Ryanair wants to fly to “complicated” Madeira. North coast road to reopen?

Ryanair “wants to fly to Madeira”

Ryanair wants to fly to “complicated” Madeira. North coast road to reopen? 1Ryanair “wants to fly to the Azores and Madeira, and is negotiating the release of these routes” confirmed the CEO of the low cost airline last week.  During a press conference, Michael O’Leary expressed interest in launching routes to the islands of the Azores, explaining that “the government has to solve the liberalization and encourage airlines”. In relation to Madeira, an official explained that it “is negotiating the release of links” (not quite sure what that means?), but before that, the company has to “overcome complications” as pilots must have special training to take-off and land at the airport in Madeira. “We need pilots with special training, because it is a very complicated airport” he said.
In July, the President of the Azores Government announced an agreement with the national executive that provides for the liberalization of air links between the mainland and two islands of the archipelago and the halving of tariffs for residents. Accordingly Public Service Obligations (PSOs) on flights between the Azores and the rest of the country (mainland and Madeira), negotiated with the Economy Ministry, provide for the liberalization of routes between Lisbon and Oporto and the islands of S. Miguel and Terceira. “With this liberalization, these routes will become fully open to the entry of any airline, including so-called ‘low cost’ “, he said. Currently only SATA and TAP fly to the Azores.

Old road appreciated as a tourist attraction

Ryanair wants to fly to “complicated” Madeira. North coast road to reopen? 3

Emanuel Câmara anuncia reabertura para a Páscoa.Regardless of the danger, the Municipality of Porto Moniz wants to see a section of the old north coast road between Seixal, and São Vicente partially reopened next Easter, allowing tourists to appreciate the “Bride’s Veil” waterfall. This stretch of road has been inaccessible since an accident that killed two tourists in 2006. The aim is to have it reopened “with some constraints, within about 8 months”. The flagship route is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions on the northern coast and the reopening will further enhance the region as a whole.

New seafront beach and square christened

Ryanair wants to fly to “complicated” Madeira. North coast road to reopen? 5

The new beach featured in one of the previous blogs, between the Praça da Autonomia and the Forte de São Tiago has been named ‘Praia do Almirante Reis’.
The large landscaped square (opposite) in front of the Legislative Assembly, will be called the “Praça do Povo” (‘People’s Square’), said the vice-presidency in a note to the media a couple of days ago.

New €10 note on Tuesday:

imageA new €10 note in the “Europa” series launches on September 23rd ( the link on the image opposite provides details on the look and feel, together with new security features. This is the second note in a new series of euro banknotes characterized by the representation of a portrait of Europe (Greek mythological figure) in the watermark and the hologram on each denomination.


On another financial “note”, Sterling strengthened yet again over recent days, as the Scottish Referendum result was announced, ending the week on €1.27.


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  1. Roll on Ryanair! Would love to see them on the Madeira route. We used them to travel to Lisbon this summer as we struggle to afford to visit Madeira every year. The cost saving on the flights paid for two hotel stays travel to and from Nazare and all of our meals. Also I needed to change our flights some time after booking – couldn’t have been more helpful and no extra charges. Allocated seats now so no rushing and you can take an extra item of Hand luggage for free.

  2. We’ll be sticking with TAP. Was annoyed when BA sold their routes to EasyJet a few years back

    It would be nice to see ‘a antigua’ open again but I would have thought that the risk of rockfalls was too high for it to be safe now. A few years back my wife and I stayed in Porto Moniz for week and we walked all the way to Seixal along the old road, including two longish tunnels and getting soaked in one of them! We came back in a taxi. The road surface was covered in bits of rock so weren’t prepared to get struck by falling stones.

  3. Funchal today celebrates the “European Car Free Day”, built in the “Mobility Week”. This is the first time, under the “Mobility Week”, the city of Funchal will shut down to car traffic, except the electric buses, some streets between 10h and 18h, including the Rua dos Ferreiros, Rua do Castanheiro, R. Camara Pestana, Av. Zarco and and Rua do Aljube. (There is a map in Diario on-line).

  4. Interesting that they are replacing Euro notes starting from the lower denominations. I assume that forgers go for the smaller notes as there are more of these in circulation.

  5. From DN this morning:

    Miguel de Sousa guarantees return of Naviera Armas

    Candidate for the leadership of the PSD-M met yesterday in Las Palmas with Antonio Armas and gives assurance: “If the President of the Regional Government of Madeira conditions for the immediate resumption of operation of maritime weapons will be created.”

    Have used the on-line translation – not sure but I think it means if he wins it will happen! May be someone can correct me if I am wrong.

  6. Hi Sue Garajau, Google translate translates ‘ARMAS’ as weapons. ARMAS is I think the company that runs the ferry service, so the article might read with a bit of interpretation:-

    …..The President of the Regional Government of Madeira could create the conditions for the immediate resumption of the maritime operation (or for want of a better word ‘ferry service’) by ARMAS.

    My own limited experience is that not every word in Portuguese translates in the literal sense to English, but Google Translate does help a lot.

    Hope you are all well in Madiera

    Best wishes



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