Madeiran swimmer “confused”. Bad weather. Santander Totta.

Susan Brown, 65, from Dorset, was rescued in seas off Madeira after her cruise liner set sail

Reports corrected

The Telegraph on Tuesday corrected some rather sensational reports carried in a lot of the UK press of a woman trying to swim out to re-join her husband on a cruise that had already departed from Funchal by jumping in a taxi to Santa Cruz and then attempting to swim out as the ............ more

Zika virus. Aedes Aegypti. New lido popular.

Two “imported” cases of Zika virus confirmed in Madeira

The Diario on Friday reported that two confirmed cases of the Zika virus have been identified in Madeira. Both cases are women with strong etymological links to Brazil, and one case is suspected to have been sexually transmitted. Whilst there is no cause for alarm, the cases reflect ............ more

Savoy. New hospital. Lisbon airport. Eco Tax.


Savoy petition fails

Todays Diario reports that despite attracting just over 1000 signatures, a petition calling for a debate on the environmental impact of the new Savoy development has not collected the necessary numbers to justify requiring the Regional Assembly scheduling a discussion on whether ............ more

Rescue simulations. Prazeres Liquer Award. Santa Cruz.

Miguel Albuquerque noted the city on a self-ladder of the fire.

Rescue simulations in Praça do Mar

Yesterday saw rescue simulations by various organisations on the seafront in the centre of Funchal. The Diario has a picture of the President, Miguel Albuquerque, on a fireman’s ladder in the Praça do Mar, with a backdrop of unusually overcast weather.

Prazeres Liquer Award

Thanks to Ellen ............ more

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