Carnival. Thieves arrested. Lido latest.

Tourist thefts – suspects detained

Funchal police (PSP) have announced the arrest of three suspects in connection with a number of recent thefts from from tourists in the main hotel zone in the Lido and Ajuda areas west of the city centre. All are described as male “foreign nationals” aged in their forties. Stolen goods were recovered and returned to their owners.

Lido re-opening?

On the subject of the Lido, it appears that the re-opening of the main lido may be approaching. Whilst screens remain in place around the majority of the complex – a small part is open at the western end (above) – there appears to have been very little construction work recently. The original opening was scheduled for the end of last year but local reports are now favouring Easter.

Insolvencies on the increase

The Diario earlier this week reported on another rise in the number of business and personal insolvencies in the autonomous region. Last year saw a total of 482 insolvency proceedings, involving a total of more than €143 million of debt. Well over 300 individuals were declared bankrupt or insolvent by courts, whilst 146 limited companies ceased trading – 80 of these being forced to do so by lenders. No doubt this is where the majority of the money is – thus the big problems being experienced by Portuguese banks who have foolishly lent money that could not be repaid.


Carnival is upon us again, and as usual the full program is below, with activities in the Avenida Arriaga from this afternoon. This years theme is “Madeira – Carnival of Dreams”. Santana have already had their party last weekend.
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  1. Can any one help with council tax / rates in Madeira. We will have been here in Calheta 8 years in October and understand that we will have to start paying rates. Are we just sent a bill automatically or do we have to notify the camera? If anyone has recently just started to pay rates would appreciate their feedback on procedures.

  2. My understanding is that If your bill is under 400 euros you get one bill in about April. If it is over 400 euros it is split into two bills, 6 months apart. You can pay in calheta , don’t have to go to Funchal.

  3. Stephen B. There is no dengue on the island, and there has not been for a number of years, so you have no reason to be concerned on that front. However mosquitoes are still around, although not very active at all at this time of year – just cover up at night and use a repellent – DEET based ones are the most effective but research the side-effects first.

  4. This goes back to a comment on the previous blog.

    The contact info for the estate agent who is Madeiran, English/Portuguese speaking, lives in Arco da Calheta, and has a good grasp of issues/contacts on Madeira:

    Senhor Americo (that is his first name)
    +351 966457304
    [email protected]

    Two web sites which are still under construction:
    In the UK
    and the PT site is
    Although the sites are similar they will have different offerings.

  5. Hi Mauricereed. I never thought you were a xenophobe in the first place to be honest – you were just pointing out that the local people tend not to be pickpockets. Don’t you just get fed up with people nowadays dissecting every innocent statement you make and turning it into something which it is not? I don’t remember reading that you said immigrants were responsible either but maybe I missed that! Maybe “sorry” would have been nice, Steve, instead of replacing the X word with the R word. We don’t need or want that kind of rubbish on our blog (well I don’t anyway!).

  6. Hi Betty/mauricereed, I initially commented on the first comment that indicated that only someone from outside the island could have committed the crime- that type of talk encourages racism- I live in Jersey and the prison is full of Madeirians and other nationalities, also some locals, the racist locals here spout the same rubbish as mauricereed, leading people to ask that all immigrants are vetted and any that have been convicted of any crime should be deported. The Madeirians that live here are the hardest working and most honest poeple I have ever met, but they are also looked upon with suspicion from people who think that only immigrants commit crimes.

  7. Well Steve that’s your opinion – not getting into it as you seem to think you are right. Never heard the R word on this island. I also must live in a bubble because I’ve never met a racist local either the whole time I’ve lived here so hopefully you can respect my opinion that its people like you who actually create problems where there are none. I was simply sticking up for a blogger (I don’t even know mauricereed by the way) who has commented on this blog for years since no one else seemed to take you to task for your crass comments. I would also respectfully request Admin to ask you to refrain from shoving your political thoughts down our throats on the blog. This is not the place for politics – please just stay in Jersey and sort your own island out before you start on people living here. Have a good life…….

    • Betty, the comment was racist, to say that crime is the fault of immigrants is wrong, I need to point out that I am not a Jerseyman and I am myself an immigrant, I also own property in and am a regular visitor to Madeira, I love the island and have many friends and family there, some of whom have committed crimes.
      I see political comments often on this site having followed it for many years, and admin can if they wish,censor me, but I believe I have a duty to challenge racism when I see it, I did not set out to upset you but this type of talk is something you would hear at a EDL meeting and stokes hatred for immigrants.

  8. I’ll have to check with my muslim Pakistani neighbours, oh and the African family down the road and my various West Indian friends to see if the reckon I am a racist.

    Harking back to my original commemnt, I said I find it hard to believe any Madeiran would resort to mugging/theiving off of tourists and bring shame on the island. I could have been proven wrong and the offenders had been islanders. That doesn’t make me a racist. It makes me a realist.

    This matter is now closed.

  9. I found it interesting that the newspaper reported that they arrested ‘foreign nationals’ in their 40s. Many newspapers have a policy that such details are only reported if they are relevant/integral to the story. i.e if the police were asking the public to help find someone, or come forward as a witness, this might be relevant info. As they have been arrested, one could ask how this info is germane to the story? BTW are most of the people reading this ‘foreign nationals’ or would we be called something else?

  10. There are pickpockets, criminals, murders and racists in Madeira, like any part of the world. There have already been 3 murders here this year (including 1 in Porto Santo), for an island population a little over 250,000. Racism thankfully tends to be indirect, and more what you english would call political incorrectness or ignorance. Lots of drugs issues also. The newspapers report every day house robberies and bag snatchings etc., and I am sure many cases do not even get in the newspaper. Some Madeirans are afraid to walk alone at night. The two pieces of good news is that we know the areas to avoid, and that the police nearly always catch the offenders. THESE ARE FACTS

  11. Well done Jorge for posting a true description of the island. It is a beautiful island but it certainly has its fair share of crime and discrimination. Many tourists see things through rose tinted glasses but the reality is often very different. Drugs are certainly a huge problem on the island which in turn leads to crime as jobs and money in very short supply for many. Crime is often the only way to get their next fix. There is also plenty of domestic violence on the island amongst the locals and stabbings. Jorge has portrayed Madeira in an honest and truthful way and there are certainly places on the island that I would avoid but unlike the UK the courts in Madeira are much better at handing out severe sentences for crimes rather than a tiny fine and pat on the back like our criminals often receive.

  12. A long way back Stephen B asked about Dengue.
    The Dengue mosquito is a daytime biter. My wife who is also tasty to mosquitoes discovered Avon Skin so soft original dry oil spray which allegedly was used by British troops in Afghanistan. Unlike insecticides it has a pleasant smell.
    I cannot vouch for the efficacy of this but she has been untroubled since using it and I recommend researching it online perhaps

  13. I don’t think at this time of year we have to worry much about the mosquito it will be more in the summer and obviously also depends the area where people are also!!

  14. Davidd , you are absolutely correct about the Avon spray ( only the original works ) . It was used by the troops in Afghanistan , they swore by it !!!! My daughter will vouch for that, not only for mosquitos but sand flies etc.

  15. I wonder if the mozzies in Madeira can carry/spread the Zika virus? With people travelling between South America and Europe it won’t be long before more cases appear. Not lethal to most but deadly for expectant mothers.


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