Madeira Regency Palace. Fire danger. Blue Marlin.

Madeira Regency Palace

A empresa ‘Cunha Santos & Camachos’, que gere o hotel Regency Palace, na Estrada Monumental, foi declarada insolvente em Março, com dívidas de 34 milhões de euros. This story seems to be without any fresh developments of late, having generated a huge amount of interest over the last week with some days on the blog seeing over 2000 visitors, nearly double the daily average. The Facebook page that was created on the back of events, which featured a couple of posts ago, seems to have gathered momentum and now become a closed group to focus on timeshare members only. Good luck to them – we will no doubt hear a lot more as the whole story unfolds. Sad to see both entrances to the hotel sealed by ”incident tape” last week – but rather appropriate that it appears to be being treated as crime scene.

Comments on the closure of the Madeira Regency Palace are still being posted here as well as the previous blog post:

Fire danger and forest regeneration

imageThe Diario reports today on the content of a recent report on the forested mountainous areas of the island that are under constant threat of fire – and constant surveillance for the same reason, as authorities attempt to prevent any acts of deliberate arson or just plain negligence. At the same time, of the areas affected by the fires between 2007 and 2012, only 422 hectares has been reforested, representing just 4% of the total destroyed. The main species on the island are Eucalyptus (44%) – nearly half of the natural forest, together with Maritime Pine (25%) and Acacias (14%). Photo from the blog of 19th July 2012.

Big Game Fishing!

Anthony Johnson pousa para posterioridade A marlin weighing 296 kg (652 lbs.) has been caught two miles from the coast of Fajã da Ovelha by a team competing in the Blue Marlin World Cup (they won, needless to say). The boat was captained and manned by Madeirans but chartered from Calheta marina by an American, Anthony Johnson. The Blue Marlin World Cup claims to be the only worldwide blue marlin fishing tournament and is held each year on July 4th – teams are allowed to fish anywhere in the world for 8 hours in their time zones. The entry fee is $3000 per boat, and there is only one prize, taking 80% of the entry money – reckoned to be around $730,000 this year.



Came across this last month on the Mail online website, filmed during the windy period at the start of June when a lot of flights were affected.

11 thoughts on “Madeira Regency Palace. Fire danger. Blue Marlin.”

  1. It seems you have dropped the ball on getting the news on the progress of the Ferry from Funchal to Lisbon??
    If this blog needs to get some credibility, it has to become proactive rather than retroactive. You will have to do some leg work and get the news and not just republish what other news agencies are saying.
    Please muster up your strength and resources and make sure that the pressure is on this new govt, to keep its words on the restarting of the Ferry, sooner than later.
    The ferry will help in bringing the prices down on most of the daily necessities that the people of Madeira need (Grocery, Meat and Fish and other imp daily use materials)
    I am sure we all understand the implications and the benefits of the Ferry.
    Thank You.

  2. Nelson, if you check the daily shipping schedule you will see that there are freighters coming and going all the time from the port of Caniçal which is where the imports will arrive. The ferry mostly carries cars and very little cargo.

    Nice little video clip of BA landing and there are some more on youtube.

  3. In regards to the annual fires,

    I do not believe that Eucalyptus is an endemic species and although smells nice and fresh has a propensity to burst into flames at the slightest wiff of fire due to it’s high oil content. It’s seeds have evolved to germinate after fire and the tree itself uses it’s oil to ward off insect invaders and is a handy insect repellent.

    If Eucalyptus is being replanted then this is a very big mistake, I would prefer to see hemp planted en mass which has a large and deep rooted system able to bind soil very well indeed.

    Hemp truly is a wonder plant and would also provide seeds that are a complete food and contain all 9 essential amino acids along with protein and minerals. Hemp seeds are a fantastic food source not only for humans but also for local bird species which need all the help they can get due to all the feral cats.

    Water runoff is a big issue which can be addressed by creating large on contour terraces which in turn are planted with deep rooted trees. This allows rain water to soak into the soil as opposed to running down hill.

    No trees and steep land equals mud slides and sever financial losses which has been born out over the last several years 🙁

    Did I mention that I love hemp?

  4. I noticed some years back the large number of stringy bark eucalyptus trees. Zemadeiran is correct to point out that their oily bark is shed to promote fires which eliminate competition. I read some time ago that in Spain it is treated as an invasive species and is being removed from where it has become established. I would hesitate before recommending introducing yet another species however – reforestation with indigenous flora would seem the best way to go in my opinion anyway.

  5. There is currently a small cancer charity market in Largo do Restauração (just off Avenida Arriaga, behind the fortress), I noticed a rack of used clothes. Check if they’re interested in more.

  6. We have taken clothing to the Red Cross,Cruz Vermelha Funchal. Can’t remember name of road but it is between the Jesuit church and the Law Courts, go right to top of road then it’s nearby on the left. Seem to remember the Ambulance base next to it. They were very grateful. I also leave small bags of unwanted clothing on the roadside near the apartment where we stay and guarantee someone will come along and remove it within 15 mins.

  7. There two yellow clothes banks situated on the forecourt of the garage opposite the Casino. I don’t know exactly who they go to help, but I find it useful for stuff which isn’t good enough to give away. They may go for rags, but it’s better than going into the dustbin!


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