People’s Square opens. TB in prison. Ronaldo Golden Boot.

Praça do Povo finally opens

On Friday there is new opening: Square of the People?.  PHOTO RUI?  SILVAThe Praça do Povo, or “People’s Square”, built along the Funchal seafront, will open tomorrow (Friday), announced the President of the Government last weekend, during the inauguration of the new Praça da Autonomia and intervention work in the final sections of the streams of João Gomes and Santa Luzia. After visiting the extensive redevelopment, valued at almost € 82 million, Jardim stressed again that the works were primarily aimed at making the city of Funchal safer compared to 20th February 2010. The governor also praised the vice president João Cunha e Silva, who had supervised the work on the seafront.

Tuberculosis outbreak in Funchal prison

Traces remain in the unity of Quince.The Diario has reported over the last couple of days that  more than fifty inmates of Funchal Prison have been referred to the Hospital of Marmeleiros for diagnostic examination after confirmed cases of tuberculosis were announced within the prison community. Apparently a convoy of two vans and cars with armed guards have been taking the prisoners, including some from the women’s wing, to and from Monte. Staff and visitors to the facility are also being screened.

CR7 again……..

Cristiano Ronaldo received his third Golden Boot award for the top goal scorer in a European domestic league at a ceremony in Madrid yesterday. His 2013/14 tally of 31 goals was matched by Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, who shares the prize (he has since moved on after the notorious biting incident in the World Cup). This is the Madeiran’s third Golden Boot, having won the award in 2007/08 and 2010/11. He is the only Portuguese player to haver won three – no doubt it will be making it’s way to the museum in Funchal shortly – if there is enough room nowadays, as each of his hat-trick balls are on display. He must be odds-on for another after a spectacular start to this season, with 17 goals so far.

Social Security

The Diario reports today that up to December 31, 2013, the Public Ministry in Madeira filed 154 lawsuits against companies and their owners for non-payment Social Security. Of these, 35 are standing trial as criminal cases. These debts relate to non-delivery of the 11% that employers withhold from the employee’s salary, and that are intended for Social Security – besides this 11%, the company has to contribute a further 23%. This sounds a little draconian, but apparently a debt must be outstanding for five years before it can go to court. Unlike in the UK where directors are not normally held to be liable for anything once a company goes into administration, owners can be pursued personally for state debts if a company fails in Portugal


IPMA, the Portuguese “Met Office”, forecast maximum temperatures to fall today, but the good weather to continue (link to IPMA on the Useful Links tab at the top of the page).

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  1. Arriving for a week next Monday – is it cheaper to pick up a taxi at the airport or pre-book one on-line – only going the Porto Santo Maria, which I understand is in the centre of Funchal?

  2. I always just grab the cab at the front of the line outside the terminal. They are all on the meter anyway. Not sure what the price is now but a bit over 30Euros is about right. There are buses if you want to save a few euros.

  3. I was talking to somebody yesterday who had booked a trip from Funchal to the airport online for just under €20 – and this was a private taxi, not a shared minibus.

  4. There also used to be a taxi at the Lido on the road up to the White House that had a sign in the window offering the airport for €25.00. From the airport you will always end up on a meter if you take a taxi from the rank outside, as only those operating locally from Santa Cruz can pick up there – and they all stick to the official rates (there are apparently around 75 of these, but by agreement they only work the airport in rotation every three days). The taxi drivers holding names up at Arrivals will all have been pre-booked and most will have come from Funchal.


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