Red tape. Praia Formosa. Boat rescued. Machico Ultra Trail.

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Portuguese paperwork……..

The reason for the shortage of posts recently is involvement in the launch of a new project which will hopefully finally go “live” soon, after several weeks of complete frustration going exactly nowhere. Portuguese “red tape” is bad at the best of times, but when it comes ............ more

Port strike returns. Ferry. New guide. easyJet.

Lisbon port strike extended

The recent strike which was reported as having been resolved seems to have returned, affecting cargo shipments from Lisbon and Figueira da Foz to Madeira. Action by the stevedores at the docks on the mainland will now continue until May 12th, limiting the usual shipment of consumer ............ more

Angie Gray. Bom Sucesso. Flower Festival.

Angie Gray exhibition opens tonight

Good luck to Angie Gray at the opening of her first exhibition on the island tonight. Angie’s work has previously been featured on the blog, including a series of her botanical paintings being reproduced in April ............ more

Flower Festival. Brexit. RTP Madeira.


Brexit threat “sees thousands of expats head home”

With the referendum approaching, The Times reports

A Brexit vote would trigger an exodus of UK expatriates from Europe, according to a column in the Times. Fear, says the newspaper, is pushing thousands to return home to Britain. The article states that, daily, about 100 Britons ............ more

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