Fire near Casino Park. Pestana. Praia Formosa.

A bit of excitement in Funchal last night as a fire broke out on the cliff-face below the Casino Park Hotel at the top of Santa Catarina Park. The fire was spotted around 6.00pm and the Avenida Sá Carneiro from the Pontinha to its junction with Avenida do Mar was closed by police. ............ more

Doca do Cavacas. Madeiran car parking.

Resultado de imagem para psp madeira

Madeiran car parking, and other offences….

Figures in the Diario today reveal that the PSP, responsible for policing traffic on the island, fined 16,994 drivers (down 2656 on 2013) and arrested 616 (down 15) during 2014. Irregular parking accounted for 78% of total road crimes with an average of 38 vehicles penalised each ............ more

Carnival Clean-up. Bacalhau à Brás. Bees back in Porto Santo.


After the party

There are literally thousands of photos of carnival out there on the internet so I won’t add to them here. Instead a couple  of shots of one of the more practical aspects of the festivities – the huge job of tidying up afterwards. These guys literally come last in each parade ............ more

Carnival. Madeira Story Centre.

Thanks to Debs for drawing my attention to the imminent demise of the Madeira Story Centre, which opens for the last time this Friday (appropriately the 13th). A couple of days ago the management of “FUN – Centros Temáticos do Funchal Lda”, issued a statement saying ............ more

Snow forecast. Lido delays. São Roque fair. Top hotels.

Photo File

Precious little news to report so far this year, but a little excitement expected for the locals with snow a possibility on higher ground over today and the weekend. Certainly it has been significantly colder over the last couple of days.

I have been using the CIIMAR weather app ............ more

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