Record temperatures. New lido. Espada Festival.

High temperatures cause fireworks ban

Graphic showing high temperaturesThe holiday period must have truly arrived as there is little news recently. The weather here in Madeira seems to be the “hot” topic at the moment, with temperatures in Funchal reaching 37.8 at 16.00 yesterday – the highest recorded for 40 years in August (in 1976 temperatures reached 38.5). The police have decided to cancel all firework launch licenses for a few days as a precaution whilst the warm continental air continues to dominate – a small fire was reported yesterday above Sao Martinho. The orange alert for high temperatures is expected to continue into next week.

New Lido breached

Despite the high temperatures the sea has been surprisingly rough with bathers at the newly reopened Lido being surprised when waves arrived in the pool on Thursday, with a photo from the Diario catching the occasion

New lido with wave crashing into pool

There were no reported injuries, with a small amount of damage being caused to the bathing complex, which was closed for maintenance yesterday. One has to wonder that if a strong sea swell, possibly combined with a high tide, can do this to the new Lido, then what will a serious winter storm do? Visitors are being redirected to the nearby facilities at Ponto Gorda, with red flags flying at the Lidos and Praia Formosa yesterday. Strong winds also caused a few problems at the airport this last week.

Espada Festival in Câmara de Lobos

Poster for the Camara do Lobos espada festival

This weekend sees the celebration of the black scabbard fish in downtown Câmara de Lobos. A number of local restaurants are participating, with offerings not strictly limited to espada.. Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government, attended the opening ceremony yesterday.


Example of graffiti appearing overnight in FunchalThe Diario today reports on the strange “diagrams” that are appearing around the city centre, normally found around the small power distribution boxes that are a familiar sight on the street. A number of theories are being advanced on social media, but nobody seems to have an explanation at the moment. Reports say that these have only sprung up recently, but I recall first noticing the earlier in the year. Some are growing overnight with additional sections being added. One wit has accurately observed that they might be the plans for the new hospital in Funchal.

8 thoughts on “Record temperatures. New lido. Espada Festival.”

  1. I have seen this graffiti here for more than one year. I have also seen it in Lisbon and a few places on the Algarve.

    Best to enjoy the new lido now. It will not be here after the first winter storm.

  2. Could someone provide some advice please. I have a T4 apartment in Funchal which we visit for 6 – 8 weeks per year. It is without heating which is needed for the cooler December evenings and would like to know if oil filled radiators or storage heaters or something else is recommended. The large main room is 42sq. meters.

  3. Could work out a bit expensive, although over 6 to 8 weeks would not be so bad. We have a couple of oil filled radiators that we wheel out in winter. I think they are 2kW. They seem OK.

  4. As soon as I saw the new Lido earlier this year I was surprised at how little protection it has from the sea given what happened to the previous one. I expect this one will suffer the same fate unless some measures are taken.

  5. We have an old stone house at 500 metres. We have an oil filled radiator in both bedrooms and one in sitting room to use in winter if it is a bit chilly. Seem effective.

  6. The diagrams have appeared on walls and service covers over the last two years in the bits of Funchal I have visited. Some of my friends have told me the diagrams guide those in the know to a drug exchange destination!I The have said drug taking amongst a few expats is common but growing.
    I have no idea of the accuracy of any of this information


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