First phase of seafront opened. World Travel Awards. Portuguese income.

imageAt the official opening of the first phase of the seafront improvements yesterday, the Regional President quite rightly remebered the tragic reason for the reconstruction. “After the floods that sadly marked our land, the Government decided to rebuild, renew and enhance the whole seafront views of Funchal”, said Alberto João Jardim at the inauguration of the first of the four recovery works underway on the seafront. The concern was to protect a important area of the Avenida do Mar between the Electricity Company and the Fort with essential infrastructure. “The work that is of concern here was to defend this town, defending people and property”. He stressed that it was only by chance the opportunity had arisen to create a bathing area (the pebble beach in front of the Porto Santo Maria – photos on the blog dated 11th September).

World Travel Awards

Having been selected in summer as the “Best Island Destination” in Europe for the second consecutive year, Madeira has been nominated for the world title in the same category, again for the second time. I am a little suspicious of the World Travel Awards, who like to be known as the “Oscars of Tourism “, as they have so many categories that some are simply frivolous, but I suppose any publicity is good for the island. Madeira will compete with Bali, Barbados, Cook Islands, Crete, Jamaica, Maldives (last years winner), Mauritius, Seychelles, Sicily, Santa Lucia and Zanzibar.
Also nominated for awards are three hotels from Madeira: The CS Madeira Atlantic Resort & Spa (Best Boutique Resort in Europe), The Vine Hotel (Best Hotel Design in Europe) and Pestana Porto Santo (Best All Inclusive Resort in Europe). Voting is ‘online’ until 26 October at . The awards ceremony is scheduled for November 29 in Marrakech.

Portuguese and Madeiran Income

In a week where the Governing Council approved the resolution that set the minimum monthly wage in the Autonomous Region of Madeira at €515.10 (an increase of 2% with effect from 1st October), Portugal News Online reported that the country ranked 21st out of 37 countries (European, Middle Eastern and African) in a league of average net annual salaries of senior professionals. The table is predictably headed by Switzerland, Norway and Denmark.

New name “to draw attention”

Hospital continues to be called 'Dr.  Nelio Mendonca 'but part of a center of level one.  Photo Hélder Santos / Aspress

The appearance of the name “Central Hospital of Funchal” on one the buildings at the Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital at the end of last week apparently caused some surprise to  passersby and even some of the staff. According to the Diario, the clinical director, Miguel Ferreira, said this was intended to draw attention to the fact that the region has a “hospital centre of excellence, where all skills and specialties are available”. The designation “Central Hospital of Funchal” therefore refers to all the hospitals of the region, whilst Dr. Nelio Mendonca and Cruz de Carvalho hospitals will maintain their own identities. “It’s almost a marketing action – we have never had a hospital as safe as now, never had so much technology, both hardware and differentiated staff as now … “

New airport website

imageAs mentioned in the last blog the Madeira airport website (including Arrivals and Departures) has changed and old bookmarks don’t work – the listing on the Useful Links page above have been updated.


At the risk of getting into trouble I couldn’t resist copying yesterdays Matt cartoon from the Telegraph.


11 thoughts on “First phase of seafront opened. World Travel Awards. Portuguese income.”

  1. The new airport website is worse than before – I don’t understand! Normally this would be an upgrade, but not in this case, unless I’m missing something???

  2. Holiday Lets with new requirement

    The Government is tying up some loose ends:

    Home owners who rent out their property to tourists, have to prove to the City Hall until December 28 that they registered their activity with the Tax Office, otherwise they risk losing the Local Lodging License (Alojamento Local). This way, the state wants to make sure it receives taxes from all businesses.

  3. It seems a bit of a hassle to get your ‘ bussiness’ registered at the tax office. Apperently you also have to be registered at the Social Security as you have a bussiness. You do not pay Social Security earning an income below € 10000
    Any way All for a little income to pay the electricity and water bills, and have the house connected to the internet

    It will probalbly cost an arm and a leg to get all the paperwork in order.

  4. As I understand the “law” – as soon as you obtain your A.L. licence then the Camara informs the Tax office and in any event……you must then submit a tax return or risk being fined…..
    The new twist is that the tax folk are now actively looking for people who let property unlicensed and do not declare the income – and I for one agree with this!
    It took a lot of work to get our A.L. and standards are met – not to mention being able to have insurance against personal liability – VERY important!

  5. I hope the tax office keep up the good work. The unlicensed non paying tax operators are in effect unfair competition! They are operating illegally and no doubt cutting corners placing their guests at risk. We have had our AL licence for 4 years and paid our tax, we have not had to register as a business. The tax rate is now 28%.

  6. Maybe if you had your rental registered as a bussines you could have had your tax rate cut to less than 5 % of the income from your lets. I do not agree to your remark that by not paying tax , and still have an AL licence, one is placing his guest at risk. And unfair competition ???? That depends on what you have to offer as a homeowner. Ones holiday house is not going to be any better or worse by paying tax.
    And in Calheta it was totally not a problem to get an AL licence. There was some paperwork but nothing to difficult. We arranged it all within 2 weeks. Only downpoint was te fact that we had to pay 550 euros to the council 🙁

  7. Having been awarded an A.L. licence means that your property has passed the various safety inspections for Gas, Electricity, Emergency signage, appropriate fire extinguishers etc……including adequate ventilation of bathrooms…….and you have permission to “open” your home to paying visitors……….with yearly fire extinguisher servicing etc.
    You can then obtain the crucial insurance against guest injury/liability etc….without which your property is at risk against any legal action.
    You HAVE to pay tax – the tax people WILL fine you if you do not.
    The Camara informs them.
    You also have to obtain and use an official “Factura” receipt book, with the owners name and Contribuinte number and SUBMIT yearly for tax purposed….10,000 ceiling, joint names (with your accountant) becomes 20,000…..yearly before tax (in our situation, B&B).
    By paying (or being liable for) tax indicates that you are legal and have taken all the appropriate actions to offer an officially approved standard of lodgings……all above re Santa Cruz.
    The tax rates/rules differ for B&B and “self catering” stand alone rentals. Our tax rate/allowance is brilliant……..(*;*)
    Promoting your property with official approval is good for business.
    Overall, in my opinion, a fair system giving visitors to Madeira a decent standard of lodging – imagine a Hotel not having a licence or paying tax?!?

  8. To register as a business/company is grossly expensive (so informed years ago) and you need to appoint and pay a salary to a number of business staff = MD’s, company sec’s and staff various….as far as I know…..therefore it is more cost effective to run the A.L. against your own personal tax allowance – especially if you are a resident in a non tax paying situation to start with…….


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