Porto Santo airport. Diocese of Funchal. Lyon flights.

Porto Santo runway extension

Porto Santo airport. Diocese of Funchal. Lyon flights. 1Work should begin this month on a € 6 million contract to repair the runway at Porto Santo airport. Work is expected to last a year or so, after which the runway will be restored to  its full 3000 metres (601 metres were closed by ANAM in August 2011 due to subsidence caused by the rupture of stormwater runoff pipes)

Diocese of Funchal

Porto Santo airport. Diocese of Funchal. Lyon flights. 3Following on from the Christmas lights blog regarding the Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption, I read that the exterior walls are made from stone from Cabo Girão – the official website of the Diocese of Funchal is quite informative. I guess we will hear a bit more about both this year as the The Diocese was founded by a papal bull of June 12, 1514, and the cathedral was blessed at the same time http://tinyurl.com/or5cw97)

What a wonderful expression “papal bull” is! – according to wikipedia it is named after the lead seal (bulla) that was appended to the end of a particular type of letter or charter issued by a Pope of the Catholic Church in order to authenticate it. After the 13th century, papal bulls were only used for the most formal or solemn of occasions.

New Lyon connection

Porto Santo airport. Diocese of Funchal. Lyon flights. 5Dutch carrier Transavia has announced that it will strengthen its French links to Madeira from May 8, with two weekly flights from Lyon via Porto. The flights are scheduled for Thursdays and Sundays, departing Lyon at 6:30 am and arriving  in Madeira at 10:50 am. The Schiphol based company goes back to 1966 and has over 1600 employess. Transavia has a French unit, Transavia France, based at Paris-Orly, which operates ten 737-800s. A Danish unit, Transavia Denmark, based at Copenhagen was operated until the end of April 2011, but was shut down after failing to meet expectations.

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  1. Thoughts on a holiday

    We’ve just come back from Madeira having arrived on Dec 22nd returning to London on Jan 2nd. Looking back we have been going to Madeira since the
    mid 90’s well before they started work on building the new runway. So I reckon we’ve been going there for about 18 or 19 years and have seen huge
    changes in the place over that time. There was only one stretch of ‘Rapida’ between Funchal and Ribera Brava when we first got there and the place
    hadn’t been turned into a Swiss Cheese as it is now.The Avenida up to the Lido area and beyond still had little houses and banana plots dotted all
    over the place, all now gone. I guess it’s called progress but a lot of the character of the old place has been swept aside for the tourist
    industry. Mind you, the run to or from the airport to Funchal town centre only takes just over 20mins instead of over an hour via the old route
    through Gaula and Canico – swings and roundabouts. 😉

    Thankfully when you get outside of Funchal much of the island is still unspoilt. Each time we stay on the island we like to get the 09:00 Rodoeste
    139 from outside the Anadia shopping centre through to Porto Moniz coming back as the No 80 at 4pm. Three hours to get there with two 10min wee-wee
    breaks and three and a half hours coming back via the west of the island, also with a 10min stop in Calheta and roughly 25mins in Ribera Brava
    (enough time for a coffe and a Macieira). I’d recommend that every holiday maker should try it as it only costs €5.90 each way per person and you
    get to see a lot of the island going out over the top at Encumeada onto Sao Vicente and Seixal and coming back via Santa & Calheta.

    So, the question begs, why do we keep coming back every year, sometimes twice in a year plus twice we have stopped off on cruises and will be
    overnighting in April on yet another cruise. Is it because it’s an island and we Brits are also islanders? Is it the climate (better than ours)? Is
    it the people? Let’s face it, the people do have a lot to do with it as the Portuguese and Brits have been good friends for many centuries. We’ve
    had fights with just about everyone else on the planet but never the Portuguese! It’s not easy to pinpoint one thing that keeps pulling us back and
    pull us back it does, but someone has to do it. 😆 We also love going to the Azores and mainland Portugal and I am know there is a word to
    describe us but I can’t recall it.

    So what about this holiday then? We love spending Christmas and New Year in Funchal and have done so about eight times.The works on the sea front
    obviously mess up our walks along the prom but they are essential. This time round we only got out of Funchal once to go to Porto Moniz spending
    most of our time lounging around in Bar O Avo on Rua da Praia, sitting on the hotel roof or just wandering around town people watching. The
    Christmas decorations were lovely to see and the atmosphere around the ‘Chistmas market’ on Avenida Arriaga was great as was the Jardim Municipo.

    Joy of joys, I went into the new Continente/Modelo on the corner of Rua do Carmo and Seminario and lo and behold they had glutenfree bread (Pingo
    Doce doesn’t seem to have any) called Bimbo (made in Barcelona). That made things better for my wife. Now talking about supermarkets, I thought the
    Sa supermarkets had been shut down and yet the small one opposite the Cathedral and the one in the Marina shopping centre were still open with the
    Sa signs up. I wonder who is running them? And what is happening with the Marina Shopping center? The place was empty with only a few of the units
    open now, the place cannot be making any money.

    Enough of my ramblins. We had a lovely holiday as usual and not sure when we’ll be back for a long stay but we’ll be back 😈
    Muito obrigado Madeira. 😀

  2. Hello everyone,

    Some friends of mine are coming out with us this year, the husband is a cyclist and would like to hire a bike.

    He is not just any cyclist, the lunatic wants to cycle up the mountains, he has done long distance races in America and other countries.

    Do you know where he can hire a bike? one of those extreme sports types?

    Thanks, Tracie

  3. Hi Maurice and all.
    We love the Rodoeste bus to Porto Moniz as well . It is a long tiring haul but so enjoyable. We usually force ourselves to wait till our 3rd week for the pleasure. A couple of other things we really enjoy are:
    Walk from Babosa to the Tea House.
    Sunday Lunch at Baia Azul? on the beach at Praia Formosa.
    Santa Cruz a couple of times initially to take in the January festival.
    Plus loads of other things but as you say the main reason is the people and the welcome they give us. We also go to the mainland north of Aljezur where friends have a farmhouse. This year as well we have a September trip encompassing Lisbon, Porto and some touristy sites.
    Flying out from Heathrow on Monday to Madeira returning home on the 4th Feb and getting excited now

  4. I really should proof read my posts or is it just wishful thinking??
    We are flying out very early on Tuesday morning and another thing we really love is on Saturday morning catching the bus up to the cemetery at San Martinho where there is a lovely little community garden near the church which we wander about before walking down to Formosa and lunch at the Forum

  5. Thanks Debs.

    We shall still probably catch the bus to Santa Cruz on Wednesday anyway because we do like the it very much there Festa or not.

    Hope Jon is making suitable progress

  6. Graham and I have just returned from a wonderful 2 week holiday in Madeira. There are so many lovely places in the world that it is a major challenge to decide where one might buy a holiday/retirement apartment. Fortunately, about 6 years ago, we settled on Madeira as being the place that ticked the most boxes in terms of our needs.We are pleased to say that we are delighted with our decision.

    Each time we visit we find new places to wander and I am sure that we have hardly scratched the surface as yet. Thank you Maurice for the information about the bus trip to Porto Moniz, We have visited it a few time on tours and by hire car, but it will be great to have a trip on local transport when we return.

    For anyone who may be interested for next years new year celebrations, we took the trip on the Catamaran ‘Sea the Best’ to view the fireworks this year. We were not disappointed, the view was spectacular and the friendly service made sure that everyone had a great evening. That, combined with some celebrations in the Old town after disembarking made for a memorable (or nearly memorable!) evening.

    We can’t wait to return and, even more, look forward to the time that we can spend a lot more time there without having to contemplate the dreaded return to work tomorrow.

  7. Maurice – there’s lots of travel/transport links including all the bus companies on the “Useful Links” tab at the top of the page. I keep adding to these when I come across a good website. If anybody has any suggestions it would be appreciated – there is now also a “Contact blog” tab.

  8. My last post from home before our long awaited 3 weeks in Madeira tomorrow.

    Thanks ‘Admin’ – This site and the valuable ‘links’ section will be my first port of call each morning when and if I can get internet access.

    http://www.ipma.pt for Portuguese Met Office weather forecast also available in English I find useful

  9. Thanks davidd – added to “Useful Links” now – I use IPMA a lot – it is the source of the official weather alerts posted here. Very reliable! I have also tagged on a website showing the tides in Funchal.

  10. There is a small paperback book called “walk and eat Madeira” that details walks that have places for refreshments en route. It is written by a couple who don’t hire a car and use buses to get about so bus route details are included. Similar to the Porto Moniz trip they suggest going to Ponta do Pargo, lunching at Casa o Fio ( very good regional cooking) and taking in Jardim do Mar as well. Book is available on Amazon and I have seen it in Pingo Doce in Calheta.

  11. Karen
    Thank you for the information about the ‘walk and eat’ book. I have just ordered it from Amazon and although it will be some time before I can visit the sites I will enjoy the anticipation in the meantime!


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