New look blog. Jon Parsons.

The New Year sees a completely new look for the blog. As regular readers may be aware the old software that has been used to format the blog has caused an increasing number of problems over the last couple of years – on occasions the whole project has been jeopardised and only been recovered after considerable time, effort and expense. Fortunately we have had the technical expertise on-hand.

The problem was only going to become “fatal” as the old blog became more and more out of date, so the decision was made to move on and invest in new software that was fully compatible with the latest versions of operating systems – and mobile devices in particular. The appearance has much more “white space” in line with the current trends – the theory is that it should be more easily readable. It also allows the development of additional features that were not possible before. Please let me have any feedback – the new software is very flexible and changes can be implemented much more easily.

As a final addition to this blog I must unfortunately end with some bad news – but fortunately not as bad as it might have been. A regular contributor to the blog for many years, Jon Parsons, was rushed into hospital last weekend. We have been in touch since and witnessed the excellent care that he has been receiving at the main Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal. Debs has obviously been spending a lot of time with him and just reported that he is hopeful of being discharged tomorrow (Monday). She is happy that I “blog” this now, and I am sure they will both appreciate any good wishes from other readers, who may have already missed his sense of humour!

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  1. Let’s hope Jon soon gets home to Casa Parsons and resumes blogging.

    The new blog layout is great but I couldn’t find the Diario Newspaper but it’s there thankfully. It’s always a good game to try to read the Portuguese version, then when all else fails, to translate it into a kind of English via Google. Alberto Garden always features prominently.

    Please arrange for nice weather there from 3rd to 17th March, when we come back to Madeira for visit number fifteen.

  2. Get well soon Jon. We all rely on your updates to stay connected with the little island we all love. We in USA and rely on your blog to get all the relevant news in English.

    Thanks for the great job. We look forward to much more frequent updates, perhaps daily, with relevant images, once you get better and are up and about.

  3. Sorry to hear about Jon but hope he is on the mend and back home. Thanks Debs, too, for giving info re no of dogs it is legal to keep. Problem over now with our neighbours but worth knowing for the future!!! I think this must be a recent law as council did nothing when we went and complained a few years ago.

    New website looks good. I like to read the blog and see what is happening when we are back in UK…..

  4. Get well soon Jon was just thinking about you and how you would know the date of the January festival in Santa Cruz which I hope is the 15th as we are coming out to Madeira for 3 weeks from the 14th
    With all our best wishes to you for the New Year and to everyone else on this marvellous website
    David and Susan

  5. Yes, the Festa Santo Amaro in Santa Cruz is on the 15 January (a Bank Holiday in the Municipality).

    Many thanks for all your good wishes. Jon came home yesterday and I am sure, when he is up to it, he will look forward to reading all the comments.

  6. Admin, I like the new blog look. Print a bit larger would be nice for those with older eyes like mine.

    As well, can you put “comments” where the icon is? For those newer to the blog, it would be clearer. As it is now they might miss the comments section which would be a shame.

    It was also really nice to have the comments numbered last time, so one does not have to re-read comments to find approximately where they left off.

    I appreciate all the work you do on this.


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