Quinta Vigia. Ronaldo. Expat Brexit vote.

Quinta Vigia gardens admission charge

Quinta Vigia gardens and the view over Funchal

Today’s Diario reports that entrance to the gardens of Quinta Vigia, the official residence of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira,, will cost one euro from Monday,

Quinta Vigia - the houseThe admission charge to the gardens, located at the top of Santa Catarina Park, has been introduced after 32 years of free access, but the President believes that “no-one will object” as the money will go directly towards their upkeep. The part of the quinta which houses the headquarters of the Presidency is excluded from the tourist circuit, which includes some stunning views over the bay of Funchal.

Ronaldo donates winnings to charity

imageAccording to French newspaper L’Equipe, the Madeiran, who scored the winning goal in the Champions League final penalty shoot-out against Athletico Madrid last week, instructed his agent Jorge Mendes to find a suitable charity to be the recipients of his substantial bonus, believed to be in the region of €600,000. Despite getting some criticism for his “ostentatious” celebrations after winning his third Champions League medal, Ronaldo cannot be criticised for his charitable side – the 31-year-old has supported a number of charities throughout his career, including Unicef, World Vision and Save the Children. After the earthquake in Nepal which killed more than 8,000 people last year, Ronaldo is believed to have donated over €8 million to help the aid efforts in the country.

CR7 Museum reopens

imageMeanwhile the CR7 Museum reopens on Monday, relocating from Rua Princesa D. Amelia, where it opened in late 2013, just down the road to Praça do Mar, where Ronaldo is developing a new “boutique” hotel in partnership with Pestana. The museum, presumably including the latest additions, will occupy part of ground floor of the redeveloped structure, not an old building opposite as originally envisaged.

71% of expats vote to stay in Europe

imageAccording to research conducted by Angloinfo, and despite three weeks of campaigning by both sides of the Brexit debate still remaining, the voting intentions of expats remain the same as the last poll conducted in April. According to the research, a  significant majority of expats – around 71% – are set to vote in favour of staying in the EU.  Just 23 % will vote to leave, with only six % still undecided.  The research revealed that more than a third of expats feel no one has properly explained the pros and cons of remaining in the EU, a view echoed by many of those living in the UK.

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  1. May I simplify Brexit?

    Britain Joined the Common Market as it was known in the early 70’s. The common market was created to allow free trade between EU countries and also introduced the common agricultural policy which subsidises farmers to this day all over Europe.

    Unfortunately the Bureaucrats in Brussels have gradually created a federal system of states as seen by the implementation of the single currency and eventually, complete loss of national identity.

    The European commision wants to create a United States of Europe, is this really feasible considering the disparate languages, culture and customs?

    I personally find it unacceptable that Portugal/Spain are part of this protectionist system which has caused MUCH more harm then good particularly when you look at all the food dumping into Africa. The minimum wage in Portugal is around 500 euros as opposed to Luxembourg where it is around 1500 euros, so I take it that the Portuguese are third class citizens and must be treated as such?

    Britain and Portugal are western Europe’s oldest Allies and as such they will always be close and on good terms. Expats will have no issue’s when it comes to the Brexit as NOTHING will change as there is nothing too change….

    There are some very bright Economists in the UK that are all recommending a Brexit due to the state of Europe. I prefer to listen to the bean counters than fraudulent politicians who have absolutely no clue and form part of a Euro cabal.

    The main reason that the people are not getting the facts is due to the people in power NOT wanting the facts to become available.

    Stop putting your head in the sand and find out for yourself! There are loads of resources online explaining the in’s and out’s and I would recommend “Brexit The Movie” on youtube.

    It is Sunny in London today 🙂

  2. Well put Joe Lucas.
    As they say ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ – what has happened to our area and what is happening in our area defy belief. But the powers that be just ignore and skim over. We are not some trendy part of London or an area that is high profile.
    But if you want to see the effects of open borders and easy access to benefits, then it would be a real eye opener to anyone bothering to come to our area.
    As you say ‘Brexit the movie’ is very informative.
    I love England but want to move to Madeira asap.

    Thanks again for such a clear, concise post.

  3. I can only guess at the motivation of ex-pats as I still choose to live in the UK but It is a real dilemma for me with children and grandchildren to consider rather than myself.
    Lots of the ‘financial experts’ I read suggest that in its current format the EU is likely to fail eventually due to the disparate circumstance of its member nations.
    I see an analogy of the EU being a car in which I am travelling which is going to crash and as a passenger I have to make an incredibly difficult choice. Should I jump out of the car now risking seriously injury hoping I will not get hurt too much or should I stay in and hope the crash will leave me fit enough to exit the wreckage largely intact and able to remove my belongings intact.
    The hyperbole from both sides does not encourage me or clarify how I may vote and I am still totally at a loss as to which way I shall vote

  4. Davidd, wish you could experience what we experience daily, hourly etc.
    We are just at the end of our tether. If you go to our nearest city, which used to be so lovely, there are gangs of migrants everywhere and pick pockets in abundance. It is truly frightening.

    We just feel that things need to be stopped and we need to try and contain this awful situation.

    One dear friend worked with a Job Centre scheme for immigrants, you just would not credit what was happening and what was said. Yet it was not reported anywhere in the press, so how can that be right.

    Can appreciate your dilemma but we have reached saturation point.

  5. Amused – glad I gave you a giggle.

    But it is Brexit we are talking about not Mexit.

    Madeira is a secure island and we want to live there as a second home set up.

    Having visited virtually every EU member state, Madeira is nowhere near like any of these areas.

    Having seen and experienced what is being brushed under the carpet in England we definitely need a bolt hole.

    Anyway at least I have given you a chuckle and there is not enough chuckles and giggles in this world.

    Just watching a very aggressive debate on Brexit, when there is so much hate going around it cannot be good.

  6. I don’t pretend to understand all the ins and outs of Brexit. However, I agree with the analogy Davidd gave. It’s a bit like, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    I think voter turnout will be interesting. I listened to a Sky News pundit who was discussing that the polls showed the vote becoming very close. They said the danger was that those voting for the leave campaign seemed to be more driven and would definitely turn out and vote on the day .

  7. Just following the analogy of the car crash, does anybody think the crash of EU failure would be as bad as 1914-1918 or 1939-1945 when we relied on separate and distinct nation states to manage our economies and political conflicts?
    Let’s all try and sort out our problems together. The biggest problems are all environmental, and there is no way small islands can solve those kinds of problem independently, whether we are talking about the UK or Madeira.

  8. I will be voting to stay in the EU. If you want my reasons then ask, they are too numerous to mention. I have just retired after 40 years in financial services, so I do know a little about economics. Even the out campaigns battle bus has a misleading figure on it. It does not take into account our rebate, or what actually comes back from the EU. The actual net amount we pay to the EU is tiny compared to our GDP. Yet the Brexitiers are going to do all sorts with the phantom pounds.
    If you then take into account the likely downturn in the economy due to Brexit then we could actually be much worse off even if you add back in the money we pay to the EU.
    If you would like to get some idea at what would happen if we exit, look at the pound against the euro. Only a few days ago it was over £1.30 now its around £1.26.
    Joe mentions there are some very bright economists in the UK ALL recommending Brexit.
    Are you sure Joe? Where do you get your information?
    Below is a link to the Observer.
    Finally I believe some of the Brexit big hitters have an hidden agenda.
    Boris and Michael are you listening? Can you guess what it might be?
    Of course the EU has many problems, but we will do much better staying in the EU IMHO.

  9. The ease of buying a property in Madeira for primary or secondary use is surely helped by the freedom of being within the EU? Lucky for us that Madeirans allow us infiltrate their lovely safe haven. “They come over here… speaking their English and eating our Pasteis de Nata…!” 😉

  10. Have quite a few friends with villas in non EU countries and they did not have any problems.
    You are right that Madeira is a safe haven.
    Yes I speak English and eat, but also we spend and contribute to the economy when in Madeira.

    Anyway by the 24th of June we will all know the outcome.

    Back to happy!

  11. Hmmmmm, Pasteis de Nata yum yum. Thankfully just around the corner from me (in London) we have a Brazillian shop that sells them!!!

  12. If the expats new half of the problems we have in the uk they may think differently (or not) – we currently have to wait 4 weeks to get an appointment with our GP and still they are building everywhere with not a thought to increase the number of GPs or schools in our arer and this is the tip of the iceberg. It is a nightmare we just have not the room for anymore people in this country. And the crime that Dobermal speaks of is REAL CRIME which still makes Madeira a haven of peace for us and we shall continue to come as long as we are ablle .It is the people that live here that are affected.

  13. Dobermal and Betty C , I am stunned by how bad things are in the uk. I know living here insulates you from reality but it seems dire. I recently spent 3 months in the UK selling my parents house and moving them into an apartment. Where they live there are none of the problems that you describe ( luckily ) . It makes me realise how lucky they are . The situation with doctors appointments is scary.I will also be eternally grateful that my grandson was always in a class of 8-10 in primary school here. The education he received here until 13 was amazing . He got a shock when he returned to the UK believe me.

    • The only crime practised on a large scale basis in Madeira IMHO is that most of the restaurants sell frozen lapas!

      If the UK ceases it’s EU membership things will remain the same and things will change. Being a geek I can advocate the view that technology and science will provide!

      I would like to bring everyone’s attention to:

      1. Crispr DNA Manipulation

      2. Artificial Intelligence

      3. Deep Learning

      We are on the cusp of exponential changes which are going to cause absolutely massive disruption to all our lives. The phrase used is radical abundance which in turn should bring with it the end of monetary value as we know it 🙂

      Think of how UBER has affected several industries through the use of tech? Many people do not realise that the “people” that run UBER are not people but a single algorithm running in a data center….

      UBER will force the implementation of autonomous vehicles in cities around the world which will destroy several industries such as vehicle manufacturing, insurance and the rest.

      Robotics through cloud communication and the internet of things will come as a shock. This brings us back to why should the UK remain as a EU member when no gain can be had?

      As an interesting sidenote, Portugal recently managed to run for 4 straight days on just renewable energy which is quite a feat 🙂

      British nationals will always be welcomed in Portugal and of course looked after as the Portuguese tend to be a decent lot. Why would Portugal not welcome Brits? The place is bloody empty after all!

      Have you been to the Alentejo?

      I for one am glad to be part of the conversation which through it we can arrive at a happy medium.

  14. I suppose it depends where you live in the UK. I live near Grantham and we have no problems with GP appointments. Although I realise in some areas there are lots of problems. I’m from Sheffield originally and certain areas are crime ridden and very run down. I love coming to Madeira but also love coming home. Regarding your comment on sovereignty Joe, I understand what you are saying, but in reality it means little. The days when we had a lot of clout are long gone. We wont have £12 billion to use if we leave the EU. It will be nearer 8 billion. This is a drop in the ocean compared GDP. If as a result of Brexit our economy shrinks by just a small amount, then we would have no financial benefit from leaving the EU, in actual fact we may find we are much worse off financially and have to plug a large gap. Many of us in Madeira are of a certain age and tend to be risk averse. So why would you take the risky option?
    Regarding immigration, this is a complete red herring. Any sort of deal we do, will have strings. One of those string will be free movement of people. Ask Norway, Iceland or even Switzerland.
    Finally a few downsides that you may not have thought of:
    You will have less money to spend in Euros as the pound is likely to be weaker. This means things could be more expensive. Flights are likely to be more expensive, and it may take a little longer to cross borders. Have you thought of healthcare? Currently we get treated in EU countries as if were are national. Once we leave those arrangements may stop and we could find ourselves paying large amounts for medical care. Finally if we leave the EU, then Nicola will ask and possibly get another vote for Scottish independence. We may yet see the break up of the UK. All for what? The EU has it’s problems, but we are better on the inside trying to fix them.

  15. If it wasn’t for a health issue we would have moved to Madeira, but it is not right to use their health service. But oh to find a place to live for very extended stays.
    We live in what was considered a nice area but what is happening is unbelievable and the worst part is that it is being ignored with an attitude of if we ignore it it will go away – well no it will not.
    I would give anything to find a website that points you in the right direction to buy in Madeira.
    Ah well.

  16. Items for sale moving from Calheta back to UK – But nothing to with referendum!

    Still have some effects for sale if admin would pass on any interested parties email details.

    Some electrical items
    Pressure washer, some other tools – Gato preto cane chairs, Ducal pine 2 draw small sideboard,
    Maybe easier to ask if I have a item rather than list
    Thanks admin in advance

  17. I don’t understand people going on about the economy all the time with regard to the referendum. To my simple way of thinking (no I’m not an ex banker or financial consultant – just an ordinary person) the economy will take a huge hit anyway as we will be forced (by all the overpaid eurocrats we never elected) to take in thousands of immigrants if we remain. How will the UK afford to build all the homes for these people, supply NHS services (currently in meltdown apparently), find school places (already under pressure) and pay benefits to them as most of them according to the media apparently don’t have too many skills. I particularly object to these unelected officials in Brussels deciding on laws for the UK – they are into everything right down to the humble vacuum cleaner – oh and don’t forget the bananas! We won’t need our own parliament soon. Money is not everything and maybe some people would just like to get their country back to the way it was before. How was Britain re-built after the second world war when people had nothing? If it can be done once it can be done again. It seems the remain camp comprise mostly very rich people, rich people, and luvvies as they are so called but what about poor old Joe Bloggs – what exactly is he getting out of it – nothing but grief!! I also don’t agree that we can fix it from the inside – what exactly did Mr Cameron achieve when he tried to fix it recently – all that fuss to make his case look good – and when it was all properly analysed we got zilch!! If you do your homework you will also see that the UK seems to be outvoted at every turn within the EU so sorry – no hope if we remain. The EU doesn’t deal in democracy!!

    Please by the way don’t bother to tar me with the big ‘R’ word because it just flows over my head these days. If you don’t agree with all the politically correct people out there you suddenly become right wing which is absolutely ridiculous – some British people just don’t want their country invaded and their culture changed forevermore. We British people help any race in the world but we have to draw the line somewhere – we can’t save the whole world and invite them to live in the UK – look what happened in Germany – a big lesson in anybody’s book.

    I would also like to reassure Mick that I have thought about all the downsides too – medical expenses – residency – waiting a bit longer to cross a border (wow what an inconvenience that would be – did all that before the European Union- do it to go to America) – and lots of other points but they are minor compared to what is coming to the UK if we remain in the EU. These things might just be a price worth paying.

    As you will no doubt gather I have already voted Brexit (and I live here permanently in Madeira). I did this not for myself, but for my children in the UK and their children in the hope that sanity will prevail and we find a leader who actually cares about the people.

    I know a lot of people probably disagree with me which I totally respect but I just thought I would like to express my point of view into this lively debate.

  18. Oh Betty, what a wonderful post, you put the case beautifully. Like you we are voting leave.
    Wish we were like you and settled in beautiful Madeira.

  19. Dobermal, if you click on Useful Links and scroll down you’ll find links to info on buying property, advice for buyers and links to a couple of estate agents. Also, just below the Useful Links you’ll see Linving in Portugal.

    Check these out.

    • Sally,

      You need to look into British/Portuguese History, it is quite amazing and filled with epic battles that we have fought side by side 🙂

      My parents are from the north side of the island and I grew up in the UK. Let me tell you something, I would defend you as a Brit until the last drop of blood left my body….

  20. Betty it’s good to put your point of view. Whilst I respect it, I think you are possibly misunderstanding what Brexit means. Even if we are out of the EU we will still have to take in lots of immigrants. The EU will demand it in order for us to have a trade deal. It’s a core principal with them. We could of course not bother with the EU and use the World Trade Organisaton. But cutting yourself off from one of the biggest trading blocks in the world would be catastrophic. Norway are outside the EU but have to allow free movement in order to trade with the EU. I’m sorry if I seem patronising, I don’t mean to, but this thing is much more complicated than people realise.
    Interestingly the EU will be delighted to export to us, it is likely we will not have any tariffs, but 1 way traffic could put us in even more debt.
    No ones mentioned the amount of jobs that may be lost if we leave the EU. This is another major concern.
    I do agree our island is overpopulated with more coming. Sadly it’s because as an economy we are doing rather well.

  21. This link will give you some idea of how immigration could work if we were to leave the EU, but still want a trade agreement. In fact immigration in this particular circumstance could be much worse outside the EU than in it. http://openeurope.org.uk/intelligence/immigration-and-justice/norway-and-switzerland/
    It all depends of course if we decide we want to trade with the EU.

    “Switzerland and Norway have far higher levels of EU immigration than the UK as a proportion of their populations. If the UK had the same net EU immigration rate as Switzerland, it would mean nearly 400,000 more EU migrants a year.”
    This is taken from the site. I have not verified the figures, but anyone who wish’s to could easily to that.

  22. Betty whilst I understand your thoughts I do thing that leaving the EU would bring economic disaster to the UK, I am sure that in 15 – 20 years time we would recover but as a pensioner living in Madeira I don’t want to spend the last years of my life struggling as my pension may be frozen if we leave. Not having loads of money like most expats it is very worrying. It is so nice to hear from Joe that we would always be welcome in Madeira Portugal but will we?? We have been so happy to live here in Madeira and would be devastated if we were not welcome any more.

  23. I am including of course the Irish, Welsh and Scots in that statement as well…

    I personally do not give a damn about how the economy is effected after we leave and if outward flow of trade ceases.

    As I have mentioned in a previous post, 95% of everything I buy at the supermarket comes from outside Europe.

    Mick, this is specifically for your good self: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/26/the-truth-about-britains-trade-outside-the-european-union/

    The “stay” camp are trying to blindside us all with a focus on trade which is a non issue. The EU commission not going to allow us to sell into the EU? Then we can slap massive tariffs on BMW, Mercedes, Audi and the rest.

    The main issue for Brussels Mobsters is the effect it will have on the other main EU countries, I have already personally seen what people are saying in regards to demanding a referendum for their own country.

    Still do not believe how corrupt Brussels is and how they buy people’s loyalty?

    Let me quickly remind everyone:


    A non UK elected party politician ending up on the bright side of life, as an ex labour leader that man has no shame or honour.

    The UK WILL be leaving the EU and we are more than happy to pay export tariffs into the EU.

    Mark my words due to all the migrant issue’s, Germany will be the next to leave.

    We have not even looked at TTIP and the disastrous effects it will have on Brit’s.

  24. Hi Sally,
    Well, let me tell you the honest truth – my husband and I emigrated on a wing and a prayer – we are not wealthy British ex-pats either.

    However, don’t you just think sometimes you need to take your courage in both hands and do the right thing? It’s not all about ME or YOU – its our country and we should fight tooth and nail for it.

    Do you really want to be a member of a United States of Europe with every single decision being made by unelected people? Yes – we live in Europe but who knows – some day we may have to go back to the UK but in my mind its not even about that – its called patriotism. My family all live in the UK too so I have to take that into account.

    On the financial arguments – would you pay billions of pounds into a club for years if they didn’t even have the decency to allow their books to be audited – is it 20 years now? It just stinks to high heaven – no democracy – even when they say they are going to allow Britain to do something they manage to find another loophole. No unelected people in Europe should be in a position to give us PERMISSION to make our own laws and run our own country. The trouble with the UK is they interpret all the EU rules to the letter – other countries just interpret them to suit themselves. For instance – many years ago when I came to live here I was in a government office. I asked the girl if she could speak English and she said ‘no’. I jokingly said to my husband ‘wow – if that had been the UK they would have had an interpreter here within the hour’. Next thing you know – the girl turned round and said “but this is not the UK”. The moral of that story was – firstly she was telling porkies that she couldn’t speak English and secondly obviously Portugal interprets the EU rules to suit themselves and good on them for doing so. How much do you think the UK spend on interpreters in a year?
    I feel so sorry for all the people in England who are having to put up with all this disruption to their lives and watching their country slowly dying. I have been reading up on all of this for years so its not just a whim. No go areas in England – absolutely shocking – who would have thought it – and why do the government just sit back and let it all happen??
    I was brought up to love my country and I find it absolutely sickening to sit and watch it disintegrating year after year and no one seems to give a toss! I still say its all about the money and power and will never see it any other way. The rich get richer (cheap labour) and the ordinary working people just keep paying their taxes and their lives get destroyed bit by bit. Horrible!!

  25. Oh Betty you talk such sense.

    If people knew how we have to live on a daily basis, and this was always a decent, quiet place. Plus at the moment there doesn’t appear any chance of a reversal. Basically hope is in short supply around here.

    As you say we now have no go areas, which is truly staggering.
    You need to lock yourself in your car when travelling.
    Wearing your shoulder bag across your body and holding on tight to the zip when out shopping.

    Not seeing police any more. The station in the city was closed and moved miles outside the city. We now have an enquiries officer who works office hours!!!!

    We have gangs roaming around the city and in the nearest town to us. I was in the building society in the town and the girl who works there was saying it is so dangerous now that her boyfriend drops her off and picks her up at night because you have to pass the town square and all the gangs are out.

    A friend who wanted to sell his home, which is lovely, but they have some new immigrants next door who have made the house look like something out of Steptoe and Son. So consequently no one wants to buy his house.

    Signs in the ladies toilets at a community educational facility with stick figures showing people how to use the toilet! YES, THAT IS RIGHT. A red cross to show that you must not stand on the toilet seat or squat on the floor and a green tick to show how to sit on the toilet.

    I could go on and on but don’t want to bore everyone. But our life has changed out of all recognition and it frightens me.

    And still none of the powers that be do not seem at all interested.

    A friend who works for the city council says the council leader is now very selective where he goes and what media interviews he gives.

    Wish we had been living in Madeira for years like most of you.

    I always thought I was a strong person but as a friend agreed you get up happy in the morning and then something happens around here that changes things.

    Take care everyone and best wishes.

  26. Back to silly! Just seen a safe place – we could take Tim Peak’s place in space. If there is contact I can send you updates – our problems solved.

  27. even if Britain come out of EU I don’t think that Portugal will do anything to stop the British to come to madeira and buy property !! I know and also they know that we need people’s like the British here to help the economy grow if you getting a pension from Britain and spend even half of it here you are helping and me and a lot more people will welcome you always

    • Mick,

      Empire has nothing to do with it, the UK economy has thrived due to the people of Britain and their ability to move forward.

      Whether we stay in or leave the EU unemployment will continue to rise at an exponential rate due to the automation that I have mentioned in a previous post.

      Take a good look at how 3D printing has started to change manufacturing, Adidas has even decided to move their manufacturing back to the States which is due to new technologies in manufacturing.

      Will Addidas be creating Job’s back in the US? No they will not due to the aforementioned automation. Mass unemployment is without doubt inevitable and will effect all levels of society.

      Imagine a nano pharmaceutical factory floating around your bloodstream looking after your health? How will that affect the medical profession? The NHS has recently allowed Google Deep Mind to access UK medical records in order to data mine and find correlations at a vast scale.

      Your doctor will be an Artificial Intelligence, do not take what I am saying as a lunatic rant from a Luso Madeiran 🙂

      Admin, I also have a post awaiting moderation in reply to Mick with all the graphs etc.

  28. Wow Betty and Dobermal, you must live in a different country to me. You make the UK sound dire. It does have it’s problems, but then so do most countries.I am as patriotic as the next person, and will never leave the UK. We are lucky enough to have a home in Madeira, but will never move there. You both seem to thing leaving the EU is going to make things better. We are a small country in a big world, we no longer have an empire. Despite the picture you paint of no go areas and unfettered immigration the country is doing rather well. Why do you think that is?
    You cannot ignore economics, if things go well we might have an uncomfortable few years after Brexit. If things go really badly you may see mass unemployment, rampant inflation and cuts in services and pensions.
    The fact that many of us own first or second properties in Madeira is testament to how well things have gone in the last 40 years. Could you imagine that in the good old 50’s and 60’s?
    But of course then we were in charge of our own destiny and had an empire. Please think again before you decide on the life changing decision. There is no going back.
    As an aside there is a good debate tomorrow and 2 of the stars are Boris and Nicola. I think it’s on ITV.

  29. Mick – just telling the truth!
    If anything understating the situation. Lucky you if your area is safe.
    Unfortunately no one seems to have ANY solution to the kind of problems around this area and do not seem bothered or interested in helping.

  30. Joe Lucas – lots of good points in the debate – agree wholeheartedly!!

    Mick as for making out Britain is pretty dire – you got it in one – don’t you surely agree it is pretty dire that there are Albanians (who the heck are they fleeing from?) landing on British beaches and hordes more sitting on clifftops on the other side of the channel waiting to make the journey!

    The ordinary working class British people are sick of all these economic migrants arriving in Britain and what does the government do – takes them in and puts them up in hotels no less and they are even being given spending money. They get treated better than pensioners who worked all their lives. What does all that do to the economy?

    Real refugees are very welcome but the world and his brother are just jumping on the bandwagon and our stupid government let them! If I was in charge I would give them an option – no papers – don’t want to leave – then you will be put in the army for 10 years service to the British government. If they damned well don’t want to fight for their own countries then they should contribute something to ours – even if it is just military service. Once the word got out they would soon get the message that the streets are not after all paved with gold.

    The British people have just about had enough and if the government don’t do something soon there will be a backlash. This has all come about because of all the politically correct nonsense that’s been going on for years and everybody is too scared to even discuss it (apart from us bloggers) but the worm will turn eventually as people will only take so much.

    As for the EU making us take migrants in exchange for a trade agreement – well, if I was not a lady I would tell them where to stick that blackmailing idea – I think the saying is something about “where the sun don’t shine”.

    We need to stop saying yes minister all the time to these bureaucrats – have none of our leaders ever tried the word ‘NO’?

  31. The friendship between Portugal and Great Britain goes back some 600 years. We’ve fought common enemies i.e. France and Spain in the past and Portugal sent troops to fight in the trenches of WW1. The wine trade from both Portugal and Maceira, the whaling from the Azores etc have been common grounds. Many top families in the UK have Portuguese surnames.

    So whatever the result of June 23rd the Brits and the old Pork and Cheese will continue as friends. Especially while they bake ‘Pasteis de Nata’!!!!!

  32. I saw that people saying that you didn,t vote for the European Parlement, but that is not true. The last election for the Eurpean Parlement was in 2014. Read: en dot wikipedia dot org slash wiki slash Elections_to_the_European_Parliament.
    I wish you all good luck with making the right choice. It is not an easy choice.

  33. Joe, Dobermal and Betty, I’ll address your comments later. Meanwhile we have had our first defection. She is an MP who is concerned about the figures of £350 million a week that Brexit are saying we send to the EU. This can be easily proved as a false figure. Her main concern though is the NHS if we vote to leave. She knows her stuff as she is a doctor.
    Finally Martin Lewis has posted a fair and unbiased assessment of staying in or leaving. Many of you will be familiar with his website and TV appearances. See link below.

  34. @Betty: I will not get into a discussion about individual countries and their people coming to this country. Suffice to say many of them come from poor countries and want to enter the more prosperous countries. I do agree that we have too many people coming in, but that won’t change whilst we are successful. Sadly you don’t add anything to discussion by telling the EU to shove it. Your final sentence is again factually incorrect. Didn’t we say no to the single currency?
    Didn’t we say no to Schengen? We have said no on many occasions. The mere fact that we are having a referendum shows we make our own decisions. Finally you say many decisions are made by un-elected people in the EU. It’s exactly the same in the UK. Also don’t forget only around a third of the population voted for our current government, yet they govern.

    • @Mick

      You are a man after my own heart, you should however be running cat6e over fiber….

      I shall be contacted the Alberto Joao Jardim Mafia to take care of you in due course.


  35. @Joe: The effect of technology on unemployment is a totally different discussion. Whether we are in or out technology will still rule our lives.
    My house is full of technology, I’m a gadget freak. I’m able to receive TV in Madeira in 3 different ways. All set up by myself. 🙂
    My house is full of CAT5 and the missus goes mad every time I buy some more tech. My next foray into the market is likely to virtual reality.

  36. Betty everything you write is so factual. Good on you.
    Just shows that if some try to troll you on a small blog like this then you have hit a raw nerve with the truth.

    Good on you. The facts speak for themselves in every day life.

  37. Dobermal , if you think about buying in madeira its worth considering bank repossessions. The banks want what they are owed and therefore will sell properties very cheap. Unfortunately , due to the economic climate here after the last few years there are many repossessions from apartments to villas.

  38. I can’t say I have found any of the advertised repossessed properties particularly cheap in comparison to what else is already on the market, although the banks do offer some very good finance packages when purchasing one of these properties from them if this is what you are after. Apartments are definately one of the best buys as the market is absolutely flooded with them all over the island and you can certainly pick up one of these for very little money if you have a good look around.

  39. Thank you Jo, we do keep looking. We have also noticed the repossessions. We have looked at flats and villas.
    We are very serious about buying but don;t know if it would be better to get a flat in Funchal or a villa outside in somewhere like Arco Da Calheta.

  40. When buying an Apparment beware that in some complexes payment of the Condiminium charge is seen as optional in the eyes of some! In a number of complexes dogs are a problem with them being kept on balconies when the owner is at work.

    A Villa is a safer bet, if you do not want to live full time in Madeira look at a Villa with a Tourist licence. Arco is very popular with Vlla renters. These Villas are usually sold fully equipped and will give you a good rental stream if well managed.

  41. The condominium charge had been an issue in the past. There has now been a concerted effort by the companies managing condominiums to ensure people pay up. After threatening court action to a few where I live , most have elected to pay and add an amount off the arrears. I , however has not and we were informed it was going to court so they could seize assets.

  42. Thank you to everyone. Everything I learn is something I hadn’t thought of.
    Never lived in an apartment so was amazed to read that some people have dogs and just leave them on the balcony all day – so noise problem.

    But thanks again. We are coming out again for a concentrated look round.

  43. When we were in Funchal April/May this year we could not get over how many dogs there were roaming about, which we had not been aware of before. The time before in November 2015 we had not noticed a problem.
    Are people letting them go because they have decided they don’t want them.

  44. This is our first time in Madeira. Beautiful place but just picked up on the posts about barking dogs and the statement you just have to get used to it. not knowing this we did complain to our hotel about continuous barking nearby and now realise why nothing was done. I have to say in the U K the council would put a stop to it very soon.
    In respect of Brexit , the only thing that has happened is a drop in the pound which is not good if you are on holiday here in Madeira but the FTSEis Soaring and Rolls Royce et al will be pleased that their aero engines will be more in demand from overseas meaning more jobs.


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