New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve program

Tonight will see the second performance of a piece of “music” created for ships – it was first attempted in 2012, rather unsuccessfully if I recall correctly. The “Madeira Ships Horns Concert” lasts about 8 minutes and is based on the musical work entitled “2015 ............ more

Banif rescue costs. Noite do Mercado. Cruise robots.

Full cost of Banif rescue becomes apparent

The full implications of the forced sale of the “good” part of Banif to Santander Totta at a knock-down €150 million last week are becoming apparent, and the figures do not make pretty reading. Whilst depositors money and jobs have been secured, the focus now is turning ............ more

Curral das Freiras. How the levadas were built. Herberto Helder.

Miradouro do Paredão

Very little news recently as the holiday season starts for the locals, so this post has been padded out a little! The photo opposite is from the (relatively) new Miradouro do Paredão overlooking Curral das Freiras (Nuns Valley). The area around the viewpoint is the site of an intensive ............ more

Banif. Cruise passenger disappears. CR7 Pestana details.

Banif to be sold?

According to a statement that appeared on the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission two days ago, Banif (Banco Internacional do Funchal) has reported that it has received six proposals for the acquisition of that part of its equity currently owned by the Portuguese ............ more

Christmas lights. Savoy. CR7 & Pestana partnership.

Pessoas que contactaram com o DIÁRIO entendem que as iluminações melhoraram em relação ao ano passado. Fotos Rui Silva/ASPRESS

Christmas lights “better than last year”

Most of the Christmas lights have now been installed in Funchal, and seem to be meeting with general approval after the public outrage last year. There were a few delays around the harbour but nearly all were illuminated on schedule. ”Giant pines” seem to be a theme.

Savoy Hotel future?

The Diario ............ more

New Lido. Ferry tender delay. São Martinho. Porto Santo.

New lido nearly finished

The Journal da Madeira reported last week that the rebuilt Lido, situated at the area generally just referred to as “the Lido”, some 3 kilometres west of the centre of Funchal, is “nearly finished” – typically just in time for the winter season when fewer people will ............ more

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