Corruption. Alberto João Jardim in court. Romantic expats.

Council of Europe urges tighter corruption measures

The Diario reports today that the Council of Europe is urging the authorities in Portugal to tighten up the anti-corruption regulations governing the professional activity of judges, prosecutors and deputies, and points out that there are still many loopholes and contentious points. In 2011, under the “economic adjustment program” (bail out) agreed with the ‘troika’, Portugal agreed to carry out a structural reform program that included a reform of the judicial system. The Council of Europe anti-corruption unit report notes that whilst there is now a legal framework for the prevention of corruption of judges, prosecutors and deputies, “the various elements of the system are, however, disconnected” and the legal picture is “fragmented and sometimes inconsistent.”

Alberto João Jardim defamation trial reports that the former President of the Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, is to be judged on February 17th for the crimes of libel, slander and abuse of freedom of the press against the historian and PS militant António Fernandes Loja. The trial is scheduled in the Local Court of Madeira and  concerns expressions used by Alberto João Jardim in two articles under the title “The store of grudges” – published in the Journal of Madeira (AJJ’s mouthpiece) on 23 and 26 November 1994. António Loja claims that AJJ’s writings “undermine his good name, honour and consideration”. The immunity enjoyed by Alberto João Jardim as President has meant that the case has taken 22 years to come to court. I didn’t realise that an AJJ Facebook page is still maintained (link above).

Expats in Portugal “romantically satisfied”

With rather good timing as Valentine’s Day approaches, regular contributor Ellen sent me a link to a story in the Portugal News: Apparently Portugal has been listed among the top ten countries in the world where expats are most satisfied with their romantic relationship, according to research gathered from the InterNations social media network.
Image result for romanceEcuador tops the list, followed by Costa Rica, Malta, Israel, the Philippines, Indonesia, Panama, Thailand, Portugal then Mexico – only two European countries appear in the list. Worldwide, 53% of respondents to the survey were women but in Portugal, considerably more women appeared happy to express their satisfaction as this rose to 62%. Although only just over half of the expats surveyed in Portugal were in a committed relationship, they were some of the happiest, with almost nine out of ten of them overall, satisfied with their love life.
Portugal is also considered the third most welcoming country for expats overall and ranks fifth in both, the Quality of Life and the Ease of Settling In Index.

Madeira documentary

imageFor those that missed the recent BBC 4 Documentary on the archipelago featured on a previous post it is still available on BBC iPlayer for the next three weeks. Fascinating program – strange to think that we live on just the top 4% of a large underwater mountain! It is also available here

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  1. Maurice I get this message: BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. Find out why.
    If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice.

  2. Maurice/Anneke – you need a VPN to connect to iPlayer from outside the UK – the private network connection leads the BBC servers to believe that you are located in the UK and allows access. Recently the BBC have tightened up on the big VPN providers, and blocked their relayed UK IP addresses but there are still a few that work OK.

  3. Was ITV – basically saying that Madeira is monitoring things very closely as the island is located in such a place and with connections to Brazil that could see the ziko virus spread easier to the UK due to the popularity of the island with British tourists. It showed a couple of ladies in what looked like Santa Catarina park taking water from the drains and saying how already the mosquitoes that carry the ziko virus are already in evidence. Was an interesting snippet and hopefully BBC will also show it in due course!

  4. Uncle Bertie up before the Beak. Hmmm, what are the odds he gets no more than a slap on the wrist??

    On a separate note, sometime last year a blog entry referred to a couple of small businesses that have vintage cars that can be hired with driver for tours. I know of two-ten tours with whom we had a great trip in their open-top Austin Seven. Can anybody remember the other people or their web address?

  5. (re Madeira Regency Palace)
    Hello…I have just been directed to this blog and wonder will I be able to claim. My husband and I paid just over £3K for 5 weeks flexi at the Regency Palace in Dec 2009. For various family reasons we were not able to go back until last year, only to hear at our very first meeting the hotel would be closing almost immediately.
    We were horrified, obviously, but could see there were many more people worse off than we were. There were several meetings, and we came away with the idea we would be at the bottom of a very long list of creditors and would get nothing. So we have not done anything up until now.
    We paid with a Halifax debit card. (Actually we had a bit of a discussion with the agents as after having signed everything etc and checking our bank the following day, more was taken from our account than we had signed for. They pointed out it was to do with our banks, the English exchange rate being used etc and that it had been explained via a small piece of appear when we signed. It had not been. And the agent apologised, telling us the person who dealt with us was new and did not know. If we had known we would have used a euro bank account we have.)
    So I can see from this blog that credit cards are more covered, but some debit cards too. How do I even start to pursue this? I really would appreciate a simple step by step lesson if someone would not mind. Do I contact my bank first? Chris G I see you used Claimback……is that the way to go? I did not contact the administrator as you did, is that a problem? Thank you in advance. Anne

  6. I’m almost sure that somewhere in one of the RP comments possibly the really long one, that even those who paid by debit card could recover money, may be worth reading the other thread.


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