Levadas nomination. Atlantic Festival.


Levadas shortlisted for World Heritage recognition

The levadas of Madeira have been included in the final list of 22 submissions by Portugal for inclusion on the list of UESCO World Heritage sites. If the application is successful, the levadas will join the laurisila as being internationally recognised as of “special cultural ............  ...read more

easyJet emergency landing. Farmers’ Market.

easyJet emergency landing on Porto Santo

Various newspapers report this morning that a plane full of British holidaymakers had to make a “terrifying emergency landing” after the captain reportedly smelt burning in the cockpit. Flight EZY8704 took off from Tenerife at 12.41pm yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon destined for ............  ...read more

Farmers’ Market policed. Zika virus.

Farmers' Market - police watch traders

Police monitor Farmers’ Market traders

Todays Diario reports that  two different divisions of the local police, together with representatives of other regional authorities, will today begin monitoring traders activities at the Farmer’s Market. This is in response to “complaints against the service provided by ............  ...read more

Alberto Jardim. Coral. Mobile roaming.

Alberto João Jardim €1.1 billion debt concealment investigated

Thanks to Ellen for drawing my attention to the Portugal News: The online newspaper reports that Alberto João Jardim, the former head of Madeira’s regional government, and his former number two, João Cunha e Silva, have been called to testify in court as suspects in a newly reopened ............  ...read more

Bomb scare. Praia Formosa. Angie Gray.

Ajuda, Funchal

Bomb scare in Ajuda

The Diario reports that a bomb scare caused an area to be sealed off yesterday in the vicinity of the Golden Residence Hotel – below the Estrada Monumental, just along from the Forum Madeira. Apparently a suspicious bag was found on Rua do Cabrestante, where the hotel is accommodating ............  ...read more

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