New Calheta hotel. Airport exercises. Ronaldo record.

New Calheta hotel progresses

A recent visit to Calheta provided surprising evidence of the scale of the new Saccharum hotel being built at the eastern end of the seafront. I was aware of the project but not the size of the structure, or the rapid progress being made.


The name apparently derives from the Latin for sugar cane, and the hotels very slick website provides more artists impressions of the finished job, which will provide 180 rooms, 5 suites and 30 apartments:

There is a lot of work going on at the same time on the seafront adjacent to the marina – there is a photo of this on the blogs new Facebook page:

Military exercises at airport

New Calheta hotel. Airport exercises. Ronaldo record. 1

Air defences were tested near the runway at Madeira airport yesterday and will be continued today. The story is a little vague in today’s Diario, but apparently exercises involve “Anti-Air Artillery”, including the surface-to-air Stinger system, being integrated with the existing radar system. Not quite sure who would invade Madeira in the near future, or perhaps it is part of Bertie’s plans to hang onto power for another few years.

Eurozone problems return

Eurozone fears have returned with a vengeance as deepening deflation across Southern Europe and fresh turmoil in Greece set off wild moves on the European bond markets – Greek yields have risen 3% in the last month reports the Telegraph

Superhero continues…………

New Calheta hotel. Airport exercises. Ronaldo record. 3Cristiano Ronaldo’s 95th-minute winner for Portugal in Denmark earlier this week was his 22nd goal in UEFA European Championship games, equalling the record as the competition’s all-time leading marksman. Meanwhile manager Carlo Ancelotti has Ronaldo as “guaranteed” another FIFA Ballon d’Or as the world’s best player award after he scored three goals for Real Madrid against a fellow Champions League side Athletic Bilbao, which made it 10 goals in his last six games in all competitions. UEFA list the 29-year-old Madeirans current records here – even if you are not a football fan his achievements are quite remarkable! A couple of days ago his Facebook site, started in 2009, passed 100 million followers

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  1. I wonder if this hotel will attract punters? What are bus links like between Calheta & Funchal? I seem to remember that Rodoeste do run some buses between them.

  2. If the punters do get there only some of the rooms will have a sea view. It is built up into a narrow valley, more of a crevice than a valley to be honest, so a lot of rooms just look out onto that. I imagine it will also be late morning by the time the sun gets onto the building due to its location tucked into the cliff. There are still ongoing problems with rockfalls from the cliff-face along the seafront, despite the attempts to reinforce it, probably why, last month , the roof of the hotel was covered in old car tyres!!

  3. I am teaching horticulture at a private school in Edinburgh, Scotland. In our curriculum of the Steiner School we want to give teenagers an agricultural experience for two weeks.Madeira offers a very different climatic and horticultural aspect than Scotland. This is why I am interested if there is a smallholding on the island that needs support to develop their enterprise with the help of 23 young well behaved teenagers under the supervision of 3 adults next Spring. Accommodation can be very basic. Usually they all sleep in one big space in their sleeping bags. Food costs is paid for by the group. If anyone is interested please get in touch before the 15th of November.

  4. The rain has eased off now in Funchal after being heavy overnight and Sunday morning, but still windy. No flooding reported but the Diario reports that a couple of planes turned back to the mainland earlier – a Transavia from Porto and an easyJet from Lisbon.

  5. Another Madeira cock-up. The new ‘cruise jetty’ being built will be unusable most of the time as there is no protection provided by the mole. Another €40,000,000 needs to be found to externd the mole by 500 metres!!!!!!

    Why did nobody think of this before construction started?

    Another Lugar de Baixo………


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