The future for expats living in Portugal

Repercussions of Brexit for expats living in Europe

A lot of readers will be concerned about the implications for expats living in Europe of the dramatic vote on Thursday for the UK to leave Europe. The are 1.3 million Britons living in the EU compared to 3 million non-British UK residents.


The Telegraph ............ more

Population decline. Mariza. Glamping. Brexit.

Airport departures sign as population declines

Island population continues to decline

Today’s online Diario, mostly focussed on Portugal’s stuttering start at Euro 2016 typified by Ronaldo’s penalty miss last night, also reports that the population of the region continues to fall. Over the last five years the Autonomous Region of Madeira saw 8,677 people ............ more

Botanical Gardens. New airport facilities. Dourada.

Botanical Gardens and views over the bay of Funchal

Today’s Diario reports that changes are afoot for the Botanical Gardens in order to make them even more attractive. Some of the changes will be introduced quickly, whilst others will take longer and involve considerable investment. Because of this the price charged for entry ............ more

Quinta Vigia. Ronaldo. Expat Brexit vote.

Quinta Vigia gardens and the view over Funchal

Quinta Vigia gardens admission charge

Today’s Diario reports that entrance to the gardens of Quinta Vigia, the official residence of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira,, will cost one euro from Monday,

The admission charge to the gardens, located at the top of Santa Catarina Park, has been introduced ............ more

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