New Lido. Ferry tender delay. São Martinho. Porto Santo.

New lido nearly finished

The Journal da Madeira reported last week that the rebuilt Lido, situated at the area generally just referred to as “the Lido”, some 3 kilometres west of the centre of Funchal, is “nearly finished” – typically just in time for the winter season when fewer people will use it and the likelihood of storms is greater. This large complex was closed after severe storm damage more than five years ago (above) and it was hoped that it would re-open before the end of summer this year. Almost all of the major work seems to have been completed, with mostly finishing touches being applied at the moment. Hopefully the café at the top, previously covered in bougainvillea, will reappear when the perimeter screening is removed – a great place to watch the world go by! Better times, below.

Ferry tender deadline delay

Thanks to Debs for alerting readers to reports in yesterday’s Diario that the tender period for the interested parties to submit their bids for the proposed new ferry operating between Madeira and the mainland has been extended by15 days, effectively moving the deadline to the year-end. The number of interested parties continues to fluctuate – in July there were eight; September seven; October only five. Now we are back to seven ship-owners considering submitting their proposals.

Verão de São Martinho

The 11th of November is celebrated in the parish of São Martinho and locally referred to as “Summer of São Martinho”, as it usually heralds a spell of fine weather, which this year seems to have continued all month! The Dia de São Martinho is traditionally celebrated by eating roast chestnuts and drinking new wine, produced with the previous summer harvest. This generally turns out to be half-fermented, but I have it on good authority that this year it hadn’t even progressed that far. Apparently there is a meteorological explanation for the good weather at this time of year – there is also an explanation of the legend of Saint Martin after whom the area is named if you translate this page.

Porto Santo promoted as wedding destination


The Journal online reports that Porto Santo is being promoted as a “wedding destination”, with the possibility of marriages being performed on the beach, on board a boat, or even underwater. “Getting married at sea can be a unique experience, surrounded by dolphins and whales,” claims the head of the Hotel Vila Baleira on its website. Bruno Martins also points out that “in terms of service flexibility, and because of the size of the island, it is easy to move people from one place to another in a short space of time – everything is very close to the hotel property”, which would allow couples to marry on a boat at sunset and back to the hotel for a reception.

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  1. Nice to see Porto Santo getting some publicity. With so many North African resorts getting too risky this is a golden opportunity to advertise both Madeira and Porto Santo as ‘safe’ locations.

  2. The PSP Madeira has put out an alert during the festive season to try and avoid scams.
    Women, kind, well-dressed, very convincing in what they say well presented and well-spoken;
    They appear as a friend, family member, health/social worker, bank official, employee of either the electricity, water, gas and other companies.
    To exchange old notes for new ones;
    Replace the ATM card;
    Read everything they give you and keep;
    Urge you for money or valuables to solve their emotional problems;
    Do not open the door to strangers;
    Do not give any money, gold, jewellery or other valuables;
    Call someone you trust, never remain alone and note the car registration;
    When in doubt ask to keep the documents and talk to a family member;
    Before you give money ask the identity of the person, write down their name, what company they represent and ask fir a signed receipt showing the amount you paid.

  3. I wonder if you can shed any light on the fate of the new Savoy development? My father paid a deposit for an apartment off plan and as I believe the construction has halted due to the death of the developer I can’t see the complex being completed. Are you aware of any legal proceedings to recoup investors deposits? If you have any more information that could be of any help, I would me most grateful. Many thanks Victor

  4. Victor, 1 of the co-owners died. In the ensuring 7 years the build costs have apparently escalated. I have not heard that it will be built anytime soon. I know some people have been using weeks purchased off plan at the Royal savoy. However , I am unaware of anyone being refunded. You would need to request a refund and if this is not forthcoming I assume you would need to proceed under section 75 as did the timeshare owners at the Madeira Regency Palace.

  5. Anybody know what is happening to the statue of the naked woman in Sta Catarina park? The area is roped off, the statue gone and the surrounding wall being demolished? See web cam No9.

  6. Re Regency Palace:
    I have been refunded by RBS Visa after three weeks.They accepted my claim based upon the Contract stating “CC” after the deposit and the fact that I had only one credit card. They were unable to check their own records as the purchase was in January 2000.
    All of this was helped by the information provided by this website.


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