Animal Rescue after fires. Information update. easyJet.

Animal Rescue

Livestock being rescued

The Diario reports that the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries has said that it “has been on the ground collecting animals affected by fires in several municipalities in the region”, including the central highland area. He said that at this point, the Estação Zootécnica at Porto Moniz has collected more than 40 cattle affected by fires which are are now being properly fed. Apparently at the moment there are no plans to withdraw oxen and cows from Paul da Serra

Information update

A useful website for up-to-date information after the fires is the VisitMadeira website which has a list of road closures and restrictions here. The status of various walks can be found here.

easyJet release dates changed

easyJet logo

Trip Advisor have spotted amended dates from the easyJet website, which are:

On sale now – flights to 25 March 2017

On sale October 2016 – 26 March -25 June 2017

On sale autumn 2016 – 26 June -10 September 2017

On sale winter 2016 – 11 September – 28 October 2017

Some remarkable drone footage from above Calheta

EuroNewsreport a total of 3,200 hectares destroyed

(you have to go about a minute into the video – don’t forget the mainland has had a bad time as well)

Link to Euronews  drone footage of fires in Madeira

10 thoughts on “Animal Rescue after fires. Information update. easyJet.”

  1. Can we all please lay off Tobi. He is a decent guy who puts a lot of effort into his sites to help and provide info for travellers to the island.

    Just because he is off the island on family matters is no reason for people to have a pop at him. He has a large base of friends on the island and through them has done his best to keep people in the picture during the recent horrendous fires.

    Information posted on one blog WILL get copied to others. So what, as long as valid info is being posted that’s all that matters. Not everybody reads every blog.

    Rant over.

    Now let’s all get back to enjoying our favourite island.

  2. Contrary to my previous post and the report in the Journal da Madeira, the cruise ship Costa Magica has docked in Funchal.

    Nice to be wrong for the right reasons.

  3. Just want to give a big thumbs up to Admin for updating the blog and for providing us with great updates on the phone during last week’s fires in Madeira. We had to clear out of Funchal for a couple of days but we got off cheap. Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and those who lost their homes. We hope that everyone in Madeira recovers quickly from this ordeal

  4. I am to participate in a guided tour to Madeira between 27 August -3 September,including several spots in the whole island. Due to the fires of the last days some of the programs migt change. I tried tp get information from tourist offices at the given phone numbers on the official sites , but there was always an automatic answering machine and just on portugese. And there are some contradicts in the official statement regarding the fire affected toudistic sights,too. Could anyone tell me excatly, which botanical garden is closed.? Further on the Monte Palace Tropical Gardenis is open or closed? What other main sights can not be visited?Thank you very much.

  5. Marianna – there are not many places affected now. Check with the information centre in Funchal when you arrive if you cannot find the information on the tourist website.


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