Hotel occupancy up. EU unemployment. Lorry crash.

Hotels 80% full for Easter

The Regional Secretary of Culture, Tourism and Transport, Conceição Estudante revealed yesterday that hotel occupancy in Madeira at Easter is 80% – 10% more than in the same period in 2013.  The figures are based on a survey conducted by the Regional Directorate of Tourism covering hotel units in Madeira and Porto Santo. The Regional Secretary considered that the figures calculated for the sector are “very good”

EU long-term unemployment

Released yesterday, Eurostat unemployment data shows that nearly half of EU’s jobless have been out of work for over a year. This means long-term unemployment in the union’s 28 member states is the highest it has been for at least a decade. The Spanish regions of Andalusia, Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and Extremadura had the highest unemployment rates of the entire European Union with between 34% and 36% unemployment. The Eurostat study had even worse news for young people aged 15-24 in the worst hit regions, with Ceuta registering a youth unemployment rate of 71.7% (the worst in the EU), followed by Andalusia (66.1%) and the Canary Islands (65.3%).

In Portugal, the figures show Lisbon being the worst region (18.5% overall unemployment), followed by Madeira (18.3%) – the latter increasing from 17.5% in 2012. Can’t find any specific figures on youth unemployment here.

Lorry crash in São Roque

RTP Madeira report that a lorry crashed on the rotunda dos Viveiros (below the large Continente store) in the lower part of São Roque, at 5.00pm last night causing traffic congestion and preventing access to rua 5 de Outubro and Funchal. Apparently the wagon lost it’s load whilst negotiating the roundabout – the lorry crashed into a passenger car, whilst the container fell into the yard of a house, causing significant damage. The driver was injured – a fault in the braking system is suspected.

More botanical art

The third of four paintings by Angie Gray (see two previous blogs). This one a Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia):


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  1. – The interesting thing was Monday I noticed a comment saying that the reason why Madeira was more vulnerable was that SOME OF the politicians, police and media are implicated
    – quote ” some b**tards in ilha da madeira, including the ******* cheaf of public finance department is on it. madeirenses got “drunk” with telexfree!!! more than 20% of the populaton is on it!!!its a case study for americans!!!
    … You are right I hear that Police officers and politicians are in it. I suspect the local media is in it too as they have been reluctant to publish any bad news about telexfree. ”

    – Maybe he’s right El Diario Tuesday pg 15 “Neustroas programs estajam dentro la lei” quoting Telexfree…
    surely that newspaper must know that TF is an illegal ponzi scheme ?

    .. That was published 8 hours before MA SEC said TF was well outside the law.

  2. Concur with mauricereed, wonderful paintings.

    Thank you for responses last week regarding postage. I have been waiting four weeks on Monday for my package from the UK and still no sign. After some investigation it appears that the Royal Mail no longer use CTT here but a company called GLS. This company are not easy to contact or deal with! Meanwhile, my package going to the UK has been entrusted to CTT and I am confident! I thought about using Chronopost, who appear to have an office in the Lido area. Anyone used this company?

  3. Hello, can anyone tell me why when the Aidal ships goes out on a Monday night it has to blow that dam horn so many times it can last for 15mins, all the other ships just give 3 hoots. God help the poor people living near. we are about a mile away.

  4. Mike B –

    Transferwise looks like it is set up for small amounts. 0.5% is high.

    Check it against Canadianforex /UKForex . If you are set up on regular monthly payments, there is no fee and their exchange rate is much much lower than 0.5%

  5. Going on holiday today so will be out of touch for 12 days. Flying to Tenerife to join the Braemar for 10 day cruise of the Canaries and Madeira. We’ll arrive in Funchal Sat 26 and leave on Sun 27. Benice to eat ashore on Sat evening.


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