Ferry latest. €500 note. Nun’s Valley. Anona festival.

“Seasonal” ferry

Miguel Albuquerque, speaking last Saturday, reiterated his Government’s commitment to re-establishing the ferry between Madeira and the mainland, even if it is only during the summer months. The President of Madeira made his speech at the Regional Council of Social Democrats, which took place on Saturday in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. Apparently he did not elaborate any further.

€500 note to go amid growing misuse?

The FT today reports that the The European Central Bank is weighing the future of the €500 note amid a deepening debate on whether cash denominated in such large amounts serves any useful role. The French finance minister, quoted in the Guardian, agreed it was right to ask questions about the use of the euro’s largest-denomination note, saying “the €500 note is more used to conceal than to purchase, more used for easing dishonest transactions than to allow you and I to buy something to feed ourselves”. A number of media sources agree that there is growing concern among politicians that the €500 note is making life easier for terrorists, money launderers and drug barons.

Nun’s Valley access restricted

The Diario reports that access to the Nun’s Valley will be hampered over the coming months due to on-going improvement aimed at minimizing rock-fall and soil slippage. Work costing €4.6 million is being undertaken on seven embankments with a combined length of 600 metres.

Anona Festival

The popular Anona (“Custard Apple”) Festival takes place this coming weekend (20th/21st Feb) in the village of Faial. The local Community Centre and Farmers Association promote the annual event in partnership with the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the Municipal Council of Santana.
The event aims to support the production of the fruit and its derivatives, including liqueurs, puddings, ice cream and milkshakes, in an environment with a lot of entertainment, music and contests. Admission is free.
Update 19.2.16: event postponed – see Comments below

New lido opening date announced

As obras de renovação do Lido mereceram a visita da equipa de Cafôfo em Dezembro. Em Março, será a inauguração com a presença do primeiro-ministro.

Following up on a previous post, it has now been announced that the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, will, on his first official visit to Madeira, open the new lido on March 22nd.

14 thoughts on “Ferry latest. €500 note. Nun’s Valley. Anona festival.”

  1. I can just picture all the drug dealers rushing to banks to change their €500 notes!!!!! LOL

    I reckon there will be a huge sigh of relief when the Lido finally re-opens.

  2. The RBL Spring Dinner will be held at the Quinto Estação will be held on 11 March 18:30 for 19:00 – contact Sue (Garajau) for full details, replies required by 4th March,

  3. Do any of your readers or followers know what the latest situation is concerning the construction on the site of the old Royal Savoy Hotel? I am a vacation member and made the error of buying an apartment back in 2009. Having parted with several thousand euros I am still waiting to see if I will ever be able to enjoy staying at the apartment. I found out at the beginning of the year by searching on the web that a company called AFA acquired Royal Savoy Group and have been trying to elicit a response of some kind from Royal Savoy since the beginning of January. The lack of response from Royal Savoy is both very poor customer relations and alarming. What am I and many others not being told?. Hopefully some of your readers can help remove the veil of secrecy that appears to have descended. Regards Dennis B.

  4. From a previous blog
    “The Diario today reports that the company AFA has acquired 100% of the shares in SIET Savoy, the company that owns the Savoy (or rather the land where the Savoy Hotel used to stand), the Royal Savoy (172 rooms), and the Savoy Gardens (119 rooms). The Savoy Hotel closed its doors on the 11th of May 2009, and was demolished over the following six months at an estimated cost of €30 million. However the building of a 65,000 sq. metre replacement ran out of funding in 2011 (it was projected to cost €170 million) and the site has stood still ever since.
    There is currently work going on at the site building the new Hotel

  5. This is the most useful blog in the world. Thank you to all the trailblazers who have given a route to claiming back through credit card providers. We were booking for July 2015 having purchased a “Try it first” deal for a fortnight the previous year, but were told that the hotel could not take bookings pending closure discussions. We contacted B/card immediately and filled in all the forms but were told, as others testify, that they could do nothing until the hotel formally closed. We are now pursuing the claim again.

  6. Thank you very much Stehen R! A slight overstatement perhaps? Good luck getting your refund.

    A photo and video of the unusual weather conditions on the island this (Thursday) morning can be found on the blog’s Facebook page (link above).

  7. The 500 Euro note and the Lido made me recall a tourist, not English, a couple of years ago offering a 50 Euro note for a bus ticket from the Lido area to Funchal and getting quite indignant when the driver could not accept not holding sufficient change.
    In the end another tourist, English this time, paid the fare but received no thanks from the difficult passenger

  8. Flower festival is usually the second weekend after Easter. flower carpets are made on Thursday and main procession is on Sunday. There were a couple of years when Easter was early and festival was moved to May for better weather but usually second Sunday after Easter.

  9. Having missed out on our January 3 weeks due to Wife’s hip replacement have found a cruise which takes in this year flower festival staying in Madeira for 36 hours which will give us a chance to seek out our many friends at the hotel and travel agents plus have a meal or two
    Can’t wait

  10. Due to the recent bad weather and the forecast for the next few days, the Anona Festival featured above has been postponed until next weekend (27/28th Feb). Apparently some of the infrastructure involved has been damaged and safety cannot be guaranteed.


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