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Problems ahead for Portugal’s new government

The Wall Street Journal today reports that Portugal is teetering on the edge of political instability and is in danger of adopting leftist opposition to Eurozone fiscal rules.
Last week President Aníbal Cavaco Silva asked incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho to form ............  ...read more

BBC begins to block VPN access to iPlayer


Various on-line sources, increasing over the last few days, report ex-pats having problems connecting to iPlayer using a “VPN” to fool the BBC’s servers into believing that they were located in the UK. The powerful (and expensive) “Hide my Ass” VPN service has seen the ............  ...read more

Ferry latest. Longer Flower Festivals. Elections.

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Ferry bidders reduced

Today’s Diario and the redesigned “JM” (Journal da Madeira) reports that the seven maritime companies that were interested in re-introducing a link between the island and the mainland have been reduced to five ( ............  ...read more

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