Cruise ship abandons visit. New PM for Portugal. Christmas Fair.

More Pier 8 questions

A cruise ship with 2000 passengers which was waiting to enter Funchal harbour yesterday decided instead to abandon its planned visit and head off to Las Palmas. The Diario reports that potential visitors on the Royal Caribbean ‘Rhapsody of the Seas’ (above) awoke yesterday morning with the landscape of Funchal in the windows of their cabins but the view turned out to be their only experience of Madeira. At the Pontinha, the main pier was reserved for regular visitors ‘MSC Splendida’ and the ‘AidaSol’. The Raphsody had threatened to cancel last month, when it became evident that there would be insufficient space to use the main pier, but then decided that it would anchor offshore and ferry passengers ashore using the lifeboats. The Captain deemed wind and wave directions unsuitable for this operation yesterday. The 40 passengers waiting to board the ship in Funchal were flown on to the Canaries on a SATA flight.
A group of MPs in the Regional Assembly continue to raise questions about why so much money was spent on the new central “Pier 8” when some vessels are declining to use the facility, which is considered too open to the seas in certain conditions – one of the last attempts took three hours before eventually docking successfully (previous post). The Raphsody, after consultation with the much criticised port authority, APRAM, is apparently returning today, when there will be sufficient space to dock at the main Pontinha pier.

New Portuguese Prime Minister

Antonio Costa, former mayor of Lisbon, has pledged to pay down Portugal’s debts in a sustainable way.President Cavaco Silva, who recently visited this island, has asked PS leader António Costa is set to take office as Portugal’s prime minister and to form a cabinet. The Socialist leader has already unveiled a list of 17 ministers, including four women, who are expected to be sworn in by the President before the end of the week. Despite coming second in last month’s elections, the Socialists managed to remove the centre-right coalition and move into power with the support of the Communists and the Left Bloc (previous blog).
The previous government, led by Pedro Passos, lasted only eleven days, and the Guadian reports that “Portugal’s political saga is being closely watched in Brussels, with Costa seeking to allay fears over his vow to “turn the page on austerity”. whilst reports that guarantees have been given: Portugal president insists new government complies with EU rules

English Church Christmas Fair

Details below


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  1. TUI have announced two more flights to Madeira each week over their “winter” period (Dec 24th – end of April 2016) from London and Manchester – equivalent to 6000 additional visitors.

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  3. Where can I find the archive of old photographs now that the photographic museum has closed? I am looking for a photograph of my great great grandparents who lived in Madeira in the first half of the 19th century. Their names were Joseph and Elizabeth Phelps. Thank you.

  4. Anthea, when we on the island last September we went by there and there was a notice at the entrance saying something about the musem re-opening sometime in the future (don’t hold your breath) and mentioning that the collection had been moved to safe storage but I cannot remember if it said exactly where.

  5. So glad to see that the English Church in Funchal is holding a Christmas Fair next Saturday, 5th December. Since Canon John Blair and his wife, Jean arrived on the island they have been working very hard to breath life into the church after the departure of the previous incumbent. Hopefully this Christmas Fair will build on the successes they have had so far. Talking with the friendly and helpful Church Warden, Jonathan, the day should be a worthwhile visit to make.

  6. Thanks Charles we are hoping to get a day like today weatherwise! Don’t miss the bottle stall, run by yours truly. The Church is really coming alive now, watch this space for other Christmas events!

  7. Sue, funnily enough, the ferry situation is on the front of today’s Diario (Sunday). Companies interested have evidently asked for an extension on the deadline and it has been extended to the end of the year. Also, in today’s paper, for once, some excellent news that the Department of Environment has withdrawn the birds from the Botanical Gardens at long last.

  8. Good news re the birds ? I am wondering where, though, they have gone and whether they are well cared-for elsewhere?
    Also, maybe similar can now be done with the captive birds, equally sadly constrained, in the Preidental Palace gardens?

  9. Just arrived on Saturday on BA a very pleasant flight and landing unlike TAP last year. I see another Hotel has closed – the Baia Azul. Is this another apartment block or refurbishment as I have heard nothing about this on the blog


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