Rescue simulations. Prazeres Liquer Award. Santa Cruz.

Rescue simulations in Praça do Mar

Miguel Albuquerque noted the city on a self-ladder of the fire.

Yesterday saw rescue simulations by various organisations on the seafront in the centre of Funchal. The Diario has a picture of the President, Miguel Albuquerque, on a fireman’s ladder in the Praça do Mar, with a backdrop of unusually overcast weather.

Prazeres Liquer Award

liquor priest nobrega1Thanks to Ellen again  for sending in this remarkable story. As she explains, the Pedagógica dos Prazeres is well known at that end of the island for its live farm animals exhibition, demonstration gardens and café/store, and their products are sold at the popular market held in Prazeres on Sunday mornings. They are church owned and have a tradition of leadership in agricultural education and vision.
The 12th International Competition of Wines and Spirits (CINVE), one of the world’s most prestigious wines and spirits competitions  was held in Huelva, Spain in February this year. The competition included drinks from 12 countries and had a tasting panel of 40 members from 9 countries, composed of oenologists, sommeliers and experienced journalists. Remarkably, a silver medal was awarded to the liquor “Father Manuel de Nobrega” produced by the Pedagógica .
The Regional Directorate for Agriculture in Madeira says on its website: “This award is a source of pride for all islanders, as recognition that in Madeira has different products from all others, and of high quality, able to conquer consumers across borders. Our congratulations to the Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres that over the past few years has done, combining innovation with tradition, a priceless work for the dignity and value of the Madeiran food products”.

Thanks Ellen – a great story! Anybody can use the contact form if they have anything they think is suitable for inclusion – a little help is always welcome! Thanks also to Maurice for checking and updating all the “Useful links” on the tab above.

Santa Cruz targets youth drink-drivers with rewards

Rescue simulations. Prazeres Liquer Award. Santa Cruz. 1The Diario today reports that Santa Cruz will become the third municipality on the island to conduct a month-long campaign aimed at alerting young people to the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. Drivers will be stopped between the hours of 23.00 and 5.00am Those found with blood alcohol level of zero are rewarded for their responsible behaviour with fuel vouchers, t-shirts and other prizes. Customers at popular night-life locations will be able to test themselves before taking the wheel.

Portugal’s credit rating revised downward

Rescue simulations. Prazeres Liquer Award. Santa Cruz. 3Reuters reported yesterday that Fitch Ratings has revised the outlook on Portugal to “Stable” from “Positive”. Fitch is the first of the three major ratings agencies that will pass judgement on the country’s finances over the next two months and it maintains its view that the government, led by Antonio Costa, will maintain the Socialist’s long-standing pro-European stance. However, Fitch believe that “balancing the commitments under EU fiscal rules and the demands of the Leftist Bloc and Communist Party is proving challenging, raising considerable political risks in the near term. The need to implement further austerity measures during 2016 or in the 2017 budget, could prove a breaking point for the coalition”. The cost of Portuguese government borrowing rose sharply on Friday in expectation of the announcement.

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  1. Re Madeira Regency Palace: We have made four agreements to add extra weeks since 2008 on Flexi Club all but the first paid for with MBNA Credit Card. We have five weeks left. After I saw this Blog I applied against Section 75 of the Act and MBNA have been very helpful and are going to refund us what they are calculating is the cost of those five weeks. They did not ask for evidence of the card transactions as they have our statements on file.
    Nothing has been heard in reply to the e-mails that I sent to the receiver. Mr O A Carvalho.

  2. We returned to uk on 02/03/16. There is a lot of work going on at the airport. Once you have gone through security most of the shops on that level , such as duty free , have been moved up to the top floor. However when we were there on Wednesday there was nowhere selling newspapers or magazines on that level, so at the moment if you want a paper for your flight it appears you need to buy it in the Relay shop in the check in hall. New shops and cafes on the top floor look much more modern

  3. What a refreshing change to see Police officers handing out goodies to drivers with alcohol levels of zero. This is such a positive approach and has got to go down well. Well done Santa Cruz Police.

  4. It’s the Azores not Madeira, but if anyone shares my interest in the whales and dolphins that can be seen in the Atlantic, and has access to UK TV, the ITV programme Davina McCall : Life at the Extreme, which was on at 9pm last night ( Monday) and is on again at 10.40 pm tonight is well worth a look. In particular the last ten minutes where she has a close encounter with a sperm whale.
    On the same subject I can highly recommend Lobosonda who run whale and dolphin watching trips from Calheta harbour. They have a traditional wooden madeiran fishing boat and a fast rib and employ a spotter on land to locate whales and dolphins. They employ marine biologists and all trips are run with the welfare of the animals as a priority.


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