Weather. Porto da Cruz.

“Mau tempo” continues

Porto Santo Line have announced that today’s (Saturday) scheduled sailing of the ‘Lobo Marinho’ is cancelled – I am not sure when the ferry last made the trip between Porto Santo and Madeira? The North Coast of Madeira and Porto Santo remain under a red warning ............ more

New Year’s fireworks detail. Bad weather.

“Madeira – Diamond Light” display details

The designers at Macedos Pyrotechnics are using a different approach for the New Year 2014/15 display in Funchal, based on massive use of smaller sized fireworks as illustrated above. Carlos Macedo, in an interview in the Diario today, explains "the show this year will be ............ more

Increasing isolation. ‘Il Gallo d’Oro’. Weather warning.

Cargo plane links lost

The Diario reveals today that Madeira has recently lost five cargo plane links. On top of the loss of the ferry link to the mainland some while ago and the possible consequences of the proposed  privatization of TAP, the newspaper questions what will happen to the island – it claims ............ more

More fireworks promised. Campanário 500 years.

170% increase in New Year fireworks

Macedos Pyrotechnics has been awarded the contract for the fireworks next New Year’s Eve in Funchal, with a proposal that nearly triples the amount of fireworks seen last year-end. Despite being the most expensive proposal of the three considered at very close to €860 000, ............ more

People’s Square opens. TB in prison. Ronaldo Golden Boot.

On Friday there is new opening: Square of the People?.  PHOTO RUI?  SILVA

Praça do Povo finally opens

The Praça do Povo, or “People’s Square”, built along the Funchal seafront, will open tomorrow (Friday), announced the President of the Government last weekend, during the inauguration of the new Praça da Autonomia and intervention work in the final sections of the ............ more

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