Population decline. Mariza. Glamping. Brexit.

Island population continues to decline

Airport departures sign as population declinesToday’s online Diario, mostly focussed on Portugal’s stuttering start at Euro 2016 typified by Ronaldo’s penalty miss last night, also reports that the population of the region continues to fall. Over the last five years the Autonomous Region of Madeira saw 8,677 people emigrating, which combined with the low birth rate and mortality took the total population back to 2004 levels – now totalling 256,424, having reached the 267,965 in 2010, which was the last year the population increased. The total comprises 119,635 men and 136,789 women, with the proportion of young people (under 15 years) continuing to decrease in 2015, representing 14.8% of the total population (15.2% the previous year). There were 1947 births in 2015, fewer than the 2611 who died.

Mariza headlines in Calheta

Festas do Concelho poster

World-famous Fado singer Mariza headlines in a free concert as part of the Festas da Calheta on Friday night (21.00). With a career that started in 2001, Mariza has appeared at the Carnegie Hall in New York, Sydney Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall in London, and has been nominated for a Grammy awards on a number of occasions. One of her most well-known songs is on You Tube here. Quite an achievement for the municipality to attract someone of her stature.

Glamping arrives in Madeira

Paragliding launch photo

The Guardian yesterday had favourable review of the island from a reporter who “pictured wine, cake, flowers … and old people. It was filed in my mind as a pretty but dull destination, full of pensioners on package deals and cruises”. Fortunately she found the reality quite different……more here

Immigration to prove decisive in Brexit vote?

Wall street journal snippet

As decision day approaches, the Wall Street Journal recently summarised the recent swing in favour the “leave” vote, reporting that the focus of the debate is now clearly focussing on the issue of immigration

9 thoughts on “Population decline. Mariza. Glamping. Brexit.”

  1. It’s really good of Boris Johnson to say he will apologize if Britain goes into a recession if Brexit wins – apologies won’t help people pay their bills and buy food. He will be fine he has plenty of money, they never think about the average person who will suffer greatly if we go into recession.

  2. Well, it’s sh1t or bust time. Whatever the result, my feeling is that the long-standing relationship between Portugal & Great Britain will stay unchanged and let’s hope it stays that way.

  3. Well Sally people are already suffering here in many areas and their quality of life has reached rock bottom so in these areas they feel they have nothing to lose. The vote leave percentage in these areas proves this.

  4. Thinks are going to be tough for the foreseeable future. Looks like the door to no 10 is now wide open for Boris. Very canny bloke is our Boris. The markets and pound are well down today. They will recover of course but not to the levels we are used to. Sadly things in Madeira will be more expensive, and that may affect tourism. I hope not, but certainly whilst the pound is weak this will happen. Effectively everything you buy in Euros is costing you 5% more than yesterday. My worry is that interest rates may have to rise if there is a run on the pound. This is good for savers, but bad for people with mortgages. I wonder what Scotland will do? I dare say another Scottish referendum might be muted by Nicola. The people of Britain have spoken; let’s hope it’s not a complete disaster.

  5. The only silver lining in this unfortunate cloud is that we’ll now get roughly two years to make contingency plans before as a country we finally have to leave. A lot of turbulence ahead, I think.


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