Ebola plane denied refuelling. Old Funchal seafront.

Madeira landing denied

Ebola plane denied refuelling. Old Funchal seafront. 1Spanish television Antena 3 reported yesterday that both Portugal and Morocco had denied permission to land on their territory to a small plane carrying a Norwegian infected by Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. The pilot apparently hoped to refuel in Madeira – a claim denied by the Portuguese authorities. According to the same source, the plane eventually refuelled in Gran Canaria during a 40-minute stopover, where “no people or objects left the plane”. The Norwegian, a 32 year-old doctor working for the Médecins Sans Frontières, is the first person of that nationality to be infected with Ebola.
After positive tests in Sierra Leone, the Norwegian woman began a long return trip to Oslo in a Norwegian government Cessna, but the pilot needed to refuel the plane in the middle of the flight. The Portuguese and Moroccan authorities were contacted but neither gave permission for the plane to land. This is allegedly because the infrastructure can not afford security to respond to this type of situations – only Lajes in the Azores, and the military airport in Lisbon have the facilities for patients with Ebola (photo – the plane in Oslo after a second stop in Paris).

Funchal seafront

Shouldn’t really be filling a “blog” with photos, but came across this old one on Facebook and skyscrapercity and thought that in view of the attention that the Funchal seafront is getting as it nears completion it was worth replicating here. Not able to establish the date – perhaps someone can help?

Ebola plane denied refuelling. Old Funchal seafront. 3

Some good photos of the seafront once again on skyscrapercity http://tinyurl.com/l7kzvz7. Also just posted a recent YouTube video of the seafront on the blogs new Facebook page.

Infante roundabout returns tomorrow

Not unconnected to the Funchal seafront works, the Rotunda do Infante, at the bottom of Santa Catarina Park reverts to a circular traffic flow tomorrow. With work continuing on the outlet of Ribeira de São João, which flooded so badly in 2010, it has not been possible to completely reinstate the roundabout, with traffic using only the outside lane for the time being.

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