Harmony of the Seas. Rockfalls. Rapida.


Harmony of the Seas “medivac”

The world’s largest cruise ship made an unscheduled stop off the port of Funchal in the early hours of yesterday morning whilst Maritime Search and Rescue from Funchal undertook  the evacuation of a 63 year-old passenger and a 43 year-old crew member. The 362 metre vessel ............  ...read more

Poor weather continues. Curral das Freiras.

More poor weather forecast

Following up on the last blog, which turned out to be remarkably accurate, I am afraid to say that the same sources predict a poor week ahead – BBC weather app forecast is below again. What was unusual just recently was the temperature and humidity at this time of year, despite it ............  ...read more

Bad weather. Emergency landing. Organ festival.

BBC weather app forecast

Poor weather forecast

As I write this early Sunday morning the bad weather that has been forecast for an unusually long time seems to have arrived, with a gusty wind blowing into Funchal from a southerly direction and grey clouds hanging to the hills around. The weather forecast is normally fairly ............  ...read more

Monarch. Australian and Danish connections.

Monarch aircraft

Monarch rescue goes down to the wire

Yesterday’s Telegraph reported that Monarch Airline’s multi-million pound rescue bid will go down to the wire this week, with a financial lifeline expected to come through just hours before the extension on its operating licence is due to expire on Wednesday. The low-cost ............  ...read more

Airline additional charges. Coasteering. Rare Madeira wine.

Photo of airline baggage carts

Airlines continue to earn billions from added fees

The model of how we pay for air travel in Europe continues to change, but it seems that we have not developed as far as in the States. Afar Magazine reports that in 2016 airlines once again raked in profit from ancillary charges principally from checked-in baggage and reservation ............  ...read more

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