchal. Two tourists were in the cable car at the time, but were unhurt and collected by boat and taken to Câmara de Lobos. The cable car remains closed until a geological assessment can be conducted. The authorities have asked that farmers who frequent the area exercise caution.cabo-girao-2

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  1. I have discovered that it is not possible to book flights with Aero Vip between Madeira and Porto Santo after the 31st May, 2017. I have been advised that Aero Vip may not be operating the route after that date. Is this the airline’s decision, or does this rest with the islands’ authorities? The airlink between the islands is vital. We are looking ahead to use it in September 2017 but do not know what the outcome will be. Do you know when a decision about the future of the service is going to be made?

  2. I realize this is a bit of a contradiction in terms, but can anyone recommend a trustworthy used-car dealership, preferably on the western part of the island (Arco-area)ß Also, if the dealer names a price, would it be customary to bargain and try to achieve a lower price? And if so, how much higher will the dealer price the vehicle than s/he really expects to receive? Many thanks!

  3. We are thinking of buying a house in Madeira for our retirement, to live out our happy days in this beautiful island, but, I am very concerned because I know in the past there has been a problem with pets being poisoned. We have a beautiful Doberman and the last thing I would want to do would be to move somewhere that wouldn’t be safe for her. Can someone give me an update as I know spad is trying very hard to re educate people and find homes for Madeiras street strays but are pets now safe? Any info I can get would be most welcome.

  4. Poisoning domestic animals is against the law as is maltreatment and neglect, punishable by hefty fines or even prison.

    Poisoning animals used to be a fairly common occurence, but now it is much less common to see reports of this. We are talking about a few nutters that I expect you would find in any part of the world.

  5. If you keep an eye on your dog, don’t let it run free in the streets and annoy the neighbours, you should be perfectly alright. Although poisoning and ill treatment of domestic animals are now a criminal offence, I have yet to see a single prosecution for poisoning. Nobody ever knows who has done it or will testify. Certainly in rural areas poisoning is still very much alive, even shooting – in the name of hunting.

    Animal welfare is still a huge problem, thousands being abandoned every year. SPAD used to kill more than 2000 a year until in March this year Madeira prohibited euthanasia of healthy domestic animals.

    If you can drive with your dog and the correct papers/passport to the continent and catch a flight there, you can save yourself several hundred pounds. You can book the ticket and check-in the dog on your flight yourself, thus avoiding the ridiculous pet air transport regulations and cost, which the UK slams on top of the perfectly adequate EU regulations.

  6. Does anyone know how I can sell my art prints in the tents near the telefericos during the week? I have already made contact with the woman who runs the flea market on Saturdays and have that sorted out. Or is it possible to just “set up shop” along the harbor as I have seen other street vendors do, such as those who sell sunglasses and bracelets?

  7. Hello Beth. I have sold some things on the art market you mentioned. I know that lady also. But there are 2 market organisers. One week on the park and the other week near the old town. They alternate every week. The other group is organised by a man. I don’t know his name. Go and ask on the market. Those people on the street I don’t know. Just ask them how it works. Good luck.


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