Lufthansa strike. Câmara de Lobos investment. Portuguese emigration. Madeira news.

Lufthansa strike

Image result for lufthansa logoOnly one of the five Lufthansa flights normally scheduled between various German destinations and Portugal will take place today – presumably with repercussions for Germans planning to connect to/from Madeira using easyJet and TAP from both Porto and Lisbon. In total 929 flights have been cancelled by Lufthansa, affecting 100,000 passengers. The strike started last Friday and is planned to continue until the 13th of this month – at the heart of the dispute is the company’s attempt to reduce costs by curtailing a very generous pension scheme.

New seafront square for Câmara de Lobos

The creation of a new square has been announced for Câmara de Lobos. The €7.5 million 600 sq metre project is expected to be completed by February 2017 and will be located to the west of the rocky outcrop where the lighthouse is located. The area is currently part of a water water treatment facility which is being upgraded.

Portugal is the EU state with most emigrants

The Portugal News on-line reports that more than two million Portuguese currently live outside the country of their birth, but with the majority of these still remaining within the EU. According to a report released last Monday, Portuguese emigration has been a constant since the Second World War, but the  trend has accelerated since 2010, with an average of 110,000 people leaving the country each year, the highest since before the revolution in 1974. It is also widely reported that around six million people of direct Portuguese descent are currently living abroad.





Madeira news

The increasingly well respected and popular US on-line newspaper The Huffington Post now has a news section on Madeira (link below). Actually technically a combined news aggregator and blog, the Huffington Post was the first commercially run digital media enterprise to win a Pulitzer Prize.


English Church exhibition

The English Church have asked that we publicise an exhibition they are holding next weekend. For visitors who might struggle to find the Church there is a link to the location here


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  1. 17.30 Tuesday – update on the political situation in Portugal:
    Bloomberg report:
    Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho was forced from power less than six weeks after winning Portugal’s general election as a loose alliance of opposition parties voted down his program for governing.
    The Socialists, the Left Bloc, Communists and Greens formed a parliamentary majority to push through a motion rejecting Coelho’s plans by 123 votes to 107 in the 230-seat parliament, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, the assembly’s president, said Tuesday.
    Coelho, a Social Democrat, struggled to form an administration since his coalition lost its majority in last month’s election after steering Portugal through a financial rescue. Socialist leader Antonio Costa, who has 86 lawmakers to the Coelho coalition’s 107, says he can form a minority government.
    The Socialists want to bolster family incomes and reverse state salary cuts faster than Coelho’s government had proposed.
    Under the Portuguese constitution, it’s up to President Anibal Cavaco Silva to decide whether to name Costa as prime minister, seek an alternative candidate, or invite Coelho to continue as a caretaker until new elections can be held after April.

  2. I would like to warn any who, like me, are arachnophobic, NOT TO LOOK AT THE “DIARIO” WEBSITE as it is currently showing an advertisement you definitely do not want to see. I was in my local “Apple” store having a lesson for my MAC and the Trainer set up a translate facility for me so I went to the Diario to try it out and I got a most terrible fright and just screamed out. The Trainer had to get rid of it for me and I was so glad that I was not at home as I don’t know what I would have done as I could not even look at the page myself to see what to do to clear it. I doubt I will ever look at the website now for fear of seeing the advert again. Only check this out if you do not have a fear of them – sorry I can’t even type the word.

  3. Hi- I wanted to leave a comment as it was this thread which prompted me to encourage my parents to claim under section 75. Also the advice on Martin Lewis website was really helpful: The important point is that if you have paid any small amount of the deposit on your credit card then you are covered for the full amount of what you have paid out. They have been successful in getting the full amount of what they were owed (by the hotel for unused weeks) back from two different credit card companies (Post Office and Nat West). Their case was slightly more complicated because they had used some remaining weeks from the first purchase to buy more on the second purchase- but they’ve still managed to claim back money for all the remaining weeks they had not used (over £6,000 worth). I’m so relieved for them! I hope others are successful in claiming too. The corruption of the company who sold them the flexi weeks is disgraceful. Thank goodness for Section 75! 🙂

  4. Hi Betty, my wife is coeliac so we have some experience. First up, where do you stay? In the Anadia shopping centre just up from the farmer’s market there is a Pingo Doce supermarket. They now have a small section of gf foods and have Scharr bread. I don’t know if all Pingo Doce supermarkets are the same. There is another small bakers that bakes little gf loaves at €1 each, I will dig out the details and post them here.

    Generally, being a coeliac is not a problem in Madeira as they don’t bung flour in sauces etc.

  5. Maurice thank you very much for the information regarding Gluten Free products it will be very useful when we arrive end of November. We always stay in the Lido area but walk into town for our coffee and cake so we know the area well.


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