Savoy. New hospital. Lisbon airport. Eco Tax.

Savoy petition fails


Todays Diario reports that despite attracting just over 1000 signatures, a petition calling for a debate on the environmental impact of the new Savoy development has not collected the necessary numbers to justify requiring the Regional Assembly scheduling a discussion on whether the plans should be scaled down. With the petition having run for 60 days, the Association of Madeiran Architects have closed the initiative (photo: Aspress).

New hospital location

The regional government have begun the process of discussions on where the proposed new main hospital for Funchal should be located. If they are serious about this why spend so much on the current hospital?

Improved connections

Savoy. New hospital. Lisbon airport. Eco Tax. 1This last week saw representatives of the company controlling the state airline TAP in Funchal for a meeting with the President Miguel Albuquerque, after which they issued a statement promising a better strategy for connections to Madeira. At the same time ANA, the company managing airports in Portugal, made an announcement that it hopes to make a decision on increasing capacity at Lisbon airport this year. Despite improvements over the last few years the airport can still be a frustrating place to visit – particularly for catching connecting flights.

Santa Cruz Tourism Eco Tax

The local authority in Santa Cruz has begun implementing the tourism eco tax. which is being charged for all guests staying in the administrative area. The eco tax will be collected by hotels and other accommodation on behalf of the local authority. All guests staying in the municipality will be charged €1.00 per person, per day – this applies to guests over 18 years old, to a maximum of €5.00 per person per stay. More details (quite complicated!) here

MP Striptease

Undie paid ... deputy in his boxersThanks to Ellen for sending in the story of Madeiran MP José Manuel Coelho, who launched an unprecedented protest in the Regional Assembly when he used the opportunity to address the assembly to strip off his clothes. The only MP for the PTP party staged the protest against a decision to seize his earning, and said the government could have the clothes off his back. The 63 year-old  left the building carrying his briefcase but wearing only a hat and boxer shorts and walked to his car, continuing to complain about “rotten justice”. The Sun picked up on the story and have a video here.

14 thoughts on “Savoy. New hospital. Lisbon airport. Eco Tax.”

  1. Shipping
    Hi does anyone have a good contact for shipping back personal effects back to the UK? Items such as small pieces of furniture, etc, so CTT.will not be suitable.

    Many thanks if anyone can suggest a company?

  2. Answering the question on the previous post, the official opening of the new Lido is today at 15.00.
    Answering the question above re Savoy, I think the picture is of a model made to illustrate the first planned re-development of the site – the one being undertaken now is not significantly different.

  3. Seems most odd that you can get stung for a tourist tax in one area of a small island and not in others? It may only be €5 but it’ll probably cost as much to administer.

  4. I personally think the Eco Tourist Tax is a brilliant idea. The idea behind it is that the huge revenue raised by this tax means the Camara is able to keep IMI charges for residents to a minimum. I may be wrong but I understand that hotels do not pay IMI. Funnily enough though the hotels are opposed to the idea and, according to our accountant, they are taking the matter to court!

  5. Re the eco tax – wouldn’t it be easier to collect a flat fee of 5 or even 10 euros for every non resident arriving at the airport (where ever they stay) at the airport as they come through passport control. We did this when visiting Turkey many years ago and it was no problem.


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