Hospital expansion. Telexfree. Aixperte link. Botanical paintings.

Hospital expansion?

The Diario reports today on plans to add six buildings, each of ten stories, to the Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital – the main hospital on the island. A lot of construction work has already been undertaken recently, so I’m not sure how much of this is old news dressed up as new news – there are  some ambitious artists impressions on various website going back a number of years. The planning implications and the impact on “green belt” are to be discussed today by the Câmara do Funchal.


This pyramid-selling scheme continues to grow on the island despite being outlawed in many countries. I do actually know people who have made reasonable amounts of money by joining a year or so ago and recruiting new members, who recruit new members etc etc. The scheme has courted controversy in the local press with people condemning it as illegal whilst others defend it – recent articles in the Diario online have attracted 500+ comments. The Telexfree Madeira Facebook page has 2000+ “likes”.

Telexfree idescribes itself as a “multilevel marketing” company that counts about 40,000 subscribers in Madeira in just eighteen months of operation. These are people who joined the “business” with a minimum initial investment of 1035 euros, the amount for opening an ‘account’ – they subsequently place ads on the internet and recruit members on the same basis for which they are paid a royalty (didn’t this used to be called a “Ponzi” scheme?)

Useful links

More links are added to this page (see tab above) as a result of suggestions from readers together with informative sites unearthed whilst trawling the internet. The latest is a link to the recent Aixpert aerial videos of different parts of Madeira

Botanical artistry!

The blog has found an opportunity to illustrate the work of a local artist specialising in painting the local flora. Angie Gray has just been awarded full membership of the Society of Botanical Artists (UK) after they viewed her paintings on selection day for their London exhibition titled “Botanical Garden” – to be held at Westminster Central Hall in London between 9th – 18th May (details on the SBA website). She submitted a painting of the tulip tree and Canna indica, plus 3 other paintings in application for membership; along with a written article on Madeira being “The Floating Garden of the Atlantic”. I won’t publish them all here, but tag one on to the end of each of the the next few blogs. The first is the Heliconia below:


13 thoughts on “Hospital expansion. Telexfree. Aixperte link. Botanical paintings.”

  1. I have been trying to find out if the Savoy Hotel that was demolished has been rebuilt yet and if so are there any photographs available of it. I will be visiting again in July and as always looking forward to visiting Madeira.

  2. Following on from the hospital story yesterday, it has been announced that the President of the Autonomous Region, AJJ, will on Monday inaugurate a €1.7m expansion and refurbishment of the Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital. This is the remodeling of the units specialising in obstetrics / gynecology, otolaryngology (I think that translates as ear, nose and throat?) and urology. A new sterilization zone will also be officially opened.

  3. The old Savoy is still a hole in the ground, one of the partners in it died unexpectedly which scuppered the plans, they do say it will be built one day

  4. What a beautiful painting.

    Some good new & bad news. The bad news is that Amazon are no longer shipping FOC. The good news is that all those Amazon customers will buy more locally! (OK, maybe?)

  5. No idea how amazon managed to ship here free of charge anyway – still, it was good whilst it lasted! Can anybody tell me which are the public holidays over easter?

  6. is the best source of independent objective Telexfree informstion
    I think we can say that although Telexfree hasn’t yet been officially shut down * it’s pretty much dead. The latest is people are being forced into new unattractive contracts and it seems difficult to get your money out. Since it is a ponzi scheme your ‘profits’ were basically paid from the money your neighbours paid in when you introduced them to the scheme. Since their are no new people coming into the scheme their is no new money to pass on to your neighbours so they will pretty much lose most of their money depeding how much the top people skimmed off. One thing is users accounts now no longer show dollars but CR credit units instead. As usual ‘religion style’ they will have a shallow answer for everything which the faithful will believe.
    * presumabley the SEC is taking time to formalise the shut down legal papers.
    The mlm news sites warn the usual scam is to try to rebound by lure people into another scheme which is ‘even better’ than the one that just closed.

  7. Im trying new ways all the time but does anybody know anyting about Strawberry World that went into adminstation…..20 months on and 3k euro down and still no correspondence!!! if anybody can help, them please do as I would love to know anyting

  8. Re. The Savoy – Very interesting link from Mauricereed – Thanks.
    Every year when we visit Madeira we always wonder what will happen to the most expensive hole in Funchal. Bet it never gets built.

  9. Hi Fran, SW fiddled the books and changed their name. The Ritz is owned by the guy behind SW and if you google ‘strawberryworld’ you’ll find lots of entries.


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