Flower Festival programme. Reid’s Classic Auto Show. Weather App.

Festa da Flor da Madeira 2014:

The Flower Festival kicks off tomorrow – full details below
(downloadable PDF here http://tinyurl.com/kxtauw9)



III Reid’s Palace Classic Auto Show 2014

Following on from the Flower Festival, May 10th & 11th sees the 3rd Reid’s Palace Classic Auto Show

Flower Festival programme. Reid’s Classic Auto Show. Weather App. 1

Facebook site here: https://en-gb.facebook.com/ReidsPalaceClassicAutoShow


imageInstituto Portugues do Mar e Atmosfera - Homepage

The Portuguese Weather Institute are offering free Apps for iPhone and Android devices, allowing you to access detailed information about weather warnings and a three day forecast, (by district/region including Madeira) with additional data on the sea state and ultraviolet index. This has to be the most reliable weather forecast for the island, coming from what in effect is their “Met Office”. On the Apple Store search for meteo @ ipma There is a link to their main website on the “Useful Links” page.

6 thoughts on “Flower Festival programme. Reid’s Classic Auto Show. Weather App.”

  1. Make sure you get the weather app, also schedule apps for the individual festival. I was surprised last year to find out how important a tool my phone was…. until it died that is lol

  2. Today (Sunday) is the last chance to donate to the Spring Food Drive at all Pingo Doce stores. Next chance not until October.

    There are teams of young people and adults at the entrance to the store handing out empty shopping bags for people to fill.

    In Calheta I find them hesitant/uncomfortable about including ‘estrangeiros’, and so go out or my way to ask for a bag. It makes it all the more fun to see their surprise that ‘estrangeiros’ want to be part of giving too.


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