Botanical Gardens. New airport facilities. Dourada.

Botanical Gardens and views over the bay of Funchal

Today’s Diario reports that changes are afoot for the Botanical Gardens in order to make them even more attractive. Some of the changes will be introduced quickly, whilst others will take longer and involve considerable investment. Because of this the price charged for entry are likely to be reviewed. Miguel Sequeira, President of the Institute of Forest and Nature Conservation for Madeira is quoted as saying “It’s the cheapest garden of its kind in the region. This is a garden that is worth more than the current 5.5 euros”. One model being considered is based on the Serralves Gardens in Porto, where the entry price is higher, but there is an open day for the residents once a month. 90% of the visitors to the Botanical Gardens are tourists.

New airport departures facilities

Duty Free Store at Funchal AirportI recently experienced the newly completed departure facilities at the airport which opened at the beginning of the month – much more of a change than I had originally envisaged, even though a lot of work has been going on for a while. The main departure lounge area has been moved up a level to where the large cafe/restaurant area used to be, and is now accessed by two escalators. The number of scanners and conveyor belts at security have been significantly increased, leading through to a larger duty-free area, half a dozen shops and more cafes and bars –  a complete contrast to relatively limited facilities before. Under the new arrangement passengers now go down another escalator to the departure gates, where there are more facilities.
Madeira Airport owner ANA Aeroportos has invested €11m in the 1,800sq m terminal expansion – more details and photos here.

New fish-farming project off Calheta

Fish Farming off MadeiraThe Diario reports that the Jerónimo Martins Group has reached a partnership agreement with the Madeiran company Marisland for an investment of four million euros in Dourada production using an aquaculture system in the Calheta area. The company ‘Tomorrow Star’, resulting from this partnership will install ten fish production cages in October, with the aim of starting production next year. One of their customers will be the Pingo Doce supermarket chain. It is estimated that the new company will have an initial capacity of around 550 tonnes of fish per year with a potential output of 1,200 tonnes. Must be a technical challenge, as waves as high as twelve metres have been recorded in the area according one of the cage manufacturers.

“Hug a Brit”

Hug a Brit logoThe Guardian recently reported that a German woman living in London has deployed a secret weapon to keep Britain in the European Union: hugs. Katrin Lock has launched the “Hug a Brit” social media campaign, which calls on members of EU states to shower Britons with love in an attempt to convince them to vote “Remain” in the looming Brexit referendum. Lock, who created the Twitter account @pleasedontgouk as part of the campaign, said: “We are EU citizens who want the British people to stay in the European Union. This is our love bomb”. Another message reads: “We love you! You are part of Europe. Please don’t leave. Please don’t go, UK!”

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  1. When we fly back to the UK we like to go out onto the balcony to watch take-offs & landings. Can you still get out there after the changes?

  2. Does anyone know of a reliable dog/cat/house sitter on the Island that would actually live in your house looking after your animals whilst you are away? Many thanks.

  3. Debs if it could be in my house im sure my boys and a selves would ve happy to look after them very much as we have a cat to anx my boys live dogs can I ask where you live?

  4. sorry I had to write again as on mobile it’s difficult to find the right letters hh 🙂 let me know where you live but if is to far from me it’s not going to be easy but I could look after them in my place my boys love dogs and so do we and we also have a lovely cat let me know I live in ponta do sol

  5. Domingos – that is a wonderful offer – thank you so much. However, our dog doesn’t like other cats (she protects her own) and we also have two rather spoilt chickens who also need looking after! We live in Gaula! Thank you again though for your most generous offer.

  6. you more than welcome Debs if you people want to meet up some time for a coffee tea or jut for a chat you more than welcome just letting you know that we are local!!

  7. Just back yesterday after glorious 2 weeks in Madeira. New bits at airport are excellent and yes, you can still see planes landing and taking off from the outside gallery with its wobbly paving stones! New tours from Pestana are great too … ❤️❤️ Someone said that Madeira was for ‘the newly-weds and nearly-deads’ !! Well, we are neither (hopefully!) …


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