Weather. Porto da Cruz.

“Mau tempo” continues

Weather. Porto da Cruz. 1

Porto Santo Line have announced that today’s (Saturday) scheduled sailing of the ‘Lobo Marinho’ is cancelled – I am not sure when the ferry last made the trip between Porto Santo and Madeira? The North Coast of Madeira and Porto Santo remain under a red warning from IPMA until midday today – the most serious of a scale of four – due to the sea conditions, with waves forecast to reach as much as 15-16 metres in height (if these materialise it will be impressive! – although I would prefer they didn’t, as waves of this magnitude are likely to cause some serious damage). Due to the conditions and forecasts the Maritime Police were patrolling the north coast of the island yesterday. Strong winds of 120-130km/hr are expected in mountainous regions, with a yellow (2/4) warning for rain, sometimes heavy, in these inland areas. The airport continues to cope remarkably well, although two planes diverged to other airports yesterday – a Transavia flight from Porto and a Monarch flight from Gatwick. Many mainland areas of Portugal are also experiencing bad weather

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The Journal reports that two tourists from a group of eight in a van near Eira do Serrado, Nun’s Valley, were injured yesterday due to a rock fall. They were treated in-situ for “cuts and bruises" by Bombeiros from Câmara de Lobos. The road is now closed to traffic, along with quite a few others across the island (too numerous to list here). The same publication reports that fire-fighters and volunteers are spending a lot of time clearing fallen trees and debris in a number of areas – one fell on a house in Santana.

Porto da Cruz victim of "political reprisal"

One of the accesses to the Porto da Cruz remains closed. Still on a weather theme, the Diario today reports that exactly one year after storms buffeted the village of Porto da Cruz on the north coast of the island, nothing has been done to repair the damage. Apparently the population feels "forgotten and angry" with the lack of help from the authorities. One of the access roads from the main ER-101 remains closed and a diversion is still in operation -  as a result local businesses are reporting a drop of 30-40% in revenues. There are locals who believe that the area is being deliberately ignored by the regional government after voting against the ruling PSD party in the last local elections.

Update Sat. 29th Nov 19.00pm

The situation seems to be improving gradually. Five aircraft were diverted from Madeira Airport earlier today to Porto Santo and Lisbon, although one of these managed to take advantage of improved conditions and return later. The Captain of the port of Funchal cancelled the warning of bad weather at sea a couple of hours ago. According to data from Funchal Meteorological Observatory, the temperature at Pico do Arieiro dropped to very close to zero during the early hours of Saturday morning. The lowest recorded was 0.4 degrees – this explained the hail overnight at 1810 metres above sea level – video on the blogs Facebook page.

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  1. Looking at the web cams I see the sea looks a lot calmer now (2pm) than it did early this morning. Speaking of web cams, if you go to the Netmadeira site – they have added some new webcams:-
    Eira do Serrado
    Paul do Mar
    Ponte Delgada
    Porto da Cruz
    Praia do Faial
    Santa Cruz
    Sao Jorge
    The Porto Santo cam has been repositioned on the beach instead of just showing roofs.

  2. I am visiting Funchal for the first time this coming week – can somebody advise if the bad weather has now passed? – or is it just confined to higher ground and the north coast?

  3. Hi Rose, stormy weather is not unusual this time of the year. You can check the state of the weathet by following the links on this site. You can also follow my link above to the numerous webcams where you see how things are.

  4. We saw the lights that were switched on on 1 December and they were very disappointing – not exactly sure what half of them are supposed to be either. Probably the worst we have seen and certainly not very Christmassy as in the past.

  5. Just checked on the webcams and no Xmas lights in Praca do Municipo and looks like none in the Jardim Municipo either. The lights in the trees are all LEDs this year instead of traditional light-bulbs and on the webcams they all seem to be white? There doesn’t appear to be any on the Molhe and thin along the sea front.

  6. I have an idea that the last couple of years the bulk of the lights in Funchal have not been turned on until the 14th or 15th of December . They all used to be turned on at beginning of December but I think it was part of the money saving cuts that some lights were turned on later.


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