Travel subsidy. CR7. Porto Santo beach closure. Tourist death.

“Mobility Allowance” to be announced

The Diario reports that the Portuguese Council of Ministers will today announce the new regime of “mobility allowances” for air travel between Madeira and the continent. Exact details have not been disclosed but are believed to be along the lines of those agreed between the governments of Pedro Passos Coelho and Miguel Albuquerque when the Portuguese Prime Minister visited Madeira and met with the President of the Regional Government.
According to reports during the meeting in early June at Quinta Vigia, Madeiran residents will pay a maximum price of €86 per trip, and students no more than €65. This should come into effect no later than September, but it is hoped this will be brought forward in the light of a more favourable agreement recently reached between the Portuguese government and the Azores. In practice, local residents will pay normal fares and reclaim the difference. It is not clear at the moment which airlines and  which mainland airports  will be covered by the agreement.

Ronaldo short-listed

Travel subsidy. CR7. Porto Santo beach closure. Tourist death. 1The ten-player shortlist for the 2014/15 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award was announced earlier this week. Eight Champions League finalists from Barcelona and Juventus top the billing, plus last season’s winner Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard of Chelsea being the only representative from the English top flight. The Madeiran might struggle to win this one, despite his incredible goal-scoring record last season.

Porto Santo bathers banned

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The Diario reports that the red flag replaced the Blue Flag in the Fontinha beach (above) on Porto Santo yesterday. The change came after water analysis revealed the presence of organisms deemed dangerous to swimmers. Opinions were divided as to the origin of the problem – contamination from a ship, or possibly an accidental discharge from the wastewater treatment plant nearby. Fontinha beach is the most famous on the island. 720 metres long, it begins at the Cais Velho (Old Pier) and ends next to the hotel Torre Praia. All the beaches on the island will be crowded at this time of year as the height of the holiday season approaches and many Madeirans arrive for their annual vacation.

German walker dies in Caldeirão Verde

Travel subsidy. CR7. Porto Santo beach closure. Tourist death. 5A German national tourist died on Tuesday afternoon after being struck by a rock that fell from a hillside in Caldeirão Verde in Santana. The 53 year-old woman was walking along a footpath with other tourists when she was hit by what is described as a “large stone”, causing severe head injuries, shortly followed by cardiac arrest. A doctor who was part of the group performed resuscitation procedures for 30 minutes to no avail. Emergency services attended the scene and the Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR) mobilized.

Madeira Regency Palace latest

Well over 100 “Comments” and updates on the closure of the Madeira Regency Palace continue to accumulate on a previous post:

Lapas Festival – Paul do Mar

Travel subsidy. CR7. Porto Santo beach closure. Tourist death. 7This weekend sees the annual Lapas (limpet) Festival in Paul do Mar. Full program on the Paul do Mar Facebook page (see entry dated 13th July for full program).

Travel subsidy. CR7. Porto Santo beach closure. Tourist death. 9

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  1. Bad news about the tourist killed by falling rocks but, it is a risk that you take when out on the levadas etc. I remember a couple of years back we stayed in Porto Moniz for a week and one day we walked along the ER101 Antigua all the way to Seixal. All along the way there were small chucks of rock lying on the road surface, some of them quite large. You can see why they by-passed much of it with the new tunnels!!!!

  2. Is there anywhere to exchange english language books in Funchal? Need to refresh the literary stock at our house and bringing books from Canada each time is way to much weight to pack.

  3. The pub,Prince Albert have English books for exchange, sure they would be grateful of them. Near Moynahans restaurant on the way to the Casino Park Hotel, Rua Imperatriz D. Amelia


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