Porto Santo protest. Pico dos Barcelos restaurant. Blog stats.

Porto Santo protest

Last Friday the civic movement “Somos Porto Santo” organised a protest against the “conditions of isolation” imposed on the island of Porto Santo. The loss of the last direct flight between Lisbon and Porto Santo during the summer was the main reason behind the civic association ............  ...read more

Government spending. Bananas trashed. Rainfall. CR7 again!

In recent weeks, the executive extended payment terms of 68 contracts and made 5 of settlement agreements.

Fudging the figures

The Diario today reports that the Regional Government of Madeira under Alberto João Jardim continues to “spend now, pay later” – effectively leaving debts unpaid for the next generation to settle. Apparently the total spent in this manner has gone up by ............  ...read more

Weather/airport update.


Weather/airport update Monday 20.10.14

Quick update on the situation at the airport today after the high winds overnight and throughout today – the weather couldn’t have chosen a worse day than Monday to disrupt travel. Firstly, don’t believe the new ANA website – the “Arrivals” page simply don’t match ............  ...read more

New Calheta hotel. Airport exercises. Ronaldo record.


New Calheta hotel progresses

A recent visit to Calheta provided surprising evidence of the scale of the new Saccharum hotel being built at the eastern end of the seafront. I was aware of the project but not the size of the structure, or the rapid progress being made.

The name apparently derives from the Latin for sugar cane, ............  ...read more

Ebola plane denied refuelling. Old Funchal seafront.

Madeira landing denied

Spanish television Antena 3 reported yesterday that both Portugal and Morocco had denied permission to land on their territory to a small plane carrying a Norwegian infected by Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. The pilot apparently hoped to refuel in Madeira – a claim denied ............  ...read more

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