Madeira Wine Festival. Fire victims helped by emigrants. CR7 top European footballer.

Madeira wine festival photo

Madeira Wine Festival

The annual Madeira Wine Festival starts tomorrow with a performance in the Municipal Gardens at 9.00pm. The first few days seem to be themed “13th European Folklore Week”. The wine festival lasts until the 11th of September and a full program can be found here.

Portuguese immigrants in US fund-raise for fire victims

One of the positive ............ more

Jardim Orquídea

Jardim Orquidea

A one-off blog to promote the fund-raising for Jardim Orquídea. This seems to have become something of a focal point in the aftermath of the fires. If Jardim Orquídea could be recovered at least to part of its former glory at some point, however ............ more

8% of island destroyed. Arsonist arrested. São Vicente.

Image of burned forestry

Fire damage figures

The Diario reports this morning that last week’s fires consumed an estimated total of 6,266 hectares (63 square kilometers) in three municipalities of Madeira – Calheta was the most affected “county”, followed by Funchal and Ponta do Sol. The Institute for Forestry ............ more

Animal Rescue after fires. Information update. easyJet.

Livestock being rescued

Animal Rescue

The Diario reports that the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries has said that it “has been on the ground collecting animals affected by fires in several municipalities in the region”, including the central highland area. He said that at this point, the ............ more

Fires update. Facilities re-open. Ponto do Sol.

Graphic of world's leading island resort award

The official “Visit Madeira” website picked up the same theme “returning to normality” from yesterday’s blog, confirming that there were, as of last night, no active fires on the island, although the Calheta/Prazeres area is being monitored closely. The Regional Secretariat ............ more

Funchal fires update – Thursday.


Woken at 5.00 this morning by sirens – a lot of them – so unlikely that there will be any good news today. The wind has not returned, but what there is seems to have changed directions slightly. A pall of smoke still hangs over the bay of Funchal and the smell of burning pervades. ............ more

Funchal fires update.

7.00: Fires in Funchal centre

A thick pall of smoke lies over central Funchal this morning after last night’s fires, with still the heavy scent of burning that we have quickly become used to over what is little more than 36 hours. The “good news”, if there is any, is that the strong warm “sirocco” ............ more

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