Government spending. Bananas trashed. Rainfall. CR7 again!

Fudging the figures

In recent weeks, the executive extended payment terms of 68 contracts and made 5 of settlement agreements.The Diario today reports that the Regional Government of Madeira under Alberto João Jardim continues to “spend now, pay later” – effectively leaving debts unpaid for the next generation to settle. Apparently the total spent in this manner has gone up by €64 million in the past four months alone, primarily using two techniques.
The first involves the extended payment terms of 68 contracts or investments. For example in July the channelling project at Ribeira da Madalena do Mar, was committed at a cost of around €8.4 million, but the contractor (Afavias) is aware that this year they will receive only €900,000, with the ‘bulk’ of the payments will only being collected in the years ahead. Payment dates vary on each contract – one service contract awarded to electricity company Emacom will only be paid off in 2034. The second method used to defer payments is debt settlement agreements (ARD) with contractors for work already performed – some of these as far away as 2019 and 2020. The bottom line is that whichever party wins the elections next year and takes over government, they will inherit liabilities from the last years in office of the current executive. And Portugal is supposed to be in an “Adjustment Program” after the bail-out?

Banana republic

Image of truck that moved to the Meia Serra.  Photo DRA truck full of bananas in good condition (pictured) was spotted heading for the waste treatment  plant at Meia Serra at the end of last week, causing some controversy. Miguel de Sousa, candidate for leadership of the PSD/Madeira, is describing it as a scandal  “to throw out …..good bananas when so many people are without money to buy one banana”. He does not understand why “the government pays for the product then throws it in the garbage” (subsidies are paid to grow the bananas) and says it is imperative to stop the waste and offer bananas to people in need, or to hospitals and charities. He claims that the practice of throwing them away could belong to “some banana republic”.

Rainfall figures

The rainfall figures for the period when the red warning was in effect on Sunday show that twice as much fell in Porto Santo as in Madeira.
The most extreme figures for Porto Santo island were 9.5mm of rain falling in a 10 minute period (20,4mm / 30min and 30,5mm / 1h). The weather stations in Madeira that recorded the most significant amount of rainfall were Pico do Arieiro (5.9 mm / 10min and 18.9mm / 1h) and Chão do Arieiro (13,4mm / 30min ). There are a total of 17 weather stations across the two islands.

Ronaldo again…..

Following up on a story a couple of blogs ago, Ronaldo’s record breaking run continued at the weekend when he broke a 71 year old record for the Spanish “La Liga” by taking his goal-scoring run to 15 in just 7 games. One of the newspapers calculated that at the current rate, if he played every possible game this season, he would score 101 goals!

11 thoughts on “Government spending. Bananas trashed. Rainfall. CR7 again!”

  1. To my mind the most tasty bananas in the world come from Madeira yet in the UK we are forced to buy ones grown in the West Indies or South America. Maybe there is a an opportunity to obtain Madeira grown (EU) bananas here but I am not aware of it if there is.
    The ‘fair trade’ ones we have bought recently from Sainsbury are very poor quality.

  2. Some years ago the EU refused to allow Madeira to export to Eu because the bananas were ‘too straight and too small’
    Hence the downfall of many growers and possibly the reason Forum shopping was built on a previously good banana plantation

  3. Just doing some research on Ponta “do” Sao Lorenco and googled the phrase. On the first page it is also referred to as “da” and “de” – can a somebody tell me which is correct?

  4. ” de” means “of”
    however in most cases it combines with the definite article , ” o” or “a” , of the following word ( masculine or feminine as above)
    For example
    a janela do carro / a janela da casa


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