Madeira Regency Palace former administrator jailed. Christmas lights.

On Wednesday a court in Funchal handed the former chief administrator of the Regency Group, Luis Camacho, two prison sentences on two counts of tax abuse.
According to the Diario, in the first case the entrepreneur was sentenced to two years in prison for “practicing fiscal embezzlement …… for not having delivered €382,412 due to the tax authorities”. This related to VAT paid by customers and IRS contributions deducted from salaries of employees of the company ‘Hotelmar’ (Hotel Regency Club) for the period October 2006 to March 2008. Camacho was also sentenced to one year and 10 months in prison for “not having delivered €463,159 to the tax authorities concerning the VAT charged to customers of the company ‘Camachos, Comércio de Novidades’”. In addition to the sentences imposed on Camacho, fines of €7,000 and €6,000 were applied on each company respectively.
In passing sentence the presiding judge noted that the administrator had already been convicted in four other cases for non-payment of taxes, for which milder punishment had been applied in the form of fines or suspended sentences. In his defence it was claimed that the entrepreneur’s priority was to pay wages to employees and service suppliers, and that meeting tax obligations were considered a second priority.
Luis Camacho was present for sentencing, but it is understood that he will remain at liberty until the appeal process has been exhausted.

Scenic route

Percurso pouco comum chamou a atenção dos mais curiosos.

Larger planes are not often observed above Funchal, despite the proximity of the airport, but on Tuesday morning the city was treated to an unusual sight as a TUIfly flight took an extraordinary route after taking off from Santa Cruz. Instead of heading north, the Boeing 737 flew south over the bay of Funchal to gain height, then turned north over Câmara de Lobos and flew over the interior of the island above Poiso and Portela, before ‘coming out’ between Ponta de São Lourenço and the village of Porto da Cruz, where it returned to normal maritime airspace.
Apparently the flight to Cologne took this option (which was fully planned and authorised) to provide passengers aboard the spectacular aerial view of the island in cloudless conditions!

Christmas lights company fired?

Madeira Regency Palace former administrator jailed. Christmas lights. 1

As Maurice mentioned in the last “Comments” it looks like Funchal will return to more traditional Christmas lights. The Tourism Authority announced this week that next Christmas the city will have decorations “with more colour and more light”, that  “will take shape and dynamics in the trees and in the streets, including through pines, balls, decorative ceilings, lights cascades, stars and other typical elements of the court” (somebody got a little carried away with a press release!). ‘Luzosfera’, the company that designed and installed last year’s controversial display (above) has had it’s two-year, €2 million, contract “terminated by mutual agreement”. A new tender will be invited, at a similar cost of around €1 million each year.

Cheaper broadband

clip_image002During Portuguese Prime Minister’s Passos Coelho’s recent visit to the island it was reported that he Regional Government and the Government of the Republic are to consider lowering the price that the telecoms company PT charges for the submarine cable service between Madeira and the continent.

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  1. The “Madeira live webcam” has been stuck on the samw view since April. I used to have an email address for the guy who looked after the system but have lost it!!! Someone else sent a message via facebook to them and was told it will be fixed soon. Not holding my breath.

  2. Thanks, Maurice, I’m thinking there’s a lot of no-breath-holding going on! Hope they mend the thing soon, as we enjoyed watching what was happening in one of our fave parts of Funchal.

  3. Hi Has anyone used the Funchal- Airport- Taxis? online it states 45 Euro each way for a private taxi (per car not per person) transfer from Calheta- normally leave the car at the airport but this appears quite reasonable- no need to pay upfront.

  4. Sounds quite cheap, we’ve been quoted 75 euros 1 way from airport to Estreito da Calheta.
    With regards to bacon, you used to be able to get Tulip bacon at the Modelo/Continente in Ribeira Brava, but they seem to stop it about 3 years ago. We bring our own these days and shove it in the freezer.

  5. Ziptransfers quotes 50€ and Suntransfers quotes 39.68€ so am not sure if there is another website you are referring to Dee? Have not used any of them though, and would also be interested in hearing if anyone has used them. Is that to Funchal mauricereed? These quotes are to Calheta, although it is interesting that they do not quote according to the location in Calheta – it can vary so widely.

  6. Thank you for all your replies

    The website is madeira-airport-transfers dotcom- yes we were the same as Mick normally quoted around 70 euros from the airport to Calheta.
    Suntransfers and zip transfers also look very reasonable.
    Mauricereed if that is to Funchal interestingly this company charge 23E

    Again it would be interesting to know if anyone has used?

  7. Thank you Joanne
    We have in the past used many taxis to Funchal from the airport and have always been reliable at around 25E- so on par with madeira seekers.
    Its just as we are in Calheta we tend to leave our car at the airport
    ( although that depends on how long we go back to UK for)
    Are you saying that you have used them for transfers to Calheta?

    Thanks again

  8. Jayne, I am told Pingo Doce has a good variety of bacon available. Haven’t looked myself but guess that it would be the larger stores that do.

  9. I have not used them to Calheta but from Sao Martinho to and from the airport many times, also done some trips, they are very reliable, you pay the driver at the drop-off.


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