Alberto João Jardim. Doca do Cavacas. CNP Paita.

Inauguration frenzy

Image result for alberto joao jardim inaugurationIt seems Alberto João Jardim simply won’t disappear – the “outgoing President” has embarked on a frenzy of inaugurations – three alone yesterday. Firstly AJJ inaugurated recovery work on the Machico – Caniçal Levada at the Caniçal  end, then on to the third phase of the work on the Levada dos Tornos in Santa Cruz, and finally the opening of a farm by the Deaf Association in São Gonçalo.
The previous day had seen AJJ in Ribeira Brava, inaugurating a 2,300 metre stretch of road connecting Pico Ferreiro (Tabua) and Apresentação (Ribeira Brava). This project, which cost more than 4.1 million, had been started in 2008 but only recently completed, with work having been stopped for five years between 2009 and 2014. He also visited the the work on the new block at the outpatient department at the Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital, taking the opportunity to warn on the to the risks of spending money on the construction of a new hospital in Madeira. I have never really understood this on-going argument as to whether it is better to invest in the existing hospital (which has been significant recently), or to start again on a fresh site, but it seems to have been a bit of a hot potato politically. Certainly the space available at the current hospital is very restricted.

Doca do Cavacas bathing pools reopen

Alberto João Jardim. Doca do Cavacas. CNP Paita. 1

The small Poça do Gomes bathing pool complex below the restaurant at Doca do Cavacas reopened last weekend after its usual winter shutdown. Spring opening hours are between 11.00 and 19.00 hours – these will be extended in summer. Entry prices are the same as last year – a very reasonable € 2 per visit or € 6.80 for 5. Great views of Cabo Girão.

Strange sight in the port of Funchal

Alberto João Jardim. Doca do Cavacas. CNP Paita. 3Like a lot of people I was surprised to see a large container ship in the port of Funchal yesterday – this traffic was transferred to the port of Canical a few years ago. Some suspected it may have been an emergency that had brought the ‘CNP Paita’ to the Pontinha, but apparently it was planned stop to take on water. The vessel left last night, bound for Valencia having set off from Columbia. The next voyage will take it to Chile. Lots of photos of the 158 metre ship, built in 1998, as it visited Funchal yesterday here

French ATC strike

It must be the start of the holiday season across Europe, because the French air traffic controllers are striking again. Their latest action affected some flights into Madeira yesterday – but with delays rather than cancellations. The current strike finished at 5.00am today, and all flights to the island are landing normally so far this morning (Friday). However disruptions look set to continue, with controllers due to stage another stoppage next week. They will then strike again at the end of this month, in a move which experts say will prompt widespread chaos across dozens of European airports.


Thanks to those followers who have been patient over the last week as response times to access the blog were excruciating. The problem with the loads on the server seems to have been resolved – until next time!

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  1. AJJ, aka Bertie the Gardiner, will inaugurate anything and everything including the use of WD40 on a trouser Fly-Zip and the consequent opening and closing thereof.. He has some semblance of power until the 20 April.. Then the only inauguration will be the opening of the shower door every other morning.. Wait till after the 20 April when all the “rats” (former Political friends and allies) will poke their heads above the parapet and start to squeal about AJJ’s misdeeds etc. As past Lresident doe she have a car and chauffeur for life and will his parking tickets be torn up? What other benefits will he get? Your comments please….!

  2. Great ship pics! Thanks.
    Wondering if the construction going up on Municipal Square, seen on Madeira webcams, is in readiness for flower festival? 🙂

  3. Have just noticed that three new views are in the process of being added to the Marina Shopping webcam. Not yet named, just called cam 15, 16 & 17 so far. Ann, I think you are correct as that is where the stage goes for the flower festival.

  4. The “Livraria Esperança” in Rua Dos Ferreiros 119, 9000-082 Funchal, Tel. 291 221 116 might be your best bet. They stock about 100.000 titles, old and new. It’s such an amazing bookshop, well worth visiting anyway.

  5. Monday – the archipelago today under a yellow warning due to rain being predicted. The warning runs from 05:00 until 16:00 with a forecast of showers, heavy at times, possibly accompanied by thunder.

  6. There is an interesting article in the German language ” Madeira Zeitung” ( ) about the end of the AJJ regime written by a Portuguese editor .

    Under the headline “The Madeiran Emperor almost at the end ” it explains among others …

    – The Jardim government violated laws from Lisbon and secretly amassed a debt of approximately six billion euros.
    – The Attorney General of Portugal has Jardim in sight. But he cannot put him in front of a court , as long as he enjoys immunity as a parliamentarian.
    – For this reason, the abdicated president will change to the national parliament in Lisbon and continue as long as Madeiran MP until his offense is time-barred.

  7. Emptied the IE cache etc and tried again to post but CAPTCHA won’t have it!. All ok using Chrome on PC.

    Will try my Android tablet again in a bit.

  8. Would anyone have Alberto Joao Jardim postal address? We would like to send a wedding invitation to him & family for my daughter’s wedding. We are 3rd cousins of his from South Africa, who have never met. Can anyone help?


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