Relative “found”. São Vicente success. Wine festival.

Well that’s the end of a poor news month! The great news is that Fiona S, who wrote in a couple of blogs ago, has had her question answered:

I have just discovered, after years of wondering, that my uncle (then aged 16) died in Funchal Hospital, Maderia in 1935 after falling ill ............ more

São Jorge accident. Gastronomia do Caniço. Drugs boat.

The Diario and RTP-Madeira report today on an accident in São Jorge yesterday lunchtime, with a car falling 40 metres after the driver lost control whilst descending a steep section of road on the north coast of the island. Four people were in the car, including a 72 year-old, ............ more

Tourism promotion. Mariza. Pétanque.

Tourism budget nearly doubled

The Diario reports today that the General Assembly has approved an amended budget for the Associação de Promoção da Madeira – the body responsible for promoting the Madeira Islands overseas. An additional €3.7 million has been injected, nearly doubling the budget to €8.4 ............ more

Increased dengue risk.

Quick blog!

According to the Diario online tonight the authorities here in Madeira have today admitted that they have observed recent increased activity of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which is responsible for transmitting Dengue Fever. Apparently activity has been monitored as growing ............ more

Airport rip-off. Airport strike. Jardim do Mar

Finally back in business and enjoying the features Windows 10 now that the blog software has eventually been re-installed and appears to be functioning correctly (touch wood!). Apologies to those who have sent in information that is now out of date and therefore not published as a ............ more

Windows 10

Windows 10

Surrounded by Macs and PCs, and one of the latter that happened to be upgraded to Windows 10 last week just also happened to be the one used to publish the blog. Windows 10 is a massive improvement on Windows 8 (so bad that Microsoft skipped “9” altogether ............ more

CR7 Museum. Golf record. Madeira Regency Palace latest.

Revised plans for CR7 Museum

The Diario reports today on amended plans for the new CR7 Museum planned for Praça do Mar. New submissions to the authorities by Mussara, SA -. Spaces and Events Management Ltd, the company belonging to Cristiano Ronaldo and his brother Hugo Aveiro, show that the museum will ............ more

First ship docks at “Pier 8”. Pricing and weather concerns.

“Cais 8” has first visitor

The Minerva became the first visitor to the new dock on Funchal seafront which was created as part of the redevelopment after the floods of 2010 (photo from Marco Andrade). The vessel is 135 metres long and carries about 300 passengers – it docked at 6:45 am this morning (Saturday) ............ more

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